Listen: Christina Aguilera Reveals She Believes Perez Hilton Sabotaged ‘Bionic’

Published: Thursday 11th Oct 2018 by Rashad

Christina Aguilera‘s been letting it all out of the bag since she’s been in promo mode for ‘The Liberation Tour,’ her first trek in a decade developed in support of her 6th studio effort, ‘Liberation.’

Already turning heads for her recent comments about that infamous 2003 MTV VMA kiss with Britney Spears and Madonna that had her feeling left out (click here to read), now her stroll down memory lane has her reflecting on another injustice in her career:  the failure of her fourth album, ‘Bionic.’

Featuring the moderate top 30 hit, ‘Not Myself Tonight,’ and its critically acclaimed follow-up, ‘You Lost Me,’ the project was undone by rumors of plagiarism of and feuding with then-rising pop star Lady Gaga as well as other “sabotage” Xtina believes was the doing of celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

Taking to “Radio Andy” (hosted by Andy Cohen), hear what Miss Aguilera had to say about the incident:

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  1. DanYiel Iman October 12, 2018

    I stated that as well!!

  2. Meme October 12, 2018

    It’s so funny because no one talked about Xtina and Madonnas kiss…they only talked about Britney and Madonna’s kiss. Lolol.

    • No name October 12, 2018

      What does this have to do with the above topic???? Some people are ignorant and proud of it!
      FYI they didn’t talk about the kiss because MTV cut her kiss with Madonna to show Justin reaction
      Nice try!

  3. Clayne October 12, 2018

    I mean… no lies detected BUT people have minds of their own

  4. Tori October 12, 2018

    Maybe he did, but it still was good so… I mean the video for “Not Myself Tonight”, GIRL! And if Nicki couldn’t help you IN HER PRIME, it was you.

    • BOTH Jasmine (The Original Princess) October 12, 2018

      Except she wasn’t in her prime back then ?‍♂️ Super bass didn’t happen yet

    • mr.m October 12, 2018

      nicki in her prime??????
      no body knows who she was!! her first album wasn’t even released
      SO, THANKS TO XTINA for giving her to blessing for working with her

      • Caleb October 12, 2018

        Nah she was definitely being featured on everyone’s songs already. “My Chick Bad” and “Bedrock” had already happened.

  5. Abel October 12, 2018

    They give so much credit and relevance to that talentless b**** Perez

    • Francis October 12, 2018

      Unfortunately, he had that power back in the day. I remember he bashed Christina everyday and created her feud with Lady GaGa.

      GaGa tweeted once, apologizing to X-Tina for this.

  6. mr.m October 12, 2018

    bionic could’ve been one of the biggest pop records
    perez, gaga’s team, interscope… etc are responsible for it’s failure and sabotage xtina’s career.. Gaga would NOT be famous without xtina comparison which started back in 2008 vma’s.. they used her for fame gaga got bigger and bigger… and continue doing so that until 2010.. sad but true.

    • No name October 12, 2018

      The things people do behind the scenes are scary and unbelievable
      But hey! Karma is a bish!

  7. BYISI October 12, 2018

    So what’s her excuse for lotus and the other flop album she released recently? Why does this matter in 2018? Perez doesn’t have that much power and Christina was already past her prime commercially by the time bionic came out. Let’s not act like back to basics didn’t under perform compared to stripped. Especially being released in the era it was released in.
    Christina fans don’t seem to understand that not everyone is into her, by 2010 she had been on the decline. Perez didn’t force people not to listen to or buy her crappy music, the music itself did. Which is why in 2018 years after she’s still struggling to sell records. Mr.M shut your retared self up and stop being delusional.

  8. China October 12, 2018

    I liked the video and you lost me….but WITHOUT SOUL……NO ONE FEELS HER. POP/RNB IS HER LANE……..SHE FORGOT THAT WHICH = FLOP

  9. No name October 12, 2018

    Perez admitted time and again on a new video also blaming Gaga which’s partially true
    I hope he got what he deserved
    What goes around comes back around

  10. JOHNVIDAL October 12, 2018

    Look these type of things also happened to many other people on mainstream, the difference is that with perseverance and guts (and real talent) some of them are still able to COME BACK and shut down the haters after huge hate campaigns. Mariah Carey is a big example. Lady GAGA herself is another example, she has prevailed against all odds. Sadly for Xtina she was not strong enough to do such come back. Or maybe she is not versatile enough. I don´t know.

  11. Theman October 12, 2018

    He wasn’t that powerful. Christina would just stop promoting her projects too. But he definitely swayed some things. This behind the scenes crap is something..

  12. Carl October 13, 2018

    I adore Gaga and purchased the album BUT it didn’t meet the bar that she set with ‘Stripped’ and ‘Back to Basics’.

    Perez doesn’t have the influence to f**k up someone’s album sales.

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