Rihanna Earns Honorary Doctorate From The University Of The West Indies

Published: Thursday 9th Aug 2018 by David

The University of the West Indies is to celebrate Rihanna‘s work by giving her an honorary degree during a ceremony that will take place on October 20th!

Fantastic news below…

UWI Honorary awards are given to figures who have made outstanding contributions to the arts, sciences, and other fields of intellectual endeavour,(regionally or internationally) to the Caribbean islands.

Only right then, that the ‘Music of the Sun‘ superstar receive an award of her own.

To be recognised alongside her? Honorable Justice Adrian Dudley Saunders and Professor Ebenezer Oduru Owusu.


In other Rihanna news, work on her next studio set is underway across the globe under the careful eye of Roc Nation power player Omar Grant and Rihanna herself.

Its direction as it stands? Jamaican Dancehall music.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Oliver and elio August 9, 2018

    And I’ve got a honorary ovary from Seattle grace

  2. Mandy August 9, 2018

    When will Beyoncé?

    • Oliver and elio August 9, 2018

      When you’ll get a d*** in yo ass

      • Gurl Bye! August 9, 2018

        That’s hundreds of degrees for Mandy.

    • DanYiel Iman August 9, 2018

      Hey honorary degrees? For an education she didn’t receive? Only works for Ri-Whine-A!!✌??

      • ??? August 9, 2018

        lmao the questions still stands tho, WHEN WILL ROACHYONCE lmfaoooooo

  3. arjun August 9, 2018

    So its sure education its died in this country
    I guess its better for someone who dont get educated
    For sure celebrity and money give u everything
    One day she will be president

    • JOHNVIDAL August 9, 2018

      It´s sad.

  4. Ocean August 9, 2018

    Ermmmm the University have published a statement to say they wouldn’t be honouring Rihanna this year due to her commitments They’ve known and agreed this weeks ago.

    R9 is coming!

  5. JOHNVIDAL August 9, 2018

    LOL What for?

    • notjoking August 9, 2018

      For being a talentless, uneducated hooker.

      • ??? August 9, 2018

        lmao theyre giving it to rihanna, not roachyonce lmfaooo

    • blue August 9, 2018

      for the work she has done to better the region and wider world.
      your bitterness is showing girl.

      anyways Rih can’t go to the ceremony do she won’t receive it just yet.

  6. China August 9, 2018

    She’s running around with H***** and sores on her lip………………..tragic.

    • Hottie290 August 9, 2018


  7. Messy miya August 9, 2018

    When will janet and mariah

    • gina August 9, 2018

      They have actual degrees for education and philanthropy. Try again.

  8. Hottie290 August 9, 2018

    Universities who give away degrees must not have any worth buying. If you are not capable of matriculation, shove ur honorary degree back up the a.s.s it was squeezed out of. How unimportant an ” honorary ” degree is…

  9. Bianca August 9, 2018

    im guessing nobody understands what it is for!!!!

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