Spice Stuns Fans With Inspiring Colorisim Publicity Stunt

Published: Tuesday 23rd Oct 2018 by David

The Dancehall icon Spice broke the internet yesterday when she unveiled her “new look” to confused fans on Instagram.

Sporting white skin and a blonde wig, the performer led supporters to believe that she had undergone a horrific bleaching process to destroy her G0d-given melanin.

Fortunately, it was nothing more than a publicity stunt to start a healthy conversation about self-hatred within the black community.

“I was always made to feel inferior.”

The name of her track? ‘Black Hypocrisy.’

Full story below…

The song now sits atop iTunes’ Reggae Chart.

What do you make of her epic conversation starter?

Share your thoughts below…

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  1. DanYiel Iman October 23, 2018

    I actually like the song ?…

    • RihNaj October 23, 2018


  2. China October 23, 2018

    It’s true. TRUE. Dark skin latinos want to be LIGHT. Darker Skin Girls ALWAYS hate on the Halle Berry/Mariah Skin tones. ALWAYS. The dark skin culture WILL SWEAR ITS NOT TRUE…..BUT TRUST. IT’S TRUE. WHY? WHITE PEOPLE as usual – from slavery have ADORED THE LIGHT SKIN/MIXED PERSON OF COLOR. They were made to FEEL superior to there Dark Skin kinship. Sad but true

    • Yes October 23, 2018

      That chip on your shoulder will always cause hatred inside of you. I pity you.

    • ??? October 23, 2018

      lmaoooo gurl sit, light skinned blacks were out in the fields picking cotton and getting r**** and lynched by massa right along with the dark skinned ones. sit down and shut up chile lmfaoooooo

    • Thelies October 23, 2018

      Yes white people are always the problem even
      Though we sold ourselves into slavery. You are gross

  3. Achooo! October 23, 2018

    Yes, self hate runs deep in the black community. I blame whites 100% for making everyone live and be judge according to there standard of beauty. Many don’t understand colorism and racism is a man concept to divide and conquer. Fact: Dark skinned blacks are the creator of ALL races. ALL races have black DNA running through there veins whether they want to admit or not. As I confess before my parents are dark skinned Africans that gave birth to white skin, blonde hair, ice blue eyed child that is me. According to America, I’m a gorgeous white woman even though I’m genetically black. I can write a book on my experiences. In Africa, I’m a walking death sentence and in America I’m a queen that has benefited from white privileged but it’s very sad. I was officially casted as a Housewife a few years back but once I reveal my parents I was deemed too “real” and too “controversial ” for the public to understand. I was erase and scrubbed off the series. I can write a book. I’m glad Spice is showing the hypocrisy.

    • Yes October 23, 2018

      America is mostly white, so of course its gonna cater to white people more, so if that’s what you see as white privilege is.. Is there white privilege in Jamaica? No, because, its not a white dominated country.
      Does Jamaica cater to white people more? No.. Because its largely black.
      How are white people making people change? Whats wrong with blue eyes and bonce hair? Why should white people feel ashamed about liking these features?

      • SMH October 23, 2018

        They should feel ashamed of those features because they’ve been forcing their standards of what is beautiful on every other race and making them ashamed of their natural features, that’s why.

      • Yes October 23, 2018

        How are they forcing on what beauty standards are exactly? By promoting it to a white dominated county such as America? How’s that wrong

    • Thelies October 23, 2018


  4. Gurl Bye! October 23, 2018

    Another story line for LHHATL???

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