Preview: Janet Jackson Teases ‘Made For Now’ Music Video [Watch]

Published: Thursday 16th Aug 2018 by Rashad

Only hours separate members of Janet Jackson‘s beloved fan base, affectionately called #Janfam, and new music from the pop potentate.

As if anticipation wasn’t already at a feverish pitch, the Grammy-winning icon took to Instagram to shift that excitement into overdrive by teasing the official video for her new single, the Daddy Yankee-assisted ‘Made For Now.’

Having already given fans a behind the scenes glimpse at the making of the Dave Meyers-directed clip (click here to see), now we’ve been served a taste of the finished product.  See it below:


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Our bodies are ready for this slayage! Come through Miss Jackson!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Tori August 16, 2018

    This gives me “All For You” feels with “Too Good” (Drake/Rihanna) so I like it. This might be a light bop on the pop charts.

    • Lake Erie August 16, 2018

      Idk what to think but just the little movement she gave me sitting on that car I believe was so swaggy… I love her!

  2. Ifusayso… August 16, 2018

    Escapade 2018 🔥🔥🔥

    • Lake Erie August 16, 2018

      Aye! 🎶Leave ya worries behind!🎶

  3. G7Pat August 16, 2018

    U braidin my hair 2 tite bih! Tomorrow edges gone!

    • Lake Erie August 16, 2018

      Poof!!! 😂😃❤

  4. China August 16, 2018

    YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS chile – giving When I think of you vibes……….. Not an “Enjoy”. But its’ cute

    • Lake Erie August 16, 2018

      Mmmm… I’m skeptical about this comment (side eye)🤨… .. BUT I agree with your first sentence! I low key get those feels tooooooo!!!!!!! 😃😍… it was only 20 seconds of (slayage) aka gagging though! We may definitely RIP after the release IN FULL!!!

  5. Pink Tingz August 16, 2018

    I’m sorry J.Lo, but Janet did it first. Love you though…

  6. Ok August 16, 2018

    Love it! All songs will have some trouble securing top spots due to the death of AF, but Janets promo this time is right so far and see this song making gains on radio and with streams…….number 1 eh not too sure yet, but see a top 20 (maybe top 10).

    • Lake Erie August 16, 2018

      Mmmm… I’d be happy with a top 10! But I could settle for a rising top 20 too….😎 Word on the street is it’ll be out MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! The video & song! 😍

  7. Meme August 16, 2018

    Looks and sounds like a disappointment. No what I was hoping for. She needs a new stylist ASAP.

    • Ryan August 16, 2018

      Blahahaha. As if! Just to remind she doesn’t follow, she sets trends. May not be your taste but no denying the fashion is iconic. Have two seats and watch the Queen go to work, but don’t forget your notebook and pen.

  8. Now Control This. August 16, 2018

    LOVEEEEE!! This is about to be a hit for her!!!

    • Lake Erie August 16, 2018

      Definitely being added to my daily playlist!❤

  9. Fancy BISH August 16, 2018

    This sounds like a bop! 🎶

    • Lake Erie August 16, 2018


  10. Stoney-Brie August 16, 2018

    This is a BOP already!!!!

    • Lake Erie August 16, 2018

      You already know!

  11. Keyboy August 16, 2018

    What’s A bop?

  12. eric August 16, 2018

    Sounds like something I might enjoy without Daddy Yankee. Janet’s styling looks more like an overdone costume than something that fits her personality.

  13. Lake Erie August 16, 2018

    I’m just soooo excited! Like, I’ve been waiting all week! Just so curious to know!?! And tomorrow’s the day!!! She been really gone for so long and even when she came back it was like we couldn’t get all of her. So I’m pumped for this era, f*** the haters…… My favorite ladies are coming! First Janet, then CiCI… word on the street is that Brandys coming with that 🔥🔥 too! (Hence she’s losing weight) what a time to be alive right now!


    • Rasputia Latimore August 16, 2018


  14. I said what I said August 16, 2018

    The song has already leaked in full…nope 👎🏿

  15. Olusheyi August 16, 2018

    I can’t wait

  16. Keith August 16, 2018

    I am excited to see and hear this next journey with Ms. Jackson!

  17. DanYiel Iman August 17, 2018

    I’m going to pass on this message again… her whispers aren’t for me!!

  18. Rodney Washington August 17, 2018

    My girl is back !!! SHe is definitely “Made for Now !!! Welcome back J !! So fresh and so clean clean…Luv the new Hit !!!

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