Exclusive: ‘Bobby Brown Story’ Stars Tell All On Hit Movie

Published: Thursday 13th Sep 2018 by Sam

The Bobby Brown Story blazed its way to ratings glory last week, amassing a whopping viewership of over 6 million across its two-night broadcast on BET.

And it’s understandable why.

Carrying the baton of authenticity established by last year’s ‘New Edition Story,’ the biopic did a stellar job of humanizing R&B’s original bad boy by pulling the curtain back on a narrative of superstardom, pain, addiction, and redemption.

Now, it’s the turn of international audiences to see Bobby like they’ve never seen him before.

With the movie set to premiere on BET UK on September 14th, That Grape Juice caught up with its central stars – Woody McClain and Gabrielle Dennis.

During their candid chat with TGJ’s Hemah K, the pair opened up on what it was like to play Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston respectively, as well as their process of recreating their unique (and oft controversial) dynamic.

Woody also explained his recent revelation about the project being his “last” in front of the camera.

Hit “PLAY” watch our EXCLUSIVE interview with the stars of ‘The Bobby Brown Story.’

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  1. SMH September 13, 2018

    Hmm, well his sister says that the majority of the movie was a fabrication, so whatever I guess.

      • SMH September 13, 2018

        True dat lol.

    • Rasputia Latimore Is TIRED of white trash demon Danzou BEGGING to Eat Her Box and Impersonating Her September 14, 2018

      I thought the movie was the sensationalized depictions of a former rnb star turned crack head and his new crackhead wife used to catch up on the mortgage payments for his woodland hills house. I think the book and movie are disgusting and low down. A man of morals and self worth would never slander the mother of his child for money. Bobby is a disgusting user / loser. He was jealous of Whitney”s shine and tried to destroy her in 2001 with that reality show. It didn’t work so he is trying to destroy her after death. She does not deserve this. Whitney never attacked Bobby”s character or sold stories of him to the media for money. She had class despite her addiction. People that knew her as neighbors have always told the media she was friendly and would wave and speak to them. She was a kind soul that was bigger than life and whose shine always shined bright. Her demons were Bobby, drugs, and cigarettes.

  2. Remymafia September 14, 2018

    I’m sick of hearing about this crack head

  3. Fancy BISH September 14, 2018

    They did a great job ?? Solid movie with replay value! People need to realize that at the end of the day, it’s just a movie! It isn’t a documentary, but even a documentary has to take some liberties…the movie definitely had people talking! My parents were discussing it and humming the songs lol…love to see young black talent! And I’m a huge fan of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston ???

  4. I HATE WHYYTE N BLACCK BITCHEZZZZ both not ish September 14, 2018

    Bobby introduced Whitney to crack. ….you celebrate him…….what about her and bobby cristina

    • I HATE WHYYTE N BLACCK BITCHEZZZZ both not ish September 14, 2018


      Fuc him

  5. L.caldwell September 14, 2018

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