Nicki Minaj’s ‘Queen’ Pushed Back To September?

Published: Wednesday 1st Aug 2018 by Sam

Nicki Minaj fans may have to wait a while longer for new album ‘Queen.’

The hotly anticipated set has long been set for a August 10th arrival. However, it appears complications may cause for a slight delay.

See what we mean below…

As at writing, Amazon Italy have updated the listing for the album with an arrival date of September 7th. 

It remains to be seen if/when other retailers will follow suit.

One has to wonder whether the issue relates to the clearance matter she referenced on Twitter yesterday. She wrote:

Tracy Chapman, can you please hit me. ??‍♀️ omg for the love of #Queen

So there’s a record on #Queen that features 1of the greatest rappers of all time. Had no clue it sampled the legend #TracyChapman – do I keep my date & lose the record? Or do I lose the record & keep my date? ??‍♀️ do we push #Queen back 1week? Ugh! I’m torn, y’all help???

She then followed with…

Should the new date hold, it’ll interestingly see the LP released  just a few weeks before she hits the road with Future on the NICKIHNDRXX TOUR.

Thus far, ‘Queen’ has spawned the hit ‘Chun-Li,’ along with Lil Wayne collaboration ‘Rich Sex’ and the Ariana Grande assisted ‘Bed.’

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ August 1, 2018


  2. The truth August 1, 2018

    Her fans are the worst they talk all this mess don’t support her singles but support a feature song she’s on that’s not on the album the tour isn’t selling good sad time to be a Nicki fan she’s done

  3. iamme August 1, 2018


    • Pink Tingz August 1, 2018

      She best not all them haterz will have a field day, I can’t.

      • iamme August 1, 2018

        Absolutely, i don’t give a damn who it is.

  4. xavier clone August 1, 2018

    how do they expect her to have a hit album with no hits of her own on billboard… chun li – came and went , bed is #52, rich s** is non-existent ….. FEFE isnt her son…. meanwhile “I like it” has stood the test of time and is still top 5 on billboard and itunes.

    • The truth August 1, 2018


    • ??? August 1, 2018

      lmao and chun li was certified PLATINUM for 1 million PURE SALES, while invasion of basicness is still struggling to hit 200k in sales. so sit down fool lmfaoooooo.

      • The truth August 1, 2018

        And this is why her album is pushed back focus on your queen flop singles and flop tour

      • Jeans August 1, 2018

        Y’all make me laugh @ invasion of basicness. Y’all stop!!.

      • Erica August 1, 2018

        yall keep saying how cardi album is struggling to get 200k, do yall know the buying public do not buy albums anymore? everybody pay for streaming service so why would they buy the album when they can listen to it all day everyday with the streaming service they pay for. Cardi is winning point blank it’s a new age in music artist or not selling physical copies anymore so can we stop using that. Cardi album is multi platinum lets hope n**** album do the same

      • Caleb August 1, 2018

        Please stop lying. The other day Chart Data updated the pure sales of Chun-Li and they were less than 150,000. The Platinum certification is indeed based on the inclusion of streams.

      • JENNY August 1, 2018




  5. Jeans August 1, 2018

    ???? @ DONE-LI!!!! Hilarious!

  6. SMH August 1, 2018

    Release the album as scheduled, then maybe do a re-release once the clearance is approved. Because honestly if she pushed this album back again, she can forget it. Thats all the powers that be will need to get rid of her for good.

  7. Pink Tingz August 1, 2018

    Lies. I got it pre-ordered on iTunes.

    • Caleb August 1, 2018

      That doesn’t mean s***. She can still push back the release date.

  8. eric August 1, 2018

    “Had no clue” really means that she’s unoriginal and not very involved in creating her own music. True MCs know their history and sound.

  9. Adele August 1, 2018

    Nicki said she “took time off” from social media to get this album done months ago so why did she need to push it back from the original June release date if it was done? Why is she having clearance issues a week before it’s supposed to come out at the new date if it’s done? She is scared without a real hit on the charts right now she will flop and is desperately trying to come up with some new stuff and hoping for a hit single before release.

    There were rumors her hiatus was because she was in rehab and I really believe them now. How do you leave for all that time to work on an album and then push it back more than once? This is why the music industry is trash now. People don’t create bodies of work they create singles and toss them together to make an album. I remember when people released a single or two and the whole album came out shortly after I miss that in this “singles matter most” music world.

    • Beam Me Up Scotty August 1, 2018

      There are a lot of Nicki Minaj rumors. Which ones are actually true? No one knows except the people closest to her.

  10. Ricko August 1, 2018

    When was the last time she ruled the summer like she been bragging about ??? If I’m not mistaken Iggy took summer 16/17 ish and Cardi took 17/18 …. Nicki girl your run is done and the only reason this will be a tragic fall from the throne Is because she has made a legacy of disrespecting any fallen girl or struggling girl in the game rap wise.. so nicki u get no sympathy from me. Just release the album and tour. You’ll make the money back..

    • Adele August 1, 2018

      That tour is selling so poorly. I looked in my city and you can get a seat in any section still. When Beyonce, Gaga, and Adele came here those tickets sold out immediately.

    • Caleb August 1, 2018

      You are definitely mistaken because in summer 2016/2017 Iggy was long gone and struggling to make a dent on the charts. You must be thing of summer 2014.

    • Beam Me Up Scotty August 1, 2018

      “Rake it up” was hot and it was released just last year. Also, where is Iggy now? Struggling to get top 40 on Itunes and not get dropped from her label. I wonder where Cardi B will be next year.

  11. Lake Erie August 1, 2018

    Smh. This seems fishy. You tweet that tweet and follow up by basically ASKING your fans to vote on your release date? Because of a clearance? Which is just now getting finished (or may be) less than 2 weeks before the supposed drop date? Smh. This is low key tacky coming from an artist of her caliber. Smh.

  12. Lol August 1, 2018

    None of those songs were hits lol. Stop capping for her so much.

  13. Antincia foster August 1, 2018

    Release. It Nicki

  14. aJ August 1, 2018

    None of those songs she released will be on Queen. Watch…..Nicki is gonna do a surprise release.

  15. Caleb August 1, 2018

    Yikes. Such a mess. If the song is as great as she says I guess she should push it back but seriously this album has taken WAAAY too long to come out as it is.

    “‘Bout to drop an album this is my fourth.” – Nicki Minaj in January, 2017.

  16. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ August 1, 2018

    It must suck to continually brag about how great ur music is when in reality it’s super basic and doing nothing for the landscape of your said genre. This is her karma. Popularity with void of tangibility. She is the quantity vs quality chick.

  17. Achooo! August 1, 2018

    Nicki please terminate your team and shelved the album. Take the time to regroup and re-evaluate, go to a drug rehab program, hire a good dancer so you can master rhythm, hired a good drag queen so you can lip sync for your life and hire Safaree so you can slay with lyrics as you can’t do on your own. Use your brain!

  18. THAT heaux August 1, 2018

    Miki what’s güd?! ????

  19. Faf August 1, 2018

    She hasnt announced this someone pointed out its publicity bc her album has gone up in preorders
    She also liked tweets about trolling

  20. JENNY August 1, 2018




  21. Marcel August 1, 2018

    Well there’s is literally no Hype
    No huge single to push or hype up the era
    The one song that’s doing well on the charts and being well received is not even hers
    Sigh who ever is busy with the PR and marketing needs to get fired

    • Beam Me Up Scotty August 1, 2018

      You have to admit though people didn’t stop talking about Nicki when she was on hiatus and they haven’t stopped talking about her since she came back, whether good or bad. The moment a celebrity is no longer talked about, is the moment their career is dead.

  22. Beam Me Up Scotty August 1, 2018

    As a fan, I am disappointed that she might be pushing the album back, but I think the album is going to be full of bops.

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ August 1, 2018

      Bops= mediocre songs that aren’t memorable just not horrible. Bops= sugar coating of mediocrity lol

      • Beam Me Up Scotty August 1, 2018

        It’s ok to call Cardi B’s songs bops, but not Nicki’s. Ok whatever

  23. The truth August 1, 2018

    I’m no Barb but in defense iTunes still shows it being released next week maybe it’s just being relesed in that country in September

  24. David T August 1, 2018

    FLOP FLOP FLOP ! We don’t care, stop posting this much about Minaj ! You guys are such fans at grapejuice ….but WE DONT CARE ! Bye

    • Beam Me Up Scotty August 1, 2018

      I care, so p*** off. She is the queen!

  25. DanYiel Iman August 1, 2018

    Oh lawd Tricki Garbagh is a FRAUD for her fools, I mean fans funding!! I’ll continue to pass on her message!!✌??

  26. Sza August 1, 2018

    Yes Nicki keep pushing the album until it lands in the recycle bin. The whole era a mess “queen” with Egyptian imagery, chun li with chinese imagery, with a mish mash of the same barbie mess she been shoving down yall basic ninjas necks for ten years ? She is DONE

  27. Erica August 1, 2018

    She really just push album back to the 17, now she’s going to debut at 2 cause Ariana going to slay

  28. Justafan August 1, 2018

    Queen of excuses

  29. Yolanda August 1, 2018

    Dear Barbz: This is Nicki and I am pushing my album back another week. In the meantime, I have lots of surprises: I went to Turks to record the video for Bed and got sand in my hair, so here’s a little sand to hold you over; I was laughing on the phone so hard with Wayne and Drake that I began to spit, so here’s a little spit to hold you over; I went to Dubai to film a surprise commercial and I wore gym shoes with bare feet so I accumulated toe jams, so here’s a little toe jam to hold you over. Thanks Barbz, yall are the best! Nothing can break our bond!!!!

  30. Bravo!! August 1, 2018

    Nicki scared of Cardi B. Cardi still ruling the charts. lil Kim to foxy brown. Nicki to every female rapper now, Cardi B to Nicki. What goes around comes around.

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