Christina Aguilera Visits ‘Kelly & Ryan’ / Talks Touring Comeback, Music, & More

Published: Tuesday 9th Oct 2018 by Sam

Christina Aguilera is back on the scene and trumpeting her return with a packed promo schedule.

The songbird nested on the ‘Live With Kelly & Michael’ show this week and chopped it up about her ‘Liberation Tour,’ juggling music and motherhood, and a whole lot more.

Head below to see Xtina spill on her comeback to the stage (after 10 years!) below…

Great interview.

Christina comes across altogether warmer these days and much more endearing.

Having established commendable momentum with this trek, we’d love to see keep the comeback train choo-chooing with more music, shows, and all else in-between.

Tidbit: Check out this 5-minute ovation she received last night at her latest concert:

Your thoughts?

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  1. China October 9, 2018

    She started out so promising….. What a girl wants, I turn to you, so emotional, Mi Reflejo and those beautiful spanish songs. Then Stripped and Loving me 4 me and those vocals. Then she got a BIG HEAD thinking she was Whitney/Mariah –child went straight DOWN HILL. No hits. No sold-out shows. Nasty Attitude. Lack of respect for Fans. Harsh vocals. Singing at Funerals while coming undone. She fell off. Still a presence but now viewed as old school without a Iconic Career and stable of Iconic hits.

    • No name October 9, 2018

      All her shows are sold out btw
      I see u under every post bashing her I hope you get a life loser!
      Stop your sick obsession and go hate somewhere else
      She’s a legend and your words will not discredit or take away nothing from her

    • Fancy BISH October 9, 2018

      “Singing at funerals while coming undone.” -China
      ? ? ? ?

  2. Achooo! October 9, 2018

    Good Interview. Christina is kinda unlikable and she look terrible in the interview. She look like a old mother trying to look young to compete with her young daughters

  3. DanYiel Iman October 9, 2018

    She’s doing what she loves to do & making those funds!! Can’t be mad at her!!??

  4. King 5 October 9, 2018

    That tour is horrid , the stage, costumes, lighting just awful .. the vocals aren’t great either. Mariah’s vocals of later are better than Christina’s .. even her tour set list, it shows she has no amazing hits or classics .. I guess beautiful is her classic song but that’s it.. maybe maroon 5 or pitbull can giver her another hit

    • No name October 9, 2018

      Lolllllll u wish ur fav can do what’s she doing at her tour vocally and artistically
      Go get them coins queen X

  5. Lake Erie October 9, 2018

    She hasn’t look the same in years. I love her old music though.

  6. No name October 9, 2018

    Legend and an icon
    Wish she’s does more TV tho 🙁

  7. Jujumanji October 9, 2018

    Isn’t it live with Kelly and Ryan? Michael been left.

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