Taylor Swift Has Broken Whitney Houston’s Record As the #AMAs Most Awarded Female

Published: Tuesday 9th Oct 2018 by Rashad

‘Look What You Made Me Do’ has taken on a new meaning as Taylor Swift fans, affectionately called #Swifties, are currently rejoicing at news they helped their favorite singer surpass a previously thought untouchable record.

Whitney Houston, celebrated as the Queen of the American Music Awards for her owning a career-earned total of 22 of the coveted trophies, was unseated tonight as Swift nabbed 3 awards for efforts related to her sixth studio album, ‘Reputation.’

Going home with ‘Tour of the Year,’ ‘Pop/Rock Album of the Year,’ and ‘Artist of the Year’ honors…

…the wins gave the country pop star a career total of 23 trophies, thereby making her the award show’s most decorated female in history.  King of Pop Michael Jackson remains the #AMAs most decorated artist overall with 25 wins to his name.


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  1. Ughhh October 9, 2018

    Yet she can’t hit a note

    • Keith October 9, 2018

      Well, that much is true LOL…but congrats to the Swifties. Hopefully, they will follow her call to vote on November 6!!!!

    • Bettie clayton October 10, 2018

      All they gotta do is jump on the old black band wagon like the fake kardasian,Wack cardi notty b. Stop it black folk. Only 2 queens BEY NIKI.

    • China October 10, 2018

      Whitney/Aretha/Mariah/Celine: Icons. Taylor Swift SHOULD NEVER BE MENTIONED IN THE SAME SENTENCE. EVER.

      • Yes October 10, 2018

        You’re right, cause Taylor Swift has more AMAs then any of those artists. Taylor is on a whole new level now.

      • JOHNVIDAL October 10, 2018

        Don´t worry, Taylor won´t ever be remembered in the same terms people will remember those monumental talents. She´ll be more like Britney Spears or something 🙂

  2. Antincia foster October 9, 2018


  3. Mark111 October 9, 2018

    Records are meant to be broken. It’s a new age, the legends had their time and are still greats.

    • DanYiel Iman October 9, 2018

      That’s funny because Ri-Whine-A is newer still with flat alto tones…??‍♂️

      • Mine October 10, 2018

        B****** stfu and come up with something new. Wtf is a Ri-Whine A? She stays in your diiick sucking mouth. Go wash your pussssy h0£!

      • ??? October 10, 2018

        lmaooo but that goat screetching roach you stan couldnt even get the AMA’s Icon award like rihanna did tho lmfaoooo

  4. Jasmine (The Original Princess) October 9, 2018

    A sad day for humanity

  5. DanYiel Iman October 9, 2018

    I still don’t take her music seriously..??‍♂️

    • China October 10, 2018

      She is a “REAL” woman, no matter how flat-chested. You hate women because you CANT BE ONE RIGHT? THOUGHT SO.

      • Cbeylive October 10, 2018

        Aren’t you a man?

  6. Yes October 10, 2018


  7. Rosemary R. Peters October 10, 2018

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  8. Kosher October 10, 2018

    Kudos to her and I don’t necessarily think this makes her “better” than others who may not have acheived the same feat.

    Call me weird, but I have a feeling she knew she was going to win and break the record. Hence why she gifted them with a performance. All night they kept emphasizing “if she wins x amount she will break the record” almost like it was the build up to the ultimate final “artist of the year” award. Maybe it’s just me.

  9. JOHNVIDAL October 10, 2018

    Such a pity because Whitney´s were due to the real monumental phenomenon that happens when the world sees an undeniable and irreplaceable talent in front of its eyes. Not to mention she has competition back then. Now these awards, apart from not having any relevance or credit, are given to the same people always cause tehre´s almost zero competition in mainstream supported by the labels. I´d say one of the most consistent stars of these last years is Lana del Rey for example. Is she ever going to be in these awards? No, she´s supposed to be indie. These days to find quality and competition you have to go way out of mainstream to find a good amount of examples. Back in the day you had enough with only mainstream artists. So the few big mainstream ones like Taylor have it so easy. Just like it has happened with Billboard singles charts for example. Which nobody respects anymore.

  10. @Nate October 10, 2018

    A blantant sign of just how basic these times are. Whitney had a lot of haters then, winning all those awards. One thing they couldnt deny, was when Whitney hit the stage she made everyone look amature. Thats why she deserved to break records. What does Taylor do to break records? Flaunt basicness.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 11, 2018

      Yes basicness has been sadly rewarded in mainstream this last decade: Beyonce with so many grammys, Taylor Swift having a musical career, Rihanna being kind of the manufactured it girl… tremendously low standards.

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