Rita Ora Announces New Album ‘Phoenix’ / Reveals Release Date

Published: Tuesday 18th Sep 2018 by Sam

It’s officially time for Rita Ora!

After six long years, the Pop chart-topper has finally announced her sophomore album ‘Phoenix.’

Dive below for details…

In a reveal made moments ago, the 27-year-old unveiled the set’s cover (above) and release date – November 23rd.

Beyond confirming that pre-orders will grant fans early ticket access to a European tour, additional tea wasn’t poured.

It’s safe to assume, though, that the title purposefully draws on Ora’s journey up until this point.

Because juxtaposed with her undeniable success and soaring profile is label drama, legal wrangles, and a period of uncertainty over her music career.

Now, come November, Ms. Ora will be rising through the ashes like the ‘Phoenix’ she is.

‘Phoenix’ Tracklist

1. Anywhere
2. Let You Love Me
3. Only Want You
4. Lonely Together (with Avicii)
5. Your Song
6. First Time High
7. Cashmere
8. For You (with Liam Payne)
9. Summer Love
10. Girls (feat. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX)
11. ***** UNANNOUNCED****
12. Hell of A Life

Deluxe Edition Additions:

13. Velvet Rope
14. Falling to Pieces
15. Goldfinger
16. Soul Survivor


We’re all sorts of buzzed for her and are keen to hear what she’s been cooking up, as well as which tracks will populate the LP.

Your thoughts?

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  1. XAVIER’S CLONE September 18, 2018


    • DanYiel Iman September 18, 2018

      Actually she has a few songs that have been hits!!

      • Yup September 18, 2018

        Shut up biiiitch. She has no hits here in the US.

      • xyz September 18, 2018

        Who cares bout the US? Not like people sell that much there.

      • Buzz Off September 18, 2018

        Exactly ! If you have to Depend on America to get you a #1 hit you’ll stay trying — They don’t like to buy s*** then wanna be calling people Flop!
        They Flop cuz y’all don’t buy $HYT..

  2. DanYiel Iman September 18, 2018

    I like her voice !!

  3. Selah September 18, 2018

    No one cared back in 2011, and no one cares now….

    • i hate whyyyte and blacck bitchezz both not sht September 18, 2018

      holla that hunny

  4. i hate whyyyte and blacck bitchezz both not sht September 18, 2018

    thank God she finally tanned her skin…..she was a ghost like a dead btch . walking dead

  5. Kev Kev September 18, 2018

    So basically a greatest hits from the last 2 years ?

  6. xyz September 18, 2018

    November? And half of this s*** has already been released? Some of it over a year ago? Girl, bye

  7. xedos September 18, 2018

    Has she ever release an album

  8. Theprinceofchaos September 18, 2018

    Lol so 16 more generic songs from this simple ass b****

  9. Yan September 18, 2018

    The audacity of putting these old songs there. GIRL.

  10. Musika September 19, 2018

    So happy that her long-delayed sophomore album is finally arriving. Can’t believe how long she had to wait. What is wrong with the music industry..

  11. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. September 20, 2018

    She waited to long to put her album out. Why put it out after the hype of your songs die out?

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