Twitter Roasts Madonna For “Self-Indulgent” Aretha Franklin Tribute at VMAs

Published: Monday 20th Aug 2018 by Rashad

Much like her Billboard Awards’ tribute to Prince shortly after his death (click here to read), Queen of Pop Madonna‘s tribute to the late Aretha Franklin wasn’t exactly met with applause as many accused the ‘Material Girl’ of making the moment all about herself.

Reflecting on the early days of her pursuit of stardom, Madge’s lengthy stroll down memory lane appeared to skip a turn or two as it related to the topic at hand:  remembering Aretha.  Needless to say, the omission didn’t go unnoticed by viewers.  See their merciless roasting inside:


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  1. Keith August 20, 2018

    What is wrong with her? Who told her that speech/story was appropriate. She should know how to say “no, there’s someone more fitting” by now…

  2. Lupita August 20, 2018

    Aretha means almost nothing to the generation watching the VMA. Madonna just created a link for them to undertsand the influence of Aretha, that how an other inspirational artist can change someone’s life.

    Who knew Aretha, knew that she was great, therefor doesn’t need long boring praise. Who didn’t know Aretha, wouldn’t understand any praise of her by hearing how great her music and personality was.

    I think M did a great job.

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ August 20, 2018

      Madonna means just as much to the generation watching the vmas she ain’t that much younger than Aretha

      • xyz August 21, 2018

        Oh come on, she is 16 years younger. And she is still the main influence for a lot of pop girls out there. The younger generation know who she is, I doubt that bout Aretha who has been an inspiration for the majority of rnb and soul acts and has been respected in the industry, but she had no hit or big promo for decades, so the younger gen may not know who she is. With that being said, Aretha was superior and deserved better than this Madonna mess.

      • iamdiego August 21, 2018

        Anyone who says they don’t know Aretha Franklin is a liar. And if that’s the case they don’t know who Madonna is either. I’m 27 and don’t know any anything from her except ‘Music’ and maybe like a virgin (because its a popular song from back in the day). White ppl kill me.

      • madbrax August 21, 2018

        @iamdiego ya cause black people are top notch . f*** off

      • iamdiego August 21, 2018

        indeed we are saltine!

    • Sandra August 21, 2018

      That’s a lie. You don’t think those kids have parent who in the past week would’ve have been playing Aretha in the house/car after her death? If you don’t think that the kids will know at least out some music in there, they could’ve done a montage of hits (video clips) with a few memories read by people in the industry.
      But this ‘ish!! Outta damn order.

      • madbrax August 21, 2018

        sorry but most of my co workers that are younger than 25 had no idea who Aretha was when she died. this generation don’t know and don’t care who she is

      • Sandra August 21, 2018

        Well maxbrax I’m sure your demographic has something to do with that,
        So I guess we will wait for an award show with some knowledge of music and how some artists played a big part to get the tribute we and she deserves.

      • madbrax August 21, 2018

        and what demographic is that? they are all asian, Indian and black people. no one knew who she was. I’m 37 and all I know about her is she was a fat beast who showed off her tits every time she went out.

  3. Seth August 20, 2018

    This isn’t the damn Grammys! I love Aretha and Madge and first of all this wasn’t a “tribute”, this was added TODAY, Aretha was never an MTV artist, where were you all when MTV didn’t do anything for Prince, Whitney or Bowie and Madonna paid her respects herself. MTV didn’t do a damn thing…no musical tribute etc. so instead of dragging Madge for speaking on her Aretha connection how about dragging mtv for not doing a real tribute!

    • SMH August 21, 2018

      How about stopping defending Madonna for being an opportunistic attention seeker instead of paying tribute to a Legend which is what she was supposed to do.

      • madbrax August 21, 2018

        how about you shut the f*** up and stop being such a c***. it wasn’t a tribute, it was an anecdote while she was there to present the video of the year award. No tribute was announced, no tribute was planned. go the the local library in your hood and pick up a dictionary and look up the word anecdote.

      • iamdiego August 21, 2018

        whew chile the hate!

  4. !!! August 21, 2018

    This generation barely knows Madonna. Making this about herself was disrespectful. Period.

    • lanafan1 August 21, 2018

      Wtf are you talking about. They know full well who she is lolol

      • SMH August 21, 2018

        Lol all they know about her is that she doesn’t like Lady Gaga. They wouldn’t be able to name one Madonna song other than Express Yourself, and that’s because of the mess she was in with Gaga.

      • iamdiego August 21, 2018

        Exactly! I don’t even know that 1.
        Madonna is not that b**** anymore sorry…
        She ended in the early 2000s.
        She was a Icon (a moment in time) and since her star faded she’s become more desperate for attention.
        Which is why I think she disrespects actual LEGENDS
        She never could sing.
        She can barely dance.
        She’s an ok performer.
        She’s mediocre at best
        AND Jlo took her spot a long time ago lmao

      • madbrax August 21, 2018

        what legends is that? the one that overdosed face down in a bath tub? the one that overdosed in an elevator? the one that over dosed on his bedroom floor? the fat cow that showed off her gross tits every time she went out? sorry but your actual living legends weren’t relevant at all for decades before they overdosed. you make addicts and criminals into martyrs and wonder why we f****** laugh at you

      • iamdiego August 21, 2018

        All your negative rhetoric does not change the fact that saltine’s will continue to steal our culture and promote a watered down great value versions of it. We dont wonder why you laugh lol who told you that!? lmao The only thing I wonder is why you are so intimidated by these so called martyrs (who passed away). Madonna don’t give af about you.

  5. Olusheyi August 21, 2018

    Wow what a mess

  6. SMH August 21, 2018

    Lmao. I laugh because it amazes me that people are acting like they’re just now figuring out who Madonna is. She has ALWAYS been a self indulgent narcissistic famewhore who finds a way to make any situation about herself. People have kept blinders on about that woman for decades despite her showing who and what she really is numerous times.

    Janet Jackson should have did the tribute. At least she actually grew up with Aretha as a neighbor and could have properly tributed Aretha’s life and legacy without making it about herself lol.

  7. madbrax August 21, 2018

    Mtv never mentioned anything about an Aretha tribute. No Aretha tribute was planned. Madonna was announced as a presenter for video of the year and nothing more. She shared an anecdote on how Aretha inspired her on her journey. nothing more nothing less. it’s the mtv awards, not the grammys, or Bet. quit race baiting and making yourselves out to be poor little victims

  8. @themadonnacollection August 21, 2018

    She has really got to find a new team to guide her in her career. The last decade has been such a mess and a major let down for her fans. Her tours are the only thing that are still artistic and worth mentioning her name about, the rest is just a big mess.

    This is another example of how she is tarnishing her own legacy, with over the top nonsense and being just ugly….clothes, face, music, photo shoots, instagram, public appearances ect.

    Fix the face, get a new stylist, get rid of the grills, get a social media manager, study J.Lo, Janet, Beyoncé or even Lady Gaga on how to brand yourself for 2018 and most Important….get a clue.

    Miss the days of Boy Toy, La Isla Bonita, Like a Prayer, Blond Ambition, MTV Awards Vogue performance, Ray of Light, Confessions on a Dancefloor, MDNA Tour.

    As a huge fan, I can’t help but cringe everytime she puts out anything and looking at her once stunning face, makes me want to cry. How do you not see that you f***** it up. She should just stop with the fillers and bad whatever she does to her face. MDNA Skin Care is a joke if she promotes it.

    I have hope for the new album, but I would still love for her to work with Patrick Lennord, Steven Bray, Shep Pettiebione, Babyface, Nile Rogers, Stuart Price and William Orbit.

    Ugh…. I’m so sad being a Madonna fan in 2018

    • Keith August 21, 2018

      Thoughtful opinion @themadonnacollection, and I agree – her tours are her saving grace! MTV should be pimp-slapped, though, for even reaching out to her as everyone knows she is opportunistic. It’s a shame white folks can be so “tone deaf” sometime…hopefully BET will salvage this for Viacom.

      • madbrax August 21, 2018

        salvage what? it wasn’t a f****** TRIBUTE you f****** morons

  9. Stephy August 21, 2018

    Madonna is a no talent hack, period.

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