Nicki Minaj Slams Cardi B On Queen Radio: “Rah Beat Her Hard”

Published: Monday 29th Oct 2018 by Sam

The fiery drama between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B shows no sign of quelling.

Yesterday saw Cardi’s sister Hennessy accuse Onika of inciting her fans to commit hateful acts, including leaking her personal information and threatening death on niece Kulture.

Never one to hold her tongue, Nicki took to her Queen Radio to clapback.

Details below…

The episode is on-going as we type, but notables include:

  • Nicki says it was reality personality Rah Ali who beat Cardi at the Harper’s Bazaar gala – not security. Per Onika, “Rah beat her hard.” She claims there’s CCTV footage that’ll support this.
  • She asserts that Cardi is lying about what happened to save face and she ought to “control your sister.”
  • She relayed a hotel encounter when Cardi confronted her about a verse she thought was about her. The end result saw Offset (the featured act) not appear in the video out of loyalty.
  • She added: “You wanted me on your second single …now you’re all lovey-dovey with those girls. Why didn’t you ask Remy and Kim to be on your single?”

Take a listen here….

Your thoughts?

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  1. XYZ October 29, 2018

    She is so immature at 45. damn, nicki. You‘re talented and successful, just stop being so bitter.

    It really makes her unlikeable.

    • whhhewchil123 October 29, 2018

      Do you intend to die before 45? what is wrong with growing older it is a privelge denied to many…. she is a multi -millionaire age shaming is very dumb. Coz we all grow older should we be priveleged enough to cardi is a dumb industry pawwn to try n destroy the black queen at the top of hip hop cardi wont last coz shes a hood rat

      • XYZ October 29, 2018

        But Nicki gets on her level, instead of being more mature. I never said that aging is bad, it’s actually a good thing. I just think she acts way too immature for her age. As you said, she is a multi-millionaire with a lot of successful. But then she should behave as such. She is ten years into her career and is still doing her thing, but objectively she looks so afraid of a newcomer. Personally, I just wish she wouldn’t get beneath her supposed level like that. You want to be a queen? Behave like one.

    • N/A October 29, 2018

      Lol Bitter?

    • China October 29, 2018

      Girl. But Cardi still Stacking Number 1’s…..She Bad is waiting in the wings to be the NEXT huge hit. Money corny. SHE BAD is the hit.

      • Grace October 29, 2018

        Lol she ain’t canceled she’s still doing just as she always has

    • Fancy BISH October 29, 2018

      Exactly! Nicki is cancelled! I’m glad I’ve never bought ONE DAMN SINGLE OR ALBUM from this plastic stank bish! The only Nicki I have is the songs she’s on like on Take Care and MBDTF…other than that, this heffa can kick pure rocks! Oh, and I’ve never bought a concert ticket or her BUM ASSS K-MART CREATIONS either lol ? #DONELI #BUMLI

      • Beam Me Up Scotty October 29, 2018

        @Fancy BISH so because you don’t like Nicki no one else should or she is cancelled? It’s wonderful that you feel like you have an opinion, but realize it’s just that, an opinion. Nicki Minaj is far from over and the fact that you continue to negatively comment on every single post about her shows you care some kind of way about her, and that’s all it takes to keep someone relevant.

      • Fancy BISH October 29, 2018

        @Beam of course you can like her!

  2. HonestTho October 29, 2018

    Damn it all makes sense now! I stopped supporting Cardi after it came to light that she calls back women roaches and referred to a black woman’s dead baby as a monkey.

    • DanYiel Iman October 29, 2018

      Especially since the woman who called her every negative thing in the book and she said what she said due to that woman’s rude comments towards her!!???

    • blaaah October 29, 2018

      That`s great! I stopped supporting st nick the c00n after she used a whole racist white man`s words `these nappy headed h*** need a perminator`

    • Caleb October 30, 2018

      You are a hypocrite because Nicki Don Imus Minaj has said even worse about Black women in her songs and it didn’t have to “come to light” because she was proud of it.

  3. DanYiel Iman October 29, 2018

    Oh please it’s Funny Muhammad Rah Ali beat Cardi B yet couldn’t get any of those so called punches off on Skyy on Black Ink & Cardi B is a fighter for sure so I doubt any of this speech Nicki McFraud is giving!!?”Bzzz”?

    • Achooo! October 29, 2018


    • Messy juneberries October 29, 2018

      And caRni all over YouTube getting her ass beat so what

  4. #TeamTinashe Stan October 29, 2018

    Thanks, Nicki!!!!
    Now Cardi can show those CCTV evidence that will help to get your friend RahMeat in prison.
    HASHTAG: #QueenNickitotheRescue

    As we speak, Nicki’s new album is out of the charts while “Invasion of Privacy” is still thriving. The crown has shifted!

    • whhhewchil123 October 29, 2018

      no darling as cardi approached them to fight its simply self-defense or at the most affray public disorder whereby both cardi and rah could be given suspended sentences.

      • #TeamTinashe Stan October 29, 2018

        No she didnt.
        Nicki just said that her and Cardi was talking and RahMeat thought Cardi was gonna fight her and she hit her first a few times.

    • Beam Me Up Scotty October 29, 2018

      “Queen” is still charting on billboard, so I don’t know what charts you’re looking at. Also, you getting brave being a Tinashe stan. Tinashe career is basically over. You should be happy the Queen called her pretty in “Fefe” because that’s how relevant Tinashe is – just a pretty flop a s s.

      • #TeamTinashe Stan October 29, 2018

        Uhh… no it’s not.
        “Queen” & “Joyride” are together having a Party outside of the Billboard 200 on iTunes as we speak, Da’Quanda

  5. Moe October 29, 2018

    Who is RAH?

    • The Truth October 29, 2018

      I was thinking the same thing lol

    • Messy juneberries October 29, 2018

      She the woman that gave knots her most recent hit.. ????

  6. BuzzOff October 29, 2018

    I Really Don’t care to hear what Nicki Has to say.. Because when she had to be a little big girl and fight her own balttles ..this crazy B1tch run to hide behind a wall, and pretend like all that happen didn’t had anything to do with her.. Is that What A Queen Does?? Then Girl idk
    So nothing she could tell me and the rest of us.. don’t matter anymore she lost her Thrown.. Give it up – Get Married and go have some Kids..

    • Messy juneberries October 29, 2018

      You just mad that caRni got her flat fake ass beat. That knot pic is the most shard pic of her

    • Bettie Clayton October 29, 2018

      All you losey hosQUEEN NIKI.

  7. Jasmine (The Original Princess) October 29, 2018

    That’s what happens when your music is flopping…you become a radio host. ?‍♂️

    • Messy juneberries October 29, 2018

      All hers songs that have even released plaques. What do you have?

      • Jasmine (The Original Princess) October 29, 2018

        Lol…call me when she finally reaches that no 1 on bb it gets a Grammy after a decade of trying. LMFAO flop!

    • Meme October 29, 2018


  8. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️B October 29, 2018

    So Nicki is a radio host now huh? Interesting. This is really sad to watch, she truly is having a mid-life crisis #PrayForOlGirl

    • Messy juneberries October 29, 2018

      She got a job tho a number 1 radio show and all her albums platinum. What do you do besides fail at trolling on a blog?

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️B October 29, 2018

        Well good for her, I’m glad her radio show is number 1. That’s really awesome. I’m sure that makes up for the fact she doesn’t have a number 1 song ever, or hasn’t had a number 1 album I’m almost a decade. Kudos to her Wendy Williams tea

  9. MusicJunkiee October 29, 2018

    The Nicki Hate Is Real ! Cardi said she had receipts ‘ which we still haven’t seen ! The story makes sense now . If u have been following from the beginning. That sympathy s*** cardi uses is old now ‘ so they are coming up with other tacits ! The queen of rap period! No other jas done what she has & this amount of time ‘ giver her props

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️B October 29, 2018

      ****looks at the charts**** SORRY GIRL, Maury Povich looked at the top of the charts and confirmed, that’s a LIE ?

      • Messy juneberries October 29, 2018

        We all know the reson that song is at the top isn’t because of carni 1, 2 skip a few sub par rap

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️B October 29, 2018

        @Messy you don’t know anything EXCEPT that it’s sitting on top of the chart s for like 9 weeks now. ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

  10. 2BAD2BME October 29, 2018


    • Messy juneberries October 29, 2018

      You’re dumb, The video didn’t show s*** you could barely see anything

  11. B2B October 29, 2018

    Cardi got 3 number 1 hits non as successful as Superbass. Don’t let they hype fool you. Many of your faves charted Superbass but hardly any outsold. Rihanna for example has a shitload of #1 hits… how many outsold Superbass? A song that never went #1. Smoke and mirrors.

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️B October 29, 2018

      Nobody has talked about Superbass since the year it came out. It’s Ester Dean fad came and went and is no longer going to ever be brought up, like all of Nickis mcMusic. Lol who talks about superbass? NOBODY

      • Messy juneberries October 29, 2018

        The fact that super base out sold all of cardi’s number 1’s sad

      • B2B October 29, 2018

        They don’t have to talk about h**. Talk is cheap, people bought it and have continued to do so over the years. Hence why it has sold ten million copies something Cardi will never do.

    • Bianca October 29, 2018

      superbass was successful cuz it was pop not rap. cardi’s first #1 was straight rap.

      • Grace October 29, 2018

        She still out rapped and outsold lardi pee on a pop song ☕️

      • B2B October 29, 2018

        Haha Superbass only successsful cuz it’s pop? Cardi only successful because of sympathy and offset/Migos being on right now? No matter the rhyme or reason, Superbass is the most successful song by female rapper. Period. Also, I like it was only successful because of the Hispanic collaborators.

    • Caleb October 29, 2018

      Bodak Yellow was bigger than any Nicki song ever and that’s just a fact.

  12. Lol October 29, 2018

    She’s literally the only person still talking about this lol

    • Messy juneberries October 29, 2018

      But wasn’t vodka or whatever carni sister name is talking about it last night

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️B October 29, 2018

        Cardi’s sister is a 22 sister of a superstar. Nobody cares what she’s saying she’s not the star. The fact that nicki is almost 20 years older then her and responding shows how botheredT She is.

      • Messy juneberries October 29, 2018

        I don’t care how old bottle of vodka is, if she can fix her mouth to speak on the Queen the she deserves the lashing that follow

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️B October 29, 2018

        Like I said, nicki is bothered by someone 20 years younger than her who’s not even relevant to her career and she’s on the losing side of the stick at that

  13. kiki October 29, 2018

    Old lady still complaining!

    hahaha this is just sad! LIke Shut up yo!

    How she beat her ass and all she had was a knot!\

    Liying dumb ass bitter old lady`

    • Messy juneberries October 29, 2018

      You damn right she still complaining, call her old or whatever you want to. Fardi and her d*** sister vodka the ones that keep bringing Nicki and her fans up they obviously still want the smoke ?

  14. Max Bilk October 29, 2018

    I do love me sum nicki Minaj but on the real whyyyyyy is she so pressed about Cardi?? Out of both female MCs that done called her out n dissed her she picks on the rookie of the team. Like doesn’t this look or feel familiar to her?? Women get it together cause while these male MCs winning, your making each other look bad and to faced. Maybe she should leave Queen radio be. It’s making her look bad in away like now. These wishy washy fans ain’t no better half of y’all wasnt even f****** wit nicki half the time making the same claims when she and Kim was at it…FAKE ASSES!!

    • Max Bilk October 29, 2018

      Mad cause cardi climing the charts consistently. Instead of all this hatred towards one another, y’all female MCs could have done a remake of ladies night and did a female MC tour. Y’all females could be making bank, money moves. Like get it the f*** together. This beefing s*** is decades old bury the f****** hatchet.

  15. Max Bilk October 29, 2018

    Rah on the other hand, get a f****** hobby sis! you using other people’s platforms to make yourself known bish was never f****** wit nicki hard until an opportunity came along. Bish if u can switch up on your “bestfriend” Remy, what the hell make u think Nicki f****** wit u heavy. She using you like a dog cause she know u bark n attack. Nicki will take u back to the pound n leave u when she’s done sis.

  16. Cam917 October 29, 2018

    Oh lord at this point just throw Nicki away. Cardi and Hennessy are 22 and 26 and you beefing with folks 10 + years younger than you. Secondly why is she not addressing the stuff cardi is accusing her of? She always speaks on something else. I used to like her and wanted to like both of them but she seems like she is really upset and pressed. Smh. And hanging with bad built Rah Ali is even worse. Smh

    • Fancy BISH October 29, 2018

      The Rah Ali shade was just perfect lol ?

  17. Beam Me Up Scotty October 29, 2018

    She is only addressing this stuff because Cardi and her sister keep bringing it up. Nicki has the right to defend herself regardless of her age.

  18. Caleb October 29, 2018

    If Rah beat her there would’ve been evidence and she would’ve been arrested that night. All she did was make a lot of noise while Nicki said “I’m staying right here!”

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