‘Queen’: Nicki Minaj Slashes New Album’s Price To $5

Published: Wednesday 15th Aug 2018 by Rashad

What some may call desperate sales tactics, others call smart marketing.  However you label it, the truth that lies in the middle is that Nicki Minaj and camp are pulling out all the stops to ensure her new album, ‘Queen,’ reigns over next week’s Billboard 200.

Just a day after official reports projected this week’s champion, Travis Scott, will repeat his victory over next week’s competitors (click here to read that), it’s been revealed ‘Queen’ is being offered as part of a $5 bundle deal.

See the details inside:

It’s not a hoax, kids.  For the price of a Subway footlong Nicki Minaj fans can now get their hands on the entire ‘Queen’ album, a ‘Queen’ poster, and a free trial Tidal subscription.  Act fast as the offer only last 48 hours!

The move – in conjunction with the addition of her 6ix9ine duet/megahit, ‘Fefe’ – should give her just the push she needs to edge out Scott for next week’s #1.

Alas, we won’t know until the numbers are officially updated this Friday night (8/17).  As of time reported, the price has not changed on streaming and digital download outlets outside of Tidal.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Qua August 15, 2018

    All this smack talk about Cardi and how Nicki always sells. Smh this is sad

    • Rasputia Latimore August 15, 2018

      Nicki is so thirsty. She put a p***’s song on her album even though she is only a feature on it, she has 20 songs total on the album, she is doing interviews with people she does not even like, and she is no slashing the price to $5 bucks. She is letting desperation get in the way of focusing on better stage performances and better songs. I wish she would loosen up, go on tour with Drake / Wayne, and not worry so much about the charts. Nobody is selling huge anyway so what good is a number 1 album if you had to cheat and lower the value (aka slash the price) of the album to get it?

      • Adele August 15, 2018

        She is beyond thirsty she is dehydrated because these antics this week have just been too much. She tried to imply that Cardi’s label “bought” her success, if they did what does that say about her label? She has been flopping since she released those songs last year. She never bounced back after Remy put her in a body bag.

      • Rasputia Latimore August 16, 2018

        I agree 100%. Remy showed her what time it is.

  2. Nah August 15, 2018

    Omg I can’t take it anymore

  3. Dreazy August 15, 2018

    Now this is just damn embarrassing.

  4. Valentina August 15, 2018

    I am no Travis Scott fan, but just for this shady, sleazy move I will be streaming his album for sure.

    • Intro August 15, 2018

      Travis Scott pretty much did the same thing with his merchandise store. That’s why his first week was so high. These artists/labels are getting pretty creative for those album sales.

  5. ? + ✈ = ? August 15, 2018

    Nicki’s album is bubblegum pop trash.

    • August 15, 2018

      stop lying to your self.

    • Jay August 16, 2018

      I think you’re referring to Roman Reloaded and that was not trash.

  6. Dumb H*** August 15, 2018

    Nicki, girl…. I got some muscle relaxers for you sis cause you reaching really really hard to get these numbers up. Lol. Girl don’t hurt yourself. You are going to break a limb.

  7. Adele August 15, 2018

    You can get it for free on Tidal using the voucher code queen. She is so desperate for that #1 and had the audacity to do an interview about how nobody can hang with her stat-wise while she is out here trying to cook the books by added Fefe and this move. She is pressed like a damn panini, it’s sad to see her be this pathetic and desperate.

    • D August 15, 2018


  8. Bencelo August 15, 2018

    Nicki..fIop with dignity. Nicki’s career is over but it’s sad that is ending like this. Necklace bundle, tour bundle, $5 poster bundle, three months of preorders…FOR 55k pure sales in debut week. Pushing 40s while being this desperate…just fIop with dignity. Not even mentioning the p*** 6ix9ine collab that just been added to scam sales… a mess.

  9. D August 15, 2018

    She’s the CEO of the Nicki-hate-train….You reap what you sow. All that Karam and bad juju catching up to ol girl….. #YourQueen ?

  10. Pink Tingz August 15, 2018

    Its Tidal Ya’ll, not no iTunes…marketing my ass. FEFE is Spotify bonus track

    • Adele August 15, 2018

      It’s on Apple Music too. She’s trying to use the streams from Fefe to bring up her total numbers and the funny thing is even with all of this she still probably won’t outsell Cardi’s FIRST album. Nicki has been in the game for years and has some of the most obnoxious stans on the internet. It’s ironic that she can’t even get 100k pure sales. The barbz are always so hyper aggressive in all the comment sections but when it’s time to pay what they owe, they are nowhere to be found.

    • Pink Tingz August 15, 2018

      They just mad “Barbie Dreams” is a hit, got em shook.

      • Bencelo August 15, 2018

        Barney Dreams is falling on iTunes and Apple Music. She fIopped.

  11. JaQuan August 15, 2018

    I don’t believe this s*** throw this garbage away anything to discredit Nicki Throw this damn story away!!

    • Adele August 15, 2018

      Why would they throw the story out when it’s true? It’s on her official website.

      • JaQuan August 15, 2018

        Respiratory is your name fat b**** lose weight I see those donuts jumping !!!

      • Adele August 15, 2018

        Bloop! These stans are so delusional! If they spent more time opening up their wallets and less time in comment sections she wouldn’t be in the situation she’s in.

      • Rasputia Latimore August 15, 2018

        Shut up Jaquanna Mann. You are always running your j****** gums on here about Nicki is so great and putting Cardi down like anybody give a sh|t about your stupid ass opinion. Go take a shower you bum b|tch.

    • Qua August 16, 2018

      You real mad. Just take the L she not the first to have a moment like this. She just needs to focus on the next album stop feuding with everyone and just put out good music. She’s trying too hard at this point and she’s wayyyy too established in the game to be acting like this.

  12. JaQuan August 15, 2018

    It’s sad that people hate Nicki so much they don’t wanna see her win but regardless she the best f*** IDC IDC !!!

    • Rasputia Latimore August 15, 2018

      Did you buy your album yet Jaquanna? They slashed the price real low and you might can afford it now with the cash benefit portion of your EBT card.

      • JaQuan August 15, 2018

        Respiratory Go to sleep fat b**** I know it’s hard for you to breathe you overbease ass Twinkie ass neck whopper stomach ass h**…You must be getting EBT b**** and I’m guessing your rent is based off in-c** of how many nuts you swallow b****

      • Adele August 15, 2018

        Notice how they didn’t answer if they bought it though. A typical Nicki stan, a gangster behind the keyboard but can’t open their wallet for their queen. Broke children talking mess on a Obama phone.

      • JaQuan August 15, 2018

        Lmao ????girl take your ass to sleep probably one Of charcoal looking h*** with the black gums with Winn Dixie weave wearing h** with the matted up bundles with the edges gel to the back. I can’t take you serious with the name Adele.Chile Bye

      • Adele August 16, 2018

        But you still haven’t said you bought the album because you didn’t. You are just another raggedy online heffa that likes to “stan” for artists but don’t put any money to help them succeed. You’re the reason Nicki is flopping now because of all these hyper aggressive, but uneducated and broke stans like yourself. Get a job and support your faves.

      • Rasputia Latimore August 16, 2018

        Jaquanna did you buy the album or nah? You aint buy sh|t cause if you did you would have stated so already. Shut your j****** gums up and go buy her album. Then go take a shower u bum b|tch. U on here talking sh|t but your broke ass cant even afford to buy the album. LMAO

      • Adele August 16, 2018

        Exactly! Running that mouth but has dodged the question MULTIPLE times if you bought the album or not. Stanning in the comment section isn’t going to give your fave a #1. What’s your email address? I’ll buy it for you and bless you with it. Hopefully getting helped by someone with means will motivate you to do better and get your money up 🙂

      • JaQuan August 16, 2018

        Y’all b****** wack y’all be the b****** that take the most s*** broke but sleeping on twin bed mattresses that’s on the floor and no furniture in y’all house no damn food in your refrigerator lights and phone off from week to week. washed up b****** no soap involved with no gas light been on two damn days but buying outfits to go to the club that night.

      • Adele August 16, 2018

        Lol I think you’re projecting. That’s not my life, I don’t know anything about that life. I am gainfully employed with a six figure household income which is why I have offered to buy your broke ass Queen to begin with. Clearly you can’t afford it because you haven’t purchased it yet so take a bit of charity because lord knows you need it.

      • JaQuan August 16, 2018

        I swear y’all them b****** Respiratory and Adog

      • JaQuan August 16, 2018

        You must be mad because you justified your whole life ????

    • Adele August 16, 2018

      I’m not mad I just wanted you to know the life you could have if you would get an education and get from behind a keyboard. Instead, you’re living in poverty and too broke to even be able to afford your fave’s album. It’s tragic out here for uneducated black men and you’re one of them. I want you to know better so you can do better. You pathetic jabs get you nowhere, you’re still a broke boi and I am still living in the lap of luxury. So much so, I have offered to do for you what you can’t do for yourself and buy you this little $5 album. Someone like you that is so beneath me in every sense of the word could never make me mad. I’m calm and collected and you’re like Nicki over there pressed like a panini.

      • JaQuan August 16, 2018

        You can’t tell me anything I have degree in criminal justice I’m good love what you’re saying is irrelevant you came at me when I was talking to respiratory so take your losses and go to bed ???

      • Rasputia Latimore August 16, 2018

        What on earth can you do with a “degree in criminal justice”? Be a security guard, work at Target, be a file clerk, work at McDonalds??? What a waste of education / money? No wonder you are broke and on food stamps Jaquanna. I feel sorry for you. You could have went right into your career path right out of high school…..security guard working her way up to prison guard.

    • Adele August 16, 2018

      What loss? And what are you doing with your degree from DeVry? Not much clearly as your peasant ass can’t even afford a $5 CD. You could never make me take an L because your vernacular does not have the range to go toe to toe with me. You’re just a deranged stan that doesn’t support financially aka just a loud b**** that’s talking on the internet. Have a seat, get your money up, and try again. You won’t win today, you can’t win today. Because you’re rooting for a flop while contributing to them flopping. So you and your fave can take your L today. Both of you have worked hard for them and deserve them so much. Furthermore you were saying the post is a lie when it wasn’t so everyone can see you took an L on that. You can’t be loud AND wrong, please pick just one struggle.

      • JaQuan August 16, 2018

        Girl you and these four page letters go to sleep I know that Android is about dead ????

    • Adele August 16, 2018

      Oh are my posts too much for you to comprehend? That typically happens when I speak with someone that lacks critical thinking and basic literacy skills. I notice that you’re not saying much because you don’t have a defense for what I said. You’re a broke boi that doesn’t have s*** to their name. You’re a loud mouth that hangs out in comment sections to be loud and wrong but can’t financially support your fave because you don’t have the means. Do better with your life.

      • JaQuanna Man 4 Lames???? August 16, 2018

        Goodnight love

    • Adele August 16, 2018

      I’m good luv.

  13. Justafan August 15, 2018

    Haha! THIRS-TEEE! Desperate measures

  14. IG @ mixedboy August 15, 2018

    THE DESPERATION!! I just can’t!!! ?

  15. JK August 15, 2018

    Desperado, such a loser. Take your loss and move on

  16. Joey August 15, 2018

    She a desperate h**

  17. BootzShza August 16, 2018

    I really liked the album when I first heard it and the strange thing is it’s the other way around for me, the more I listen to it the more I get bored. And please, Barbie Dreams is overrated. It’s the same beat as BIG’s and the lyrical content is nothing short of Kim’s version. It’s just like when she did Anaconda when Lil Kim already did How Many Licks. Unoriginal. Uninspired. Y’all giving her too much credit, especially that p**** ass Flex.

    • Ri Ri August 16, 2018

      What do Anaconda have to do with how many licks? Anaconda is a remake of Sir-mix-a lot’s Baby got back. How many licks is from the Tootsie Roll Pop commercial.

  18. Jay August 16, 2018

    Other artists have had album bundles, but when Nicki do it then it’s a problem? Okay.

    • Ri Ri August 16, 2018


    • JaQuanna Man 4 Lames???? August 16, 2018

      So true

    • Qua August 16, 2018

      Her fan base is way too large to produce numbers that low.

  19. Ri Ri August 16, 2018

    Everybody on here talking about Nicki being desperate. Cardi song “I like it” is on itunes for $0.69 when damn near everybody else’s singles is $1.29. I guess Cardi was desperate to, to get that song to #1. I heard it was $0.68 before it made it to #1. Watch bardi gang come with the excuses.

    • NickiWin August 16, 2018

      THANK YOU!!

    • JaQuanna Man 4 Lames???? August 16, 2018


    • Justbeinghonest August 16, 2018

      Nicki is offering 20 songs, Tidal and a poster for $5…

  20. NickiWin August 16, 2018

    Travis Scott literally gave 100k to ppl to listen to his album and tweet lyrics, but this b**** can’t discount a cpl songs. Bye!

  21. erica August 16, 2018

    whew! the ghetto

  22. Kyle August 16, 2018

    Where can I get this deal ???

  23. YEP August 16, 2018

    She is smart af! This is a boss move… Get the coins. Ppl will hate on her no matter what she does so why can’t she get her money? Most ppl take they asses to the next man’s empire and work for him until they can maybe get a retirement, meanwhile Nicki has secured an empire for her entire family and yall n***** is hatin. Nobody is mad about Yezzy, kardashians, the carters, 50 cent water deal, dre beats, drake’s clothing line, etc. But Nicki is wrong for making money? She is smart in business and that is why she is Queen. Look at half of the female artist and ppl are using them and taking their money but not nicki. Meanwhile lil kim is bankrupt and fighting to keep her home but maybe if she was about her coins this wouldnt have happened. Black women please take note and beat them at their own game.

    50 years ago this type of monetary success was not an option for artist of color across any genre of music or film. PPL like her and drake break that glass ceiling for the rest of us. You may not like her but don’t down play her obvious business skill.

  24. DanYiel Iman August 16, 2018

    Lol and folks are mad about Payola?!! My spirit has shifted she wants this sales!! ✌?? “Queen” isn’t what it’s CRACKED UP TO BE!!

  25. qs August 16, 2018

    LMAO Nicki is so desesperate, not event a week after the release of the album you can buy it for 5$? What you wouldn’t do to stay relevant (at least to try) ask Cardi if she needs to to that.

  26. Caleb August 16, 2018

    Omg. If Travis Scott still edges her out for #1 after all this… ??‍♂️

  27. Mariah Monroe August 17, 2018

    This plastic w**** is DEAD in the water… Ain’t nobody checkin’ for her!!! The Barbies reign is OVER. Cardi B on the Queen’s seat now!!!!!!!! ???????? #BleachedBarbie

  28. Jasmine August 27, 2018


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