‘On The Run Tour II’: Beyonce & Jay-Z Tour Earns $150 Million

Published: Saturday 25th Aug 2018 by David

Beyonce and Jay-Z‘s ‘On the Run Tour II’ has generated over $150 million!

Fantastic news for the couple below…

Billboard reports…

Beyoncé and JAY-Z’s co-headline trek exceeds $150 million grossed, rising to a total of $150.7 million. Across 29 shows in Europe and the U.S., total attendance has reached 1.4 million. There are 19 dates left to report to Boxscore before the tour closes on Oct. 4 at Seattle’s CenturyLink Field.

The live show can be expected to glide above and beyond the $250 million marker by the time it draws to a close and has already outperformed its predecessor, ‘On the Run Tour’, which picked up $109.6 million.

How it fares on the latest Hot Tours chart…

HOT TOURS – AUG. 25, 2018
Ranked by Gross, Compiled from Boxscores reported Aug. 14-20

Total Gross
Show Date Range
Venue, City (Shows/Sellouts)
Total Attendance (Capacity)

1 Beyoncé & JAY-Z
Aug. 8-13
U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minn. (1/1)
Soldier Field, Chicago, Ill. (2/2)
Ford Field, Detroit, Mich. (1/1)
163,152 (163,152)

2 Taylor Swift
Aug. 7-18
Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, Pa. (1/1)
Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Fla. (1/1)
Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, Fla. (1/1)
160,172 (160,172)

3 Justin Timberlake
Aug. 4-13
Royal Arena, Copenhagen, Denmark (2/2)
Barclaycard Arena, Hamburg, Germany (2/2)
Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin, Germany (2/2)
76,910 (76,910)

4 Kenny Chesney
Aug. 16-18
Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion, Bangor, Maine (0/1)
MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, N.J. (1/1)
71,415 (72,679)

5 Bruno Mars
July 25-28
The Park Theater at Monte Carlo Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nev. (2/3)
15,154 (15,450)

6 Britney Spears
July 12-13
The Park Theater at Monte Carlo Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nev. (1/2)
5,357 (5,538)

7 Brad Paisley
June 28-Aug. 10
DTE Energy Music Theatre, Clarkston, Mich. (1/1)
Honda Center, Anaheim, Calif. (1/1)
Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, N.Y. (1/1)
36,549 (36,549)

8 Jeff Lynne’s ELO
Aug. 2
Oracle Arena, Oakland, Calif. (0/1)
13,119 (13,364)

9 Alanis Morissette
July 7-13
Eventim Apollo, London, England (0/2)
6,971 (6,987)

10 Jill Scott
July 14-15
The Theater aty MGM National Harbor, Oxon Hill, Md. (0/2)
4,999 (5,538)

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  1. Nina August 25, 2018


    • Nina August 25, 2018

      I mean I am a fan but I don’t care about their bank account. Music is all I get from them, and tgj, you should do the same.

  2. Jasmine (The Original Princess) August 25, 2018

    Are we supposed to celebrate their fans stupidity to pay money for a recycled show? L O L

  3. ??? August 25, 2018

    lmaoo who cares, they’re still FLOPS that bought half of those tickets themselves to give out for free in the parking lots, they ain’t fooling nobody lmaooo???

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED ? August 25, 2018

      Then why on earth didnt Rih Buy then Give Away Tickets for Anti Tour and ALL them other FLOP (Arena) tours by Piranna??? ?

      Like Card I Said you CANT BUY the ppl. Everything embodies all the characteristics of a mix tape, therefore it’s not a Flop like Anti, Peasant ? and Depression by Xtina. ?

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED ? August 25, 2018

      Also the ON THE RUN 2 audience is mostly WHITE which explains why they can actually AFFORD tickets unlike You whom lives in Section 8 and food stamps ?

    • DC3 FOREVER August 25, 2018

      You don’t even work. How can you hate? Get money h**

    • Rosy August 25, 2018

      Stfu they deserve this I went to the show at fed ex and this couple gives a good show beyonce puts everything in it these haters can kick rocks

  4. DIABETES UNBOTHERED ? August 25, 2018

    This Era would be so much bigger if they actually bothered to PROMOTE Album tour singles and do their first Interview as husband and wife. they already missed the Window for Summer being a single, 713 also has single potential. the tour and album could have been better if both werent rushed especially the tour which Feels like a rehersal for on the run 1 and formation. But at least they perform Apeshit Summer Nice and Black Effect.

    I’m glad they missed the vmas as well theyre too good to be on same stage with these pre schoolers ?

    • Caleb August 25, 2018

      Like where the hell is single and video #2? I could see “Friends” smashing.

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED ? August 25, 2018

        Yes! Friends is easily the most radio friendly along with Nice and Black Effect.

        I personally think Summer has the greatest potential tho as far as a bonified Hit, apeshit stylewise is too typical as far as trap Beyonce. Summer is almost perfect tho imo ?jays verse/flow is everything

  5. Marcel August 25, 2018

    When will Nicki Minaj have a tour gross over $100 Million?

    • KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) August 25, 2018

      Never. The barbs can call CPS on people. But cant afford to buy tickets

      • I HATE WHYYTE N BLACCK BITCHEZZZZ both not ish August 25, 2018

        B**** B**** Nikki’s redoing the tour so it can be fantastic and I can’t wait

    • Beam Me Up Scotty August 25, 2018

      Why is Nicki’s d*** in your mouth?

      • Caleb August 25, 2018

        Cus she shoved it in there.

    • DanYiel Iman August 25, 2018

      She won’t because not even her fans purchased her damn album!!✌??

  6. I HATE WHYYTE N BLACCK BITCHEZZZZ both not ish August 25, 2018

    Yup. .. and half of the 150 million dollars goes to taxes. … stop trying to Hype them up they went on tour really because they’re broke

    • DC3 FOREVER August 25, 2018

      Lmfao!!! The carters broke???? LMFAO!!!! And the award for most delusional comment of the year goes to this mediocre fat queen with no job no income and parents who wish they would have gotten an abortion.

    • Haterz Gon’ Hate August 25, 2018

      Even if half goes on taxes, 20 million goes on tour expenses, costs and payroll – can you comprehend how much interest 55 million earns? Can you comprehend how long it would take to spend 55 million? They are UNBOTHERED – this is just adding to their NET WORTH – while you stay hating trying to add funds to your broke ass bankrupt SELF WORTH.

    • Rosy August 25, 2018


    • Caleb August 25, 2018

      Half? Yea right.

  7. Sza August 25, 2018

    “Beyonce & Jay-Z Tour Earns $150 Million”

    Of which thatgrapejuice wont receive a penny. This wack site is just twitter stan account glorified. ?

    • SdotB August 25, 2018

      Uhhhh, they get paid to report music & media news, so they will receive a lot more than a “penny”, especially when you clicked on the link to read the article. Smmfh.

  8. Noname August 25, 2018

    Good numbers!
    So many credible sources said that they handed free tickets to fill the empty seats and attract people to arenas.
    I wonder how many tickets they’ve actually gave away for free?
    The struggle these celebrities face to stay relevant is unimaginable.

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED ? August 25, 2018

      Lol radio stations buy up and give out free tickets. it would be a highly demanding job… the task to give away just 10% which would be about 8,000 ppl which WASHED UP artist like Trey Songz Nikki minaj Usher and Chris Brown cant even sell out at that capacity . Mind you this is a PART 2 Tour… on the run part 1 sold out much faster and the carters are LEGENDS not many of them can even do stadiums let alone sell out 90% Nikki and Rih are the real subjects of FLOP TOURS. On the Run is on track to outgross rihs highest grossing tour DIAMONDS TOUR and this tour wasn’t even promoted properly

      • Noname August 25, 2018

        At this rate and with the remaining dates to come, I think this tour will surpass the Diamond Tour and be the highest grossing tour of 2018.
        Idk maybe Taylor will come out on top who knows? It’s still early to say.

      • ROCK August 26, 2018

        I has already outgrossed the diamond tour

    • Caleb August 25, 2018

      By “credible sources” you mean some random commenter on TGJ.

      • Noname August 26, 2018


  9. B2B August 25, 2018

    If you did not purchase a ticket to the OTR II, please stay in your lane! Beyonce and Jay z put on a helluva show! From the production to the talent! Real, no gimmick! No need to buy tickets and sell for free idiots, Columbia SC will forever be thankful for the Queen and King. BOTH ARE A MUST SEE LIVE… Argue with your mama. #BLACKASS

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. August 25, 2018

      @B2B – Whatever! It is the same old same old.

      • B2B August 26, 2018

        You sound stupid! Same ole what? Songs? What do you expect? They’re going to sing hits from their catalogs and new stuff as well. Beyonce is not singing a lot of songs she normally would on tour, so again if you didn’t purchase a ticket stay in your lane. This show is excellence. Sold out Columbia South Carolina seen it with my own two eyes and I have videos for proof! You say free tickets, I say I wish! Even resentment was different that’s I seen her do on some videos earlier on in the tour. Constant costume changes from start of tour. You people just jealous , not even fans so Why worry?

  10. DanYiel Iman August 25, 2018

    They’re really giving the fans something to chear about because the show is AWESOME ?? & a lot of people were crying by me as I gave it my all doing my dance steps!!??

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