Ariana Grande Debuts At #1 In The UK With ‘Thank U, Next’

Published: Friday 9th Nov 2018 by Sam

Ariana Grande threw the rulebook out of the window when she surprise-released new song ‘Thank U, Next’ last week – a track not lifted from the album she’s currently promoting ‘Sweetener.’

Well, her flouting of the traditional  route has paid off. Because the song has premiered at #1 in the UK.

Dive below for details…

The break-up anthem, which sees the 25-year-old address past romances, has become Ari’s third offering to top the Official UK Singles Chart.

Its ascend to the top of the tally was powered by sales of 73,000 SPS in six days, including 6.7 million national streams.

The figures put the songbird firmly in the top spot, for its combined sales were 26,000 ahead of nearest competitor, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s ‘Shallow’ (#2).

Grande’s previous UK chart wins were 2016’s ‘Problem’ featuring Iggy Azalea and ‘Bang Bang’ alongside Nicki Minaj and Jessie J in 2014. Thus making ‘Thank U, Next’ her first solo #1 in the region.

Word is that the track is on course for a huge opening Stateside too.

Slayage across the board!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jasmine Da Bi Asian iSlay TROLLmine Rasputia (hermaphrodite) on the daily November 9, 2018

    Is the title of this record dedicated to her ex boyfriend or her current music era?

    • Venus November 10, 2018

      LOl! She is sooo vapid and fake! Using misery to sell albums SMH! She wont get any of my coins

  2. JOHNVIDAL November 9, 2018

    It´s a pity how such forgettable music tops the charts for a minute this easily nowadays.

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian iSlay TROLLmine Rasputia (hermaphrodite) on the daily November 9, 2018

      Yeah you’re right. I’m hoping with Ariana she doesn’t blow out her voice in the first 7 years by singing out of her natural range and will actually be able to get better vocally and musically as she gets older. Because she does have potential to be great if she works on her craft, protects her voice and seeks out better quality music.

      • JOHNVIDAL November 9, 2018

        Bish she´s not talented enough. End of story. She´s got plenty of opportunities already.

      • Whoops ????‍♀️? November 9, 2018

        Sis, Ariana does not seem interested in anything that has to do with “craft” or “quality”. She has no craft. Ariana’s voice is where her talent begins and ends and what’s funny is that that’s something she was born with. She didn’t perfect it, so she wouldn’t have the sense to protect it. Like you, I would’ve liked to see her flex a creative muscle somewhere, in her music style, in her voice, in her lyrics. But she’s done nothing to differentiate herself, particularly from people who don’t even have a voice like hers (Selena, Camilla, etc.). She has never in her life been an artist and after 4 albums and the stunts she’s pulling just to get a number 1, she probably never will be. I don’t know why she insists on being mediocre.

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian iSlay TROLLmine Rasputia (hermaphrodite) on the daily November 10, 2018

      @JohnVidal if you can force yourself to like those horribly bland, mediocre new mariah songs with extremely nasally, boring vocals you definitely should be able to appreciate Ariana’s new album because it’s fresher and vocally superior than anything Mariah has released since the emancipation(minus Merry Christmas 2). All I hear is Mariah singing out of her nostrils now, no diaphragm what-so-ever just nose

  3. DanYiel November 9, 2018

    I don’t take her music seriously..??‍♂️

  4. No name November 9, 2018

    I love Ari
    This indicate that the single will debute at number 1 in the us ✨
    Stay winning

  5. Whoops ????‍♀️? November 9, 2018

    A fake relationship will do that for you. This was the plan all along.

  6. ??? November 9, 2018

    lmaoo are we sure kris wu didnt really debut at #1? lmfaoooo

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