Mariah Carey Announces New Single ‘GTFO’ / Reveals Release Date

Published: Wednesday 12th Sep 2018 by Sam

Mariah Carey has wrapped the 2018 leg of her ‘Butterfly Returns’ Vegas show, but isn’t resting on her laurels.

Instead, Mimi is gearing up to release her brand new single ‘GTFO.’

Dive below for details…

The diva made the announcement moments ago and confirmed that the track will arrive tomorrow!

It’ll serve as the first taste of new material from the songbird’s upcoming 15th studio album – her first body of work since 2014’s ‘Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse.’

The cut also comes as the first musical fruit from Mimi since inking a management deal with Roc Nation.

We’re excited, are you?!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ughhh September 12, 2018

    Wow 15th studio album that’s an achievement in itself. I’m glad when she announces something it comes out in a timely manner. Not next week or 3 weeks later – causing everyone to forget or they just don’t care anymore

    • ??? September 12, 2018

      lmao she did that with her last single and it still flopped lmfaoooo

      • MariahsHoney September 12, 2018

        La Reid who was the president of the label said he didn’t even know the single was coming out, Stella made a party and destroyed everything.
        Anyways buy and steam this amazing new song, my wig is already snatched
        Mariah looks sooooooooo goood 😍😍😍

    • Rasputia Lattimore is TIRED of white trash demon Danzou BEGGING to Eat Her Box and Impersonating her September 12, 2018

      Now this news I am excited about hearing her new single and I believe it BECAUSE it came from Queen Mariah herself. When the Queen speaks she delivers. This song is going be great regardless of radio support

      F.uck radio yall. We got plenty legends making hit music and touring this year (Mary J, Janet, Mariah, Toni Braxton, Ledisi, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, R. Kelly, John Legend, Tank, Fantasia, Maxwell, Beyonce, Lauryn Hill, Anthony Hamilton, etc) and don’t get me started with all the festivals I have been to this summer and had a blast at. Mariah’s last album was fire! That song with Wale easily could have been a chart topper in the 90s and 00s and her other songs that her fans like I listen to and like those too. I here u China when u talking about Faded. I get it love.

  2. China September 12, 2018

    She looks Beautiful. Hood_riah returns. Hopefully, it sounds like FADED. She could have slayed with FADED or Camufloge is her best songwriting since DayDream. She is looking hot I must admit.

  3. Theelusive1 on IG September 12, 2018

    MARIAH pull up wit those vocals. She usually sleeps on new music until after the Holiday. NEW MIMI I’m here for it

  4. Mandy September 12, 2018

    Why is she releasing on a Thursday?

    • AJ Thomas September 12, 2018

      For the last year or so streaming begins tracking on Thursdays for Billboard!! Her team is on it

  5. Lupita September 12, 2018

    GO MIMI!

  6. DanYiel Iman September 12, 2018

    She’s a great vocalist & I’m awaiting to hear these tones!!

  7. Meme September 12, 2018

    I hate it already.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 12, 2018


      • Beyotch September 12, 2018

        Cuz MeMe is a hater lol

      • Meme September 12, 2018

        The title. Doesn’t sound like it’s on her level.

  8. Audreyherbsburn September 12, 2018

    Am I gonna get Toni Braxton for vibes?

    • AJ Thomas September 12, 2018

      It’s a bop! I heard a snippet earlier. It sounds very understated yet colorful like the production on Toni’s album. Similar to Long As I Live

      • Jim September 12, 2018

        It doesn’t sound like anything but a bunch of noises and Mariah lightly singing over it. She could do better.

  9. JOHNVIDAL September 12, 2018

    What??? It is true what some rumors were saying then and that date from Amazon Japan or wherever that was. The cover is great. Mature and s***. And not the extra retouched usual thing we have been seeing lately from her and others.

  10. Terny September 12, 2018

    Oh yesss! She’s coming #GTFO Muva! 😍😍🥂🥂🐑L4L

  11. SMH September 12, 2018

    Beautiful picture. Hope the music lives up to it.

  12. M September 12, 2018

    Cannot wait!!!!!! 😍

  13. Bardi gang September 12, 2018

    How hard is this one gonnna flop? Anyone want to make any chart prediction bets?

    • Beyotch September 12, 2018

      It won’t flop…KNOT like cardi 😘🤣

      • Bardi gang September 12, 2018

        Cardi doing better the Mariah these days tho

      • Music_is_life September 12, 2018


    • China September 12, 2018

      BARDI GANG. Never Mention MARIAH CAREY and that stripper in the same sentence. MARIAH CAREY is a 200 million selling ICON. STFU and go play in traffic

    • AJ Thomas September 12, 2018

      I really like Cardi, but it’s kinda insane to even try to mention her in the same sentence as Mariah. Mariah could buy Cardi and all of Migos if she wanted to just based on the royalty from her 18 number ones, not to mention the dozen other top 10 hits. Just ONE of Mariah’s albums sold 30 million worldwide (more than some people’s albums combined.) Don’t get bold.

  14. Seth September 12, 2018

    I just hope it’s more of a #Beautiful sound and less of the same recycled Jermaine Dupri beats from 2005. We Belong Together was a smash and a modern classic but the tracks that followed; You’re Mine, Almost Home, Infinity, HATE U, I Stay in Love, Love Story all sounded like lesser versions of it. The breezy Miguel vibe on #Beautiful was fresh and my fav Mariah song since WBT and a direction I hope she continues to move towards.

    • CW September 12, 2018

      Ummmm HATEU is in a league of it’s own, stop. It only flopped because Mariah didn’t give a s*** about the album, she was too busy promoting Precious.

  15. Casual September 12, 2018

    Mariah Carey is 49. I hope she’s going for a more classic sound and not trying to compete with more contemporary artists. She can still succeed big, but she has to figure out what a hit sounds like 28 years into her recording career.

    Ironically, her debut album is the template for what she should be doing now.

  16. Lake Erie September 12, 2018

    At this point, MC has nothing to prove. She always makes great music. I’m just glad to get some new music and a album. MiMi hasn’t lost it ALL THE WAY… I still love her sound and style. And this single cover is ON point! Looks like she’s in a happy place.

  17. Mariah Dahhlin’ September 12, 2018

    I’m going to put into the UNIVERSE all positive and lovable vibes for Mariah Carey and this new music era. I want this to be her #19 Number one and her BIG COMEBACK 3 decades into her career. She is a living legend and ICON!

  18. Jason September 12, 2018

    The title isn’t giving me the mature vibe I was hoping for! We’ll see…

  19. mr.m September 12, 2018

    copying toni braxton – FOH

    • JOHNVIDAL September 12, 2018

      Bish in what universe does Mariah Carey copy Toni Baxton or Xtina Aguilera???? LMAO

      • Rasputia Lattimore is TIRED of white trash demon Danzou BEGGING to Eat Her Box and Impersonating her September 12, 2018

        Shut up b|tch. You always on here spouting out about nothing. Mr. M is right Mariah has copied Toni in the past. Toni had a sexxier image first since her debut with those revealing dresses then Mariah copied and got her [email protected] implants done and started wearing revealing dresses. Then Mariah started using Toni’s go-to producers (Babyface / LA Reid). Then Mariah started singing in her low register with My All after Toni had released Unbreak My Heart the year before. I love them both but I see plenty of times when Mariah copied Toni but NEVER the other way around. Mariah slays Toni in the studio but Toni slays Mariah live EVERY TIME.

      • Noname September 12, 2018

        LAMO I’m dead :””””)

  20. Noname September 12, 2018

    Another flop no thank you
    She can keep it!

  21. Jim September 12, 2018

    Heard a snippet of the song and it doesn’t really sound like anything. I think she needs to go for a more classic sound really.

    • Theman September 12, 2018

      That not the song in it’s entirety.. Just a few seconds…

  22. Justafan September 12, 2018

    The REAL queen is back. We can finally end this Nicki shenanigans

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