Nicki Minaj Unleashes Tear-Filled Trailer For ‘Queen – The Documentary’

Published: Tuesday 2nd Oct 2018 by Sam

Nicki Minaj unleashed the ‘Queen’ album this summer and is looking to extend its life-cycle with a like-titled documentary.

Teased in earnest prior to the LP’s release, it appears it’s all systems go for the doc. For, Onika has just shared a trailer.

In a series of candid scenes, the rapper tearfully reflects on the abuse she witnessed growing up, as well as the negative impact an “individual” had on her self-esteem.

Check out the clips below…

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#Queen The documentary – Coming Soon

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#Queen The Documentary Coming Soon [Pt. 2]

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Rather than the social media antics, this would have been a great component leading up to the release ‘Queen.’

In any case, better late than not.

It seems as though this’ll showcase a difference side to Nicki and the timing is oh so apt.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️B October 2, 2018

    Lmfao Ohhhh #DoneLi ??????

  2. Queen Missy ?? October 2, 2018

    Girl bye

    • King of King’s October 2, 2018

      F*** OFF

      • Queen Missy ?? October 3, 2018

        Eat a pound of my balls. Broke b****.

  3. DC October 2, 2018

    Won’t help them
    Tired sales ??

    • Queen Missy ?? October 2, 2018

      Jester is waddling down the charts ???

    • King of King’s October 2, 2018

      Sales are doing just fine almost platnium so STFU

      • Queen Missy ?? October 3, 2018

        Lol is that what y’all broke b****** call flops?

  4. Me again October 2, 2018

    When your albums flops…

    *Lil Wayne (Young Money) 460-480k Total Activity, 135-145k Albums
    *Cher (Warner Bros.) 150-160k, 142-152k
    *Logic (Def Jam) 145-155k, 105-115k
    *Kevin Gates (Bread Winners’ Association) 73-78k, 18-20k
    Drake (YMCMB/Republic) 57-62k, 2-3k
    Eminem (Shady/Aftermath/Interscope) 51-56k, 17-19k
    Travis Scott (Cactus Jack/Grand Hustle/Epic) 47-52k, <1k
    Post Malone (Republic) 39-43k, 2-3k
    *Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (Warner Bros.) 33-36k, 31-34k
    Juice WRLD (Grade A/Interscope) 32-35k, <1k
    Ariana Grande (Republic) 31-34k, 4-5k
    XXXTentacion (Bad Vibes Forever) 28-31k, 1-2k
    Nicki Minaj (YMCMB/Republic) 27-30k, 1-2k
    Cardi B (Atlantic) 25-28k, <1k
    Young Thug (Atlantic) 23-26k, 2-3k
    6lack (LVRN/Interscope) 22-25k, 1-2k
    Lauren Daigle (Centricity) 22-25k, 11-13k
    The Greatest Showman (Atlantic) 22-25k, 11-13k
    Carrie Underwood (Capitol Nashville) 21-24k, 16-18k
    YoungBoy Never Broke Again (Never Broke Again) 19-22k, <1k

    • Caleb October 2, 2018

      Wow @ Cher’s Sales ? higher than a lot of new age girls and even higher than Madonna’s and Janet’s last album debuts. How did this happen?

      • The Wig Snatcher October 2, 2018

        Cher’s fan base is filled with white gay men with money who do coke and meth recreationally.

      • Caleb October 3, 2018

        That may be true wig snatcher but her albums don’t usually do this well do they?

    • King of King’s October 2, 2018

      ?who’s album is flopping ? Ppl love to toss that word around but clearly don’t know what a flop is. Queen has been in the top 10 since it came out & just slipped to 13 this week & we back in top ten next week when some of these new releases like Cher freefall down the chart. Queen is almost eligible for Platnium status so chill with the fake news

    • The Wig Snatcher October 2, 2018

      Cardi’s album is almost six months old and it currently neck and neck in sales and airplay as Nicki’s almost two month old album. Another L for Nicki and her bum ass Black sisssssy stans…lol

      Thank God I’ve been team Cardi since day one.

      • King of King’s October 2, 2018

        B**** that’s Cardi just got a spike in streaming due to her performing at the global citizen event over the weekend. Nicki ain’t did promo in weeks so kill it. Why are the pure sales neck and neck tho ya b**** Cardi came out several months ago tho huh ?

      • The Wig Snatcher October 2, 2018

        Don’t be mad at Cardi for making BETTER music that MORE PEOPLE LIKE than HOnika’s ENTIRE discography. Don’t forget that your “Queen” has a very popular INTERNET radio show (according to her). Cardi’s fan are buying her music. Nicki has had her (dwindling) fan base for TEN YEARS, sis. Why are y’all too broke to buy her album and tour tickets??? Keep it buck, sis.

      • King of King’s October 3, 2018

        Ain’t nobody buying Cardi’s s*** they’re streaming it. Nicki has sold more pure sale period. Her radio show is #1 that’s straight from apple. Cardi is not making better music she’s making trap, ratchet, twerk music with the same tired ass flow. B**** can’t even write a sentence let alone a lyric

  5. evelynm.woods October 2, 2018

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  6. Carlos October 2, 2018

    Everyone goes to struggles but until she rights her wrongs in the female hip hop scene. She still won’t get respect because she is 2face and fake. She expecting a pity party to come and like her. No! Sorry not sorry. She wants sympathy crying wolf. But she has no problem stepping on females but becomes p***y when people clap back.
    And she eggs on her fans to discredit others just so nicki can be the only one on top and succeeding.

    • Carlos October 2, 2018


    • Ri Ri October 2, 2018

      She do what she do for her fans. I really don’t think she gives a damn about how the rest of y’all feel about her. Y’all sure do be keeping up with what she’s doing though.

    • King of King’s October 2, 2018

      STFU she has props & respect & acknowledged all the woman who came before her when she first came out from Kim, Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill, Foxy Brown & Remy Ma & Salt & Pepper. Not to mention she showed Cardi B genuine love when she first came out & agreed to do a song with her. She tried doing a song with Remy when she first got out of jail & Remy declined so kill the hate s***

  7. The Wig Snatcher October 2, 2018

    The documentary will be forever shelved, baby Kulture will get all the blame. Another L in a row for Nicki and her Black gay sissssies!!!

    • King of King’s October 2, 2018

      The only sissy here is you take yo ass to church & pray that hate in ya heart away. Ain’t nobody blamed no baby for s***. She said Kylie post a picture of her and her baby telling her 143 million followers to go buy a tour pass which came with an album. Nicki was already predicted to go #1 after those predictions came out Travis hopped on Twitter telling ppl to send they cash app with his lyrics & he would send out over $100k so u might not like her but she told no lies.

      • The Wig Snatcher October 2, 2018

        Before you ATTEMPT to read, sis, learn to comprehend the text you read before you show your illiteracy. Nicki blamed a baby (in addition to other people) instead of her broke asss Black gay sissies who stan for her but are unable to buy a single copy of her music or a single concert ticket because y’all spend too much time defending her. You’re a loser and stan for a loser. Case closed. You and your HOnika HIVe fellow stans can sit on a chapped dîck. Sweet dreams.

  8. DanYiel Iman October 2, 2018

    Nicki McFraud your entire career has been based off the life of Lil’Kim I stand by that statement & forever will state that!! ??‍♂️ ?”Bzzz”?

    • Ri Ri October 2, 2018

      As if she cares about what you say.

    • King of King’s October 2, 2018

      Funny I don’t recall Nicki be a sideline h** f****** & sucking no big fat ugky cockeyed n**** & only having one flow

      • Justafan October 2, 2018

        Yet Onika sampled that very person for her latest flop you’re bagging

      • Jasmine (The Original Princess) October 3, 2018 she didn’t give up the ass to birdman, Wayne and drakeesha and god knows who else ?‍♂️?

  9. Sza October 2, 2018

    Typical Onika, when nobody feeling your isht; CRY. Cry them crocodile tears until people start feeling bad for you and buy your music. Pathetic. This is worse than that time she cried when Cardi B paid her dust. This is looking really desperate, “I’ve been through a lot, i had a isht life hence why I’m such a vile piece of trash” No. Not gonna work with me.

    • Ri Ri October 2, 2018

      Y’all act as if she doing this for y’all. If you’re not a fan I really don’t think she’s banking on you watching her documentary. Although her haters watch her every move more than her fans do. She has done documentaries for all her albums. Y’all acting like this is something new.

    • King of King’s October 2, 2018

      The only vile piece of s*** is Cardi which is why they gonna lock her ass up & sponsors are not gonna wanna work with her. Ya’ll hate on any & everything she do. She showed that girl love & agreed to do a song with her & it’s still not enough for ya’ll. The album has been selling just fine.

      • Clive Christian October 2, 2018

        Showed her love ? R u out of your simple mind chile!? subliminally dissing her in ALL her shyte songs and on motorsport is not showing love! U nicki fans r really the stupidest people I ever came across seriously.

      • Caleb October 3, 2018

        Cardi called her a legend and praised her in interviews, yet Nicki still cried about her “not showing genuine love” and said “she should be grateful for being able to do a song with Nicki Minaj!” Even though she was asked to be on the song by the Migos not her.

  10. Ri Ri October 2, 2018

    She said she was doing a documentary before her album even came out. It suppose to show what she was up to leading up to the album. It was filmed before the album’s release.

  11. Liam October 2, 2018

    She did theatre art so I can never tell when she is being genuine #noshade I still use a couple of hardcore raps tho

  12. A&R October 2, 2018

    But can she put this into music form? The day that happens she would legit become top three rapper of all time. Her content suffered but she has skill. Less drama more realness

    • Clive Christian October 2, 2018

      Top 3 rappers of all time? TF U smoking? ? nicki gay fans need to never give their opinion on rap music ever.

  13. Justafan October 2, 2018

    We ain’t got time for dat

  14. Slave4u October 2, 2018

    Says the woman who stated “cardi b built her career off sympathy” #doneLi

  15. October 2, 2018

    I knew this post was going to be filled with the typical roaches, get the raid.

  16. SillyHoe October 3, 2018

    That b**** is smart, she knows how to melt minds and I’m pretty sure it will work.

  17. KIKI October 4, 2018



    karma, SORRY NOT SORRY!


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