Tina Turner Reveals She Almost Didn’t Record ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’

Published: Monday 15th Oct 2018 by David

Tina Turner has revealed that she almost didn’t record her first solo #1 single ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’ because she disliked its original demo version.

‘Love’ was handed to Tina as she mapped out her career comeback following her departure from the monstrous Ike Turner and almost was almost cast off as a reject before she hit the studio to record it.

Her fascinating admission below…


‘Love’ appeared on the album ‘Private Dancer’ and earned three Grammys for the artist and her collaborators Graham Lyle and Terry Britten.

Fun fact: The single was originally offered to Phyllis Hyman who was asked not to record it by her boss Clive Davis.

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  1. Casual October 15, 2018

    This is a great interview. Tina Turner’s had some rough years of late. I didn’t know about her health challenges until recently.

    So many artists have said they didn’t initially like their biggest hits. Sometimes, you have to get out of your own way.

    • Theelusive1 on IG October 15, 2018

      WHY DIDNT TINA HIRE BLACK PEOPLE??? Because she WANTS TO BE WHITE. No one got the memo

      • Stan Police October 15, 2018


        White people were the ones who picked her up and gave her another chance. Wasn’t no black people trying to help an almost 40 year old Tina. She had enough of us n***** PERIODT!!!! LOL

      • me October 16, 2018

        Well, when you have a black man beating your a*** every chance he gets and have your black family and friends telling you to put up with it so they can benefit from your beatings. Their is no wonder she ended up with who she did. Love is love and if she if happy what is it to you? Tina was making BLACK music before you was born.

  2. Dev October 15, 2018

    Tina is just ICONiC and we (black people) need to giver her, her flowers before she passes and people are all excited for a tribute and who should be singing.

    Saying that, Ms Hyman preaching us words that are so fitting to this day and then as things have digressed and we didn’t take note.

    It’s a shame that Turner & Ross didn’t really have black staff back then, but maybe that opened the doors that allowed then to be successful.
    Although i’m not a fan of Clive Davis he did give black women and Men a chance and exposure in the music business

    • China October 16, 2018

      Give her what? Bad mother awards? She ignores the BLACK community period. White Staff. White Husband. 95% White people only at her wedding. This crazy old Bish is an embarrassment to the Black Race WHICH SHE IGNORES. Fk Her.

      • me October 16, 2018

        yeah the same race that was encouraging her to stay with her abuser because those black folks around her benefited from her broken noses, blacked eyes, broken ribs, etc. Those SAME black folks knew that that man was beating her ass and did NOTHING. don’t judge others until you have walked in their heels

      • JOHNVIDAL October 16, 2018

        China you´re a disgrace. Now it´s obvious. Your retarded comments about what Mariah Carey should do were enough proof but this other comment is just awful from your part.

  3. DanYiel Iman October 15, 2018


  4. JOHNVIDAL October 15, 2018

    Real legendary and unique talent.


    the monstrous Ike Turner????? the monstrous Ike Turner woow fukkk you…tina accepted him beating her a**..

  6. Karter October 15, 2018

    I can definitely hear Phyliss on WLGTDWI, the song would’ve been a hit regardless but I’m glad Tina got it. Love her!! Ike was a musical genius, unfortunately for him, he couldn’t get over his personal demons and issues from his rough childhood.


      Tina had demons too…stop blaming it all on ike..just like mike blamed it all on Joe and never said thanks dad or cleared his name… Ike was a genius so was joe

      • Karter October 15, 2018

        I don’t recall blaming anyone for anything…lol. I mentioned Ike and HIS “demons” because HE was described as “monstrous” in the article, not Tina.

  7. Meteorite October 15, 2018

    I thought this was cannon? Didn’t the movie pretty much imply that she didn’t want to do the song when Ike offered her the song when she was getting in the car and he was like “every time I hear it, it reminds me of us” she reluctantly said she will listen to it just to shut him up and she broke his car widow cause he got slick out his mouth?

    • Karter October 16, 2018

      That song wasn’t WLGTDWI, the song that you’re talking about doesn’t exist…in that scene, Ike is only making conversation because he wanted her back. He claimed he wrote a song (a slow jam) for her but couldn’t think of the name of the song and that’s because it doesn’t exist, he never wrote it, he just wanted her back.

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