Nicki Minaj Visits Hot 97 / Settles Feud With Funkmaster Flex, Talks ‘Queen,’ & Being Held To A Different Standard

Published: Tuesday 14th Aug 2018 by Sam

Nicki Minaj has at long last unleashed ‘Queen’ – her fourth studio album – and she’s wasting no time hitting the promotional trail.

One of her first stops was an interesting one – Hot 97 for a sit-down with Funkmaster Flex.

In times of past, the pair have been at odds, with a number of disparaging remarks being made publicly.

Well, it appears like it’s a case of water under the bridge because Onika stopped by the studio for a candid, lengthy, and insightful interview.

Covered during the chat was everything from her fall-out with Flex, to her frustration with being held to a higher standard than others, and a whole lot more.

Check it out below…

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  1. jan August 14, 2018

    thats because all you rap about is your stats, your p**** and being the best, therefore, you dug that grave ms. nikki, playing victim again

    • Beam Me Up Scotty August 14, 2018

      Why aren’t male rappers held accountable for rapping about their stats, penis, balls, s**, being the best, etc? They didn’t dig a grave for themselves when they wrote those lyrics. This is was a very honest interview and all you have is pure hatred towards this woman.

    • !!! August 15, 2018

      People Drag Nicki for rapping like that, but under the same breath praise Kim and Remy for rapping about the same things. The hate is becoming harder to disguise.

  2. ? + ✈ = ? August 14, 2018

    She shaved her success in everyone’s face now she playing victim

    • jan August 14, 2018

      Exactly! She’s so insecure it’s a shame, and she proved it once again fake crying about how Cardi B carried her about Motor Sport, when in fact she did change her verse, it wasn’t a lie

    • ? + ✈ = ? August 14, 2018


    • Beam Me Up Scotty August 14, 2018

      It’s only natural that success goes to your head. Nicki Minaj is human. Cardi B is so illiterate that she thought Nicki Minaj’s verse on “Motor Sport” was a diss, when in fact it wasn’t. Everyone made Nicki Minaj out to be this bitter, jealous woman, and it made her look bad. She had every right to be upset.

  3. camityre August 14, 2018

    Nicki is held to a different standard.
    Why don’t we cancel other’s when theyve been proven (not just accussed) of having ghost writers?
    Why do we promote men who only talk about s** and drugs but if a woman does shes not worthy?
    Why can’t we celebrate Nicki like we celebrate everyone else

    • next bih August 14, 2018

      Because Nicki is a corny bih who stole Lil Kims whole MO and tried to present it back to the world like she invented it, even accusing other artists of stealing her style as she sits in a Lil Kim outfit as she does it. She’s an insecure hypocrite and the world is tired of her. well everyone except 55k…

      • jan August 14, 2018


    • Beam Me Up Scotty August 14, 2018

      You guys can say she copied Lil Kim’s style wise until you’re blue in the face, but she didn’t steal her lyrics. She didn’t steal her flow. You can’t say that she is reason Lil Kim is where she is today. Lil Kim and her fans are responsible for that, as well as the community thinking there can only be 1 female rapper. Just because someone supposedly steals or copies your style it doesn’t mean your career is over. When does Lil Kim take responsibility for what happened to her career?

      • DanYiel Iman August 15, 2018

        Actually Lil’Kim is fine and her fans have been riding for her for decades & we’re NOT GOING ANYWHERE AT ALL!! No matter what Tricki Garbagh states with her Man -Made snatch and “all these b****** is my son’s” I beat Aretha’s record BULL S***!!?”Bzzz”?

      • Gappp the scene August 19, 2018

        No one even cares about the lik kim/nicki situation so gap the scene with this topic.

  4. next bih August 14, 2018

    55k sis.. And thats the high estimate

  5. Meme August 14, 2018

    Really enjoyed this interview. Actually brought me to tears at some point. I love seeing her in candid real moments. There are plenty things I dislike about Nicki but I will never deny her talent. Ni99as quick to forget.

    I hated this album roll out but regardless of what she sells, the album is suburb and IMHO, easily one of the best most cohesive female rap albums ever created. And this is coming from someone who isn’t easily impressed.

    I challenge anyone outside of Nickis fan base to actually listen to each track in depth. Your opinion will change.

    Cardi’s album is good because you immediately like the songs and it has replay value. But the best song on Cardis album would match Nickis worst track on Queen.

    • Erica August 14, 2018

      ain’t you was just calling this album bad in another post? Make up your mine which is it

      • RihNaj August 14, 2018

        Meme is bi-polar af ?? but let her speak the truth right now…

      • Meme August 14, 2018

        I did call the album bad because I flipped thru the tracks looking for a “big” single. I didn’t give the album a fair listen. Which is why i said challenge yourself and actually listen to it.

    • Lmfao_Hoe August 14, 2018

      Cohesive? Meme please give us valid reasons for such. The album is “okay” nothing remotely different than her last albums and people acting like she just released a mordern Miseducation. Nothing impactful or meaningful for women or the culture itself. You have the right to your opinion nevertheless but stans or fans are reaching for a bit further away from reality.

      • SuxMyCockiness =o August 14, 2018

        This! All us true music lovers want for Nicki is to do better. She’s super talented one of the most respected females in rap. Use your platform to say something. I was really hoping with this album she would do that.

    • Jayy August 14, 2018

      Couldn’t agree with this post anymore. Well said Meme ??

    • Pink Tingz August 14, 2018

      I totally agree @Meme

      • Gappp the scene August 19, 2018

        Too dilusional h*** co-signing eachother Pinkeye and MEMEfefe

  6. The August 14, 2018

    She wearing contacts yo

  7. Ricko August 14, 2018

    Nicki you dug your own grave. Now you must lie in it. Safaree wrote your raps we all know that. You haven’t had a decent hit since. This is your karma. You dogged him out and the entire female rap legacy. The tables always turn…

    • Beam Me Up Scotty August 14, 2018

      This post right is a perfect example of why she needed to address Safaree. People still think Safaree had some part in creating Nicki Minaj’s raps. Success or not, Nicki Minaj takes great pride in the fact that she writes her on raps. By him not being completely honest about assisting her in the process of creating her raps, he discredited her and made her look bad. Also, over the last 4 years Nicki Minaj has had several successful features:

      “Bang Bang”
      “Side to Side”
      “Rake it Up”
      “Motor Sport”
      just to name a few.

      • Pink Tingz August 14, 2018

        She gave dude a pot to p*** on, and he still ungrateful. Yes, interview was good.

      • Gappp the scene August 19, 2018

        her lyrics be like

        1, 2 ,3, 4, 5
        once i caught a fish alive.

        #GapTheSceneScotty – Gap the scene with your bull

  8. Adele August 14, 2018

    She is so pathetic these days. Crying over Cardi and now this. She has different standards because SHE set them for herself. She’s the one that’s always talking about being the Queen, having x amount of money, having x amount of hits and chart placements. So now that she’s flopping she’s in her feelings….girl BYE! I didn’t even dislike queen but her behavior today has just been so ridiculous and so immature.

  9. BootzShza August 14, 2018

    She either has a resting b**** face or she’s high on opiates. Your eyes roll to the back of your head and glosses over like that. I know because that’s what happens to me when I pop too many Percs.

    • Beam Me Up Scotty August 14, 2018

      More like Nicki Minaj is very expressive. If you’ve followed her creative closely over the years, you’ve seen a few crazy faces. That however doesn’t mean she’s on hardcore drugs.

      • BootzShza August 14, 2018

        I’ve seen her interviews. This is different. Her eyes keep glossing over like she’s sleepy. She’s even admitted and rapped about how she likes to hide Percs in her Birkin. THis is serious. I’m not trying to talk s*** I just know how detrimental those pills can be.

  10. Czeal August 14, 2018

    I’m glad that she takes this better than people know. The industry is hating on this woman hard. Every blk artist does the same thing once this happens. They turn tho the community. But the community be so conflicted.

  11. Sza August 14, 2018

    I wonder why they aint posting Lil’Kim’s Hardcore back on the charts after 22 years??? ??

    • Pink Tingz August 14, 2018

      Go tell Bubbles the crown is gone. Long gone

    • Gappp the scene August 19, 2018

      Because this is 2018 Sza, we need to talk about relevant artists to progress the genre. Just like they should not be posting about Nicki either, because she is a decade old in the game. This site needs to start being progressive and promoting new talent.

      Now Sza same can be said about old commenters. so #gapthescene coz i’ll be taking over this section. #gapit

  12. August 14, 2018

    Very good interview.

  13. Gappp the scene August 19, 2018

    Now I ain’t here for Nicki AT ALL. However I’ve got to give her her do’s, her first fews years were very entertaining, she opened a lot of doors and provided this generation of girls with a Hip hop hero. But as I sadi she had her time and now it’s over. These artists need to learn to gratiously fall back (e.g. Missiy Elliot) have their time in the spotlight and then cool off, do other things with life and tehn come back later on as a respect icon. Instead they crave the spot so much their personality tires and we see too much of them, we start to see them fail right infront of our eyes and shine fades and all we see is crust and dirt. #gapthescene #graciousqueenretires #gangaburntoutcarreer #ItsCardisTime #Newerainfemalehiphop

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