Report: Jay-Z Struck By On Stage Attacker?

Published: Monday 27th Aug 2018 by David

Fans of the performers Beyonce & Jay-Z fear that the man who leapt on stage at the end one of their Atlanta showings this week made physical contact with the latter.

Full story below….

We now know that the man above is named Anthony Charles Thomas Maxwell and, according to law enforcement, made contact with Jay before he was accosted by Bey’s dancers and security squad.

Police came, detained Maxwell and wrote up a citation for disorderly conduct. He was not taken to jail … just released.

Fortunately, nobody was injured and security in and around the couple’s sold-out live shows have been bolstered.

Your thoughts?

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  1. I said what I said August 27, 2018

    Slow news day I see…

  2. Bravo!! August 27, 2018

    Was he struck or made contact with jayz? When you use the word struck make it seem like jayz was punched. But, then the article ends with no one was injured. Now, this title is very misleading.

    • Nicki Been Bad August 27, 2018

      Made contact means he touched him.

      • Bravo!! August 27, 2018

        What do struck mean?

      • Bravo!! August 27, 2018

        I know the different between contact and struck. The article needs to know the difference

  3. The Wig Snatcher August 27, 2018

    He would have been dead if he breathed on Jay. TGJ is suffering from a slow news day.

  4. Brandyfan87 August 27, 2018

    Staged!! ?

  5. Truthtea August 27, 2018

    You’re a fool if you don’t think this was staged! In all their years of touring this has never happened so how so now? Create controversy then use their show to sell it!

    • Kweeen! August 27, 2018

      Beyoncé was pulled off stage by a fan during her Mrs. Carter World tour before.

    • Hmmm… August 27, 2018

      @Truthtea The logic of “its never happened before so how could it happen now” is actually retarded. That’s literally the case for everything that happens in the world. Lol y’all really need eat brain healthy foods like blueberries and walnuts and stop standing so close to the microwave. Enough is enough.

  6. 4U2SEE August 27, 2018

    JAy z know this evil b**** going to get him. He better be glad beyondcrazy didn’t put on that Aaliyah shirt to remind him.

  7. Nicki Been Bad August 27, 2018

    I now see that the majority of people who comment here are fools without any reading comprehension skills. “Made contact” means he touched him. Clearly he didn’t tickle him so the police making a point to note that contact was made means it was unpleasant. Where did you guys go to school ?

  8. SMH August 27, 2018

    Lol staged. and you’re a fool if you don’t see it. Then again, we are dealing with beyonce fans….

    • Karter August 27, 2018

      Lol staged?? For what purpose tho? To sell tickets to an already sold-out show?? Please, make it make sense…then again, we’re dealing with beyoncé haters, they have no sense of logic or sound jugdement when it comes to her.

      • Killthebhiveasap August 27, 2018

        Niether does her h** hives

  9. Caleb August 27, 2018

    He’ll be alright.

  10. Killthebhiveasap August 27, 2018

    Damn I wished he would’ve got to Beyawnce and atleast hit that h** in the head and pushed her off the stage!!!!

  11. Danyboo August 27, 2018

    From the video security blocked him then the dancers started beating his ass???

  12. DanYiel Iman August 28, 2018

    Wow that’s crazy & sadly they don’t take this s*** seriously until someone dies!!??‍♂️

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