New Song: Nicki Minaj & Nas – ‘Sorry’

Published: Saturday 11th Aug 2018 by Sam

Nicki Minaj is full of surprises.

Fresh from uncaging long-awaited album ‘Queen’ yesterday, the rapper has debuted ‘Sorry’ – a new song not featured on the set.

A collaboration with ex-boyfriend Nas, the track samples Tracy Chapman‘s ‘Baby Can I Hold You’ – and thus appears to be the cut that almost saw the entire ‘Queen’ project pushed back.

On the song, the Hip-Hop titans trade verses up about their love for one another and keep it candid about their relationship.

Funkmaster Flex premiered ‘Sorry’ moments ago and now you can listen below…

We like. Do you?

Update: Nicki confirmed that the song was omitted from the released version because Chapman did indeed deny the sample request:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Blahzee August 11, 2018

    Chorus is cute

    • ? + ✈ = ? August 11, 2018

      Queen of bubblegum pop trash

  2. Intro August 11, 2018

    Hmm, I wonder why Tracy wanted no parts of this………..

    • Ejai August 11, 2018

      LMBO…she didn’t want to taint her work with this mess! Lol

      • ??? August 12, 2018

        lmaoooo girl bye, what work? she had one hit a million years ago and nobody knows who she is since then LMFAOOO???

      • Ejai August 12, 2018

        Miss thing….I said body of work…I said nothing about a hit! But what I can say is Tracy has four Grammys….and Nicki for all her so called hits(many which aren’t her songs or has a thousand other feature artists on then) has zero Grammys! Lol bye miss thing!

      • Ejai August 12, 2018

        And Nicki asking to use her music….no one is asking to use Nicki’s ???

      • Caleb August 12, 2018

        @ ??? One hit?! Where? I can name two LEGENDARY hits right off the bat that survived the test of time. “Fast Car” and “Give Me A Reason”

  3. DIABETES UNBOTHERED ? August 11, 2018

    2 BORING rappers, match made in heaven. ? and real Queens/Kings dont get their Samples denied (ask Drake, JayZ, Cardi, Rih and Bey). PEASANT is a 6/10 at best and thats being very generous. only about 5 songs are worth listening to more than once. LLC Swae LI Majesty Sir and Barbie Dreams.

    I will give the album points for great Title and album cover, something that most artist these days don’t give enough thought to. But INVASION OF PRIVACY makes Peasant sound BASIC.

    • ??? August 12, 2018

      lmfaooooo it is HILARIOUS how mad u are cuz Queen took a sh!t on everything is FLOPPED and invasion of basicness and flushed both of those FLOPS right down the toilet. so go eat a cheeseburger and keep seething lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

  4. Caleb August 11, 2018

    Am glad this song didn’t make the album.

  5. DIABETES UNBOTHERED ? August 11, 2018

    87K SPS

    • Erica August 11, 2018


    • August 11, 2018

      sometimes I really think you are the devil himself, I never saw someone with so much baseless hate on these post for no reason.

    • Caleb August 11, 2018

      I hope you’re joking?

    • ??? August 12, 2018

      lmao fatso is getting it confused with everything is FLOPPED, which still hasn’t hit 150k pure sale s, she’s just seething cuz chun li the single outsold that FLOP lmfaoooo???

    • whut August 12, 2018

      HDD hasn’t predicted anything yet. I know you’re mad but lying isn’t gonna do anything but make you look bitter.

      • Caleb August 12, 2018

        I was bout to say. I can’t find these numbers anywhere.

  6. Keith August 11, 2018

    This song would drag the album down. Hopefully it goes away soon….ugh. This is an “L” for Nicki.

  7. Meme August 11, 2018

    This song is amazing and I’ve had a change of heart about her album. My review was premature. After really listening to it over the last 2 days…I have to say she really stepped up in every way. Her lyrics are on point and every song with the exception of maybe 2 are quality records.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how his era plays out and which songs they go for.

    • Jayy August 11, 2018

      Honestly Meme.. it take a real n**** (or b**** lol) to admit when there either wrong or simply just had a change of course, I salute you for that. I can’t while not the BEST or the most cohesive she did what needed to be done, Nic didn’t come to play and I agree that except maybe 2 or even 3 songs (which stills has the potential to grow on me) this album is amazing. As well as this track with Nas my all time favorite rapper. Wish it would have made the cut.

      • Jayy August 12, 2018

        I can while not the BEST or the most cohesive album she’s done say she did what needed to be done*

    • RihNaj August 12, 2018

      Meme I knew it!!! Ur such a drama queen lol I can’t with u ⚰️

  8. blaah August 11, 2018

    Every West Indian person just cringed at first listen… oooh the Chile TH e F*CKERY! FYI: Spongebob version is based on the reggae classic cover of Traci Chapman’s song. It’s called ‘Sorry’ by a Foxy Brown, a Jamaican singer (Not Inga). Hose try hard Rebecca Black meets Kesha vocals. How dare she ruin a classic? But of course ha dumb as rocks barfz will eat it up cuz they don’t now good music

  9. xedos August 11, 2018

    Both of them flow suck on the track. they cannot ride a dance hall beat

  10. KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) August 11, 2018

    Nicki Minaj doesnt excite me anymore. She’s not mysterious like she was before

  11. Dev August 12, 2018

    This is awful, this is reggae for european caucasians

  12. AnonymousTruth August 12, 2018

    Wow , personally I love the song .
    And I think it would actually do really well chart wise .

    Something off about the gap between the second half of the chorus though and how it flows against the beat …
    but I enjoyed the song .

  13. Haterz Gon’ Hate August 12, 2018

    I couldn’t get more than 15 seconds in before I had to switch it off. I think Nikki had so much to say and express on this album she put herself under an enormous amount of pressure. As a result there is no cohesive or clear musical or creative direction. It’s all over the place and this track is just another case in point. It’s been said before and it’s true – if you’re not a fan and a casual listener there is little replay value on this album. Next.

  14. Cardi B’s BabyBump is Fake August 12, 2018

    I love the song

  15. Adele August 12, 2018

    LOL she was going to delay her album for THIS?! Just shows her and her team don’t have an ear for popular music right now because this is not it. It’s hilarious that Tracy said no though, I can definitely see why because this is trash.

    • Ejai August 12, 2018

      Lol! I agree!

  16. 4U2SEE August 12, 2018


  17. Sza August 12, 2018

    SO this bs is the work of a queen???? ? no sir try again

  18. DanYiel Iman August 12, 2018

    I’m sorry I’ll pass on this foolishness!!??‍♂️

  19. Spiicy August 12, 2018

    HORRIBLY cheesy! Queen will not sell well.

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