Nicki Minaj Vs Cardi B: New Footage Appears To Show Minaj “Popping” ‘Bodak Yellow’ Rapper

Published: Sunday 9th Sep 2018 by David

The Harper’s BazaarNew York Fashion Week‘ party saw the Hip-Hop superstar Cardi B clash with her peer Nicki Minaj this weekend.

Separated by security, the ladies now find themselves dominating headlines fuelled by footage captured on the night.

Quite interestingly, the first batch of videos that hit the net failed to capture the entire story.

Because? A new video unlocked today seems to dispel claims that the injury Cardi sustained wasn’t handed to her by one of Minaj’s guards…but by Minaj herself.

Watch below…




Nicki can be seen “popping” her fellow chart-topper in the face at the 7 seconds mark, and is yet to respond to the fray directly even after several publications reported Cardi set out to accost her after learning that they were at the same event.


TMZ reports…

Judging from Cardi’s own words, she was looking for a fight. She never made contact, either with her fists or her shoe.



The ‘Roman Reloaded’ performer will not press charges as she did not sustain any injuries.

In better news, both entertainers have garnered success with their respective new albums, ‘Queen’ & ‘Invasion of Privacy‘.

The latter- a bonafide streaming magnet- delivered the smash hit single ‘Bodak Yellow’ and saw the starlet nabbed over a dozen top ten peak positions globally.

As for ‘Queen’? That set has been certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America less than a month into its launch.

Here’s hoping they find a way to reconcile!

Your thoughts?

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  1. HonestTho September 9, 2018

    Good Nicki did the right thing!

    • Fancy BISH September 9, 2018

      You have GOT to be kidding….if not, then the Barbz truly are blind, deaf, dumb AND broke ?

      • Trey September 9, 2018

        Girl yall are the album didnt sell 500k fool its because she added fefe which is platinum dummy

      • Fancy BISH September 9, 2018

        @Trey, what the HELL are you trying to say? lmao ?

  2. Xanadu September 9, 2018

    The lies!!!.. It does not show that Bum Li is “popping” anybody… She was NEVER close enough to her to have hit her…smh.The false narratives that these people will go out of their way to create. When both ladies speak on what actually happened then I will believe it, she seemed shook from all the footage and different angles I have seen.

    • Sugar September 9, 2018

      It does. She does it right after she says “I’m standing right here. “

      • blaah September 9, 2018

        “It does!” So f**cking dumb. Where do they breed these fake ass Nicki trolls at? We finna set the whole troll farm ablaze. ?????

      • Ready September 9, 2018

        Blahh you ain’t gone do shyt but type on your lil key board. You mad dusty.

      • blaah September 9, 2018

        B**** hit up Harlem and it’s on site. Imma show y’all weak faggit ass what a knot really is. ?

  3. Rasputia Lattimore September 9, 2018

    Who’s side is everybody on and why? I’m on Nicki’s side because we both want to be strong black women but we aren’t. Nicki has bleached his skin so she no longer is black and i’m from the Afghanistan.

    • S****** Blonde September 9, 2018

      Your Royal Highness Rasputia when are you gonna let me eat your box and lick you toes? Master I am to please and be a loyal s**** to you Queen Rasputia. I know I’m a worthless f.aggot peasant I am poor white trash but I promise to be a good servant to you Queen Rasputia. Suck your toes, eat your box, drink your peee, etc… whatever u like S****** will do.

      • Rasputia Lattimore September 9, 2018

        Shut up u vile b|tch and stop impersonating me u racist white cracker. Nicki is a natural beauty. Many white women pay a lot of money to look like her but miserably fail. If u wanna be a loyal servant then STOP impersonating me b|tch. U ain’t funny. U are immature and sissy acting and ur racist comments are offensive u sick white trash demon. I would never let u come near me other than to punch your methhead teeth out.

      • S****** Blonde September 9, 2018

        I’,m sorry Rasputia. Sometimes I don;t know whether I want to be you or be a servant to you. I am out of pocket and way out of line. Please kick my ass. U know I enjoy torter, especially from a dominating black woman. I love when they put my racist cracker ass in check. U can beat me and peeee on me. I am so sorry I am so immature and dumb to be up on here impersonating u again. I hope u can forgive me.

      • Rasputia Lattimore September 9, 2018

        U ain’t forgiven u dirty queen. Man the f.uck up and use ur own f.ucking accout to say whatever the f.uck u got to say but don’t be impersonating me. I got my own f.ucking profile and that is that. U be u b|tch and I’ll be me. The worst thing in life is a man who is a b|tch that don’t have the balls to be a b|tch so he pretending to be another b|tch. Cowardly racist b|tch is what U are. Yuck. F.ucking loser ass fairy with no balls. Roseanne got more balls than u do. At least she outright with her raciscm. She ain’t hiding behind another b|tch or creating fake impersonate accounts to say what she got to say. U stank b|tch. F.ucking ugly ass b|tch. Lice B|tch. Roach B|tch. Fairy B|tch. Grimilin looking ass b|tch.

      • Rasputia Lattimore September 9, 2018

        On second thought once I get me that vasectomy procedure done I’ll let a rainbow man slide in my box I’m nasty like that, I once transported 4 hand grenades in my a$$ now I know what my uncle was training me for when he kept fisting me.

      • Rasputia Lattimore September 9, 2018

        Hey S****** Blonde long time boo

      • S****** Blonde September 9, 2018

        Sorry Rasputia for being an immature f.aggot that refuses to GROW UP. Impersonating the mentally ill gives me pleasure because I suffer mental illness too.

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️B September 9, 2018

        Uh oh Guys TROLLMINE is back. Heyyyyyyy Shaniqua!

      • Rasputia Lattimore September 9, 2018

        If I want to be a transvestite let me be. Stop while u are ahead S****** H**. U know damn well if u keep impersonating me b|tch I am going to impersonate u back and I got ur real pics. If u are too coward to verbally par with me then find ur courage b|tch. IMPOSTER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Faf September 9, 2018

      Chile boo. Nicki doesn’t talk there’s no need she’s not on reality tv she saw a threat (a Loud Baboon) and punched the h**

      Nicki W
      CARDI L

      • blookas September 9, 2018

        nicki HAS been talking a lot of crap on her radio show so if shes silent now… then shes the fool.

  4. Sugar September 9, 2018

    I’m glad she made contact. Too many uncouth people think they can act up and get crunk with people they think are weak. When this happens it is your DUTY to embarrass them in the way they tried to do you. Only one girl walked away with a bump and it wasn’t Nicki.

    • Cbeylive September 9, 2018

      so it went from Nicki don’t have to fight her and wasn’t gone fight her to now Nicki was about to beat her ass and sis def didn’t not make contact.

  5. blaah September 9, 2018

    Scary ass b**** never made contact, the length this evil tyrant w**** will go at playing blogs to spin false narratives is disgusting. Kill the b!txh! I want every fibre of St Nick DESTROYED.

    • Jewel September 9, 2018

      Sit your dumb mentally ill ass down somewhere, you doing all this keyboard locking for what? Only makeing yourself look dumb like cardio

      • Cbeylive September 9, 2018

        Nicki didn’t make contact if she did you really think Cardi wouldn’t have said nothing about it ?? or right after it happened to

      • blaah September 9, 2018

        Lol St Nick is imploding, it’s in her DNA. The Maraj clan is all f***** up. She finna have a meltdown so keep that same energy during her funeral. Maybe they’ll burial her with all those plaques! ??

      • blaah September 9, 2018

        And it’s *making, get a degree and become something before you come for ppl roach. We gon bury you too. ??

  6. StateofTheCulture September 9, 2018

    Lol only thing St Nick popped was in her buns like Remy said ??? #FalseNews #StayWokeYall

    • Ready September 9, 2018

      She straight popped that witch upside her long ass foreheads. U mad ain’t it?

      • blaah September 9, 2018

        It’s ok, keep fueling the hate train. We gon make a sculpture outta ha. You laugh now cry later built b!th. Ain’t nothing saving Onika and you outchea spitting lies. Ha! ?

      • Ready September 9, 2018

        B**** got put a ice pack on ratty b wide screen forehead and simmer down.

  7. Just_blaze September 9, 2018

    First of all nicki is a whole w**** like how you talk about her in ya raps but really cant see her.
    Nicki didnt make contact with that bish at all.

    • You mad September 9, 2018

      It’s hip hop sis nicki is doing it the right way, keep it on wax.

      • blaah September 9, 2018

        Just like how st Nick sneak disses every female rapper on wax then pay homage in interviews. That’s so “hip hop” fake ass b!txh bout to get run over by her own hate train. It will be LEGENDARY. ???

  8. StateofTheCulture September 9, 2018

    #FakeNews #FakeNews #FakeNews #NickiHateTrainJustGotStronger #WeGonnaKillHer ?????

    • Mandy September 9, 2018

      I hope TGJ Reports this comment to the authorities

      • blaah September 9, 2018

        Bye stay mad how, Nicholas gong under whether you like it or not. Die slow I’m hell buhahaha ????

      • blaah September 9, 2018

        Typical wh!te b**** behavior “Mandy” Support a fraud that’s self imploding then wanna call authorities like a weak b****. BBQ Becky is shook????‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

    • You mad September 9, 2018

      Fardi c is the one that needs to be on the look out,we gone snatch her wig and her chain….

  9. Black September 9, 2018

    Billshit that was not Nicki hitting a sole please her people is quick with paying the blogs

    • Bloop September 9, 2018

      Yall just mad that dusty project rat got popped regardless! ??? Is this your queen?! ???

      • Deluded September 9, 2018

        Bahahahahahaha is this you’re queen????LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS

  10. Facts September 9, 2018

    Nikki can’t be seen doing anything but standing right there behind her security.

    • You mad September 9, 2018

      The video shows otherwise suh…

  11. LB September 9, 2018

    Nicki is too much of a p**** to hit anybody. That’s why she’s coming for kids. All that s*** talking she does in her music is just s*** talking, when its time to throw hands in the streets, she cowers like the coward she is.

    • Bettie clayton September 9, 2018


      • Caleb September 9, 2018

        Mexican?? Where?

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. September 9, 2018

      @LB – Shut up! Nicki didn’t say anything about her kid. She LIKED a comment that someone made about Cardi as a mother when it came to her being friends with some guy who did something, allegedly, to a kid. The lied you tell.

      Card is an @ss. You act like a clown over someone LIKING a comment Bro? And what about that stuff from Motorsport that she was silent about? But she wants to act like the sewer rat she is over a LIKED comment! Dude, I can’t eve with this trashbox.

      Reports never said that Nicki hit anyone, but that Cardi was hit by security on accident. In addition, the initial reports stated that Nicki was cool as a cucumber.
      The Lies You Tell Because Of Hate

  12. Tea is Served September 9, 2018

    This site man the fake lies. Nicki took another L she was offered out and she stood behind security who elbowed Cardi. I’d have more respect for Nicki if she had took the beating that os coming her way. Nicki is a f****** joke the only queen with a caralogue of unmemorable must c vomit!

    • You mad September 9, 2018

      Bit you fake, u just mad Cardi can’t make any appearances because she sporting a big goose egg on her wide screen forehead

  13. Len September 9, 2018

    She didn’t pop s*** but her gums!

    • You mad September 9, 2018

      If Cardio’s forehead is gums then yes

  14. JH September 9, 2018

    There was no popping of the sort. We worked that event that night and it was security not NM who was guarded like MC Hammer back in his popular days. As NM stated “I’m staying right here” is exactly what she did and making bloody moves is what she did NOT do!

    • JaQuanna Man 4 Lames???? September 9, 2018

      B**** bye you ain’t work nowhere you a cardi fan we expect you to say this she popped that talentless h** we see it!!! S*** if it wasn’t the case Cardi would have defended the fact she wasn’t hit by Nicki it was a security guard she ain’t say s*** because the butch know. So keep sucking Nicki d*** and learn to swallow all the c** of s*** coming out your mouth about her !!

      • J September 9, 2018

        Did I mention CARDI… nah niece so have several you so bothered about my comment. Don’t be upset because I actually work at the building where the event was held and you had to view via social media. It’s simple stop shame the truth devil just accept it. I’m not saying she was a punk all I said was that star woman had security and not contact happened.

        And your point of being so mad? I would suggest pushing that anger into physical purchases of her album until then I’m good luv.. enjoy!

    • LiveYoLife2017 September 9, 2018

      LIes! Video shows her clearly hiding behind 4 body guards. Stop with the lies. She’s a coward.

    • LiveYoLife2017 September 9, 2018

      These videos do not show Nicki doing a damn thing. Y’all want so bad to say that Nicki did something in response, but she did not do anything except hide behind her bodyguards.

  15. Ri Ri September 9, 2018

    Cardi knew security would be there that’s why she did that s***.

  16. Charli Cheer Up September 9, 2018

    More like Nicki was using her hands to block any potential punches away from Cardi. Seriously though feels like it’s their own camps who are instigating the fights. Cardi being the young & naive but stressed momma can’t control herself. Nicki might be stressed too being the solo female rapper fending off a male dominated society now she gotta deal with this feud smh

    • blaah September 9, 2018

      Porsha Williams Vs Kenya Moore tease chiile

  17. Caleb September 9, 2018

    This is not “new video.” It’s the same exact footage from the other night.

    • blaah September 9, 2018

      Ikr! They tried it. Nicki hate train fully loaded ??

  18. JaQuanna Man 4 Lames???? September 9, 2018

    Yaassss Nicki POPPED that H** run up get done up b****** stay sleeping on NICKI

  19. Ciara September 9, 2018

    Are you dumb? We see nothing…nicki is hiding behind her security nicki you are a p****…you dont have the stamina to perform let alone perform a punch for a KO! Stop trying to pay these blogs we are not dumb! Ps i was a nicki fan.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. September 9, 2018

      @Ciara -. Nicki did the right thing and stood there like a class act. She had her security and that’s what they are for, to protect her. She is only to hit someone when they break through security.

      • blaah September 9, 2018

        Nicki stood there like the Malibu Barbie industry built puppet she is, a whole joke. Wasn’t she rapping about “I’ll cut the b****” on barbie Bin. Kenya Moore 2.0. B****** is p****. ??

  20. Its me Gowrl September 9, 2018

    Where the f*** did she hit cardi?? She was way too far from Cardii and Nicki was hiding behind the security. Is this Donald Trump writing this s***?? I see why y’all don’t get much traffic anymore. What kinda damn lie was that to tell when we can CLEARLY see Nicki was hiding

    • SMH September 9, 2018

      Then why hasn’t cardi opened her big mouth to confirm that? As much smack as that idiot talks, she would have confirmed that same night that Nicki wasn’t the one that knotted her up lol, and yet she hasn’t.

  21. JaQuanna Man 4 Lames???? September 9, 2018

    cardi fan we expect you to say this didn’t happen but we clearly see she popped that talentless h** we see it!!! S*** if it wasn’t the case Cardi would have defended the fact she wasn’t hit by Nicki it was a security guard she ain’t say s*** because the butch know. So keep sucking Nicki d*** and learn to swallow all the c** of s*** coming out your mouth about her !! That hood rat Bodak Yellow How should have stayed home with her baby clearly she came for problems and tried write a check her ass couldn’t cashed but Nicki voided that s*** right across her face??

  22. ??? September 9, 2018

    Lmao Nicki popped the birdseed out of that bishhh, the #Retardibirdgang just don’t wanna admit it. Who was outside posing it up for the paps, and who was getting her feathers kicked out of the party with a goose egg on her head? Lmfaooooo ? ?? ? #knottonight #QueenNickiIsKnotTheOne

  23. Beam Me Up Scotty September 9, 2018

    Make sure to get Nicki’s new single “Knot Tonight”

    • JaQuanna Man 4 Lames???? September 9, 2018

      I love this ???

    • Fancy BISH September 9, 2018

      That’s the gag tho….no one buys Done Li anymore! ?

      • Jewl September 9, 2018

        @ fancy Her recent plaques say other wise though.

      • Bodaky Yakky September 9, 2018

        But why didn’t Queen go to #1? Y’all have been on MUTE for weeks due to that floppage but now y’all have testes? FOH

      • Jewl September 9, 2018

        So what her album didn’t go number 1, she still the highest selling female rapper. With no number 1 she still doing numbers periodtt

  24. Lucy lawless September 9, 2018

    The tea is Cardi was doing coke on the way to this event that’s what she was acting like a baby project rat ? ?

    • blaah September 9, 2018

      Nothing beats Cokehead St Nick who still can process how a full grown sibling can f*ck a 12 your old innocent little girl in the ass. It’s like wound that will never heal. ? That’s why she has permanent resting b**** face so slowly self-imploding. Barbz will be the death of ha. Can’t wait!! ???

      • Lucy lawless September 9, 2018

        Nicki and all her platinum plaques will be just fine but you seem like you need to check into a treatment center for mentally retardation

      • blaah September 9, 2018

        Nicki permanent resting b**** screams insecurity and trauma. H** needs to overdose and burn slow frfr. Buhahahahhahahaahahhahaha!!! ???????????

      • blaah September 9, 2018

        Resting b!txh face

  25. Barbie B**** September 9, 2018

    But can Cardi get on live I’m trying to see something ???

  26. Knotty b September 9, 2018

    Goose egg b should have kept it cute now she gotta miss events and shyt to the swelling go down??

  27. Ricko September 9, 2018

    I’ve watched these clips along with every one online and I will say Nicki never ever came close to hit anyone but Herself. Sis was literally stuck in a corner like a deer caught in headlight traffic….. On another note Nicki thinks this is going to help tarnish Cardi legacy so she pays blogs to make it seem worse. Sorry Cardi is the people champ and to me the new Tupac. What other rapper that has been bold like Tupac other than Cardi??? Okkkur

    • Beam Me Up Scotty September 9, 2018

      Are you really comparing Cardi B to Tupac? There is no comparison…

      • blaah September 9, 2018

        Stfu white boy ?? Just cuz rock is dead you wanna take our genre too!? We gon bury you right next to Onika ??

      • Chew good September 9, 2018

        How much Atlantic records paying you to write these lame ass comments under every nicki post?

  28. September 9, 2018

    Nice is mad fast, that disrespect person thought she was going to Run up on queen Nicki like how she did them chicks on that show she was on, But the queen was ready for the ich.

    • blaah September 9, 2018

      B**** stfu and stop the illusion of grandeur. Your fave a whole p****, yuh lucky security guard dem held har back cuz a one box inna dat long Pinocchio nose she woulda Get. Nick ain’t pop nothing but pop tart hits, stinkin miserable old wretch.

      • Knotty b September 9, 2018

        And your fave got a whole knot on her forehead ?

      • blaah September 9, 2018

        B**** only thing “knotted” is Spongebob’s womb. 36 year old b**** obsessed with fame that it’s killing her fertility rate. Ha! Cardi is married with child and in the top of the charts under the age of 35. I would be vex if I waan nicholas too. #HateTrainStrong ??

  29. iKE September 9, 2018

    I dont understand how in 2018 with 1080p and 4k we have this footage that looks like it was filming on webcam in 2007 through yahoo messenger.

  30. JENNY September 9, 2018


  31. blaah September 9, 2018

    I love how they edited this bogus article with the Invasion if Privacy plus. Yes y’all better! The more successful, #1 album, most streamed female rap LP of all time too. Whole site is a joke. How tf y’all British based Yet no post about Lady Leshurr new Black madonna video or Stefflon Don? Why? Nicki Payola Nicki payola Nicki payola! The agenda is clear, stop brainwashing people’s minds. Y’all SICK!

    • blaah September 9, 2018

      *Invasion of Privacy plug*

    • Knotty b September 9, 2018

      B**** your the the one that’s brain washed, nicki still the highest selling female rapper now continue to seeth.

      • blaah September 9, 2018

        And guess what? She’ll still be the highest selling female rapper in HELL ? when karma get thru with ha! Sales ain’t s***. Help her coke addiction before Anna Nicole gets ya revenge in the afterlife ????

    • Detruth September 10, 2018

      As much as I visit this ratchet site im shocked a friend in the states put me on lady leshurr and not tgj. She would eat cardi and nicky Alive if she came to the states.

  32. JAQUALA FLETCHER September 9, 2018

    Y’all reaching nicki never touched her or moved from that wall. It’s already been confirmed that security hit her on accident.


    • Knotty b September 9, 2018

      Confirmed by who sis? This video tells another story

      • blaah September 9, 2018

        Retarded b**** who gon dash you in the pits of hell too. Keep spewing the fraud..

      • blaah September 9, 2018

        We gon*

      • Knotty B September 9, 2018

        You ain’t gone do s*** but look ugly behind your screen while writing all your stupid lil comments

      • blaah September 9, 2018

        Burn slow ????

  33. Dma September 9, 2018

    Who cares?
    This is nothing short of an embarrassment.

  34. Dumb H*** September 9, 2018

    That was not Nicki at 7 seconds she was not even in the clip in 7 seconds any more they moved her ass by that time……… Ya’ll blind she never hit swung or connected to cardi I have watched these videos plenty of times.

    • Knotty B September 9, 2018

      Karma gave Cardi that goose so it’s all good.

      • blaah September 9, 2018

        Karma made Nicki whole family f***** up, from arsonists with child rapists to frauds like your fave. Keep replying h**. You gon slit it when we through with u! ??

      • Knotty B September 9, 2018

        That ain’t got s*** to do with Queen Nicki so Try your worst sis i’ll Be here all day ?

      • blaah September 9, 2018

        You need to be streaming #Q**** b**** s*** flopping, shout outs to Invasion of Privacy for being the most streamed female rap album of all time!!! Cardi New lipstick deal with Tom afore too. Can’t find that sh!t in K-Mart either ????

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