Azealia Banks Explains Why She Feels She Is The ‘Black Madonna’

Published: Tuesday 13th Nov 2018 by David

They’re both New Yorkers, both have an affinity for British music (see Banks’ history with XL Recordings and exploration of Garage music) and are both renown for poignant and emotive storytelling.

With all of this mind, a case could be made to argue that Azealia Banks is the new Madonna.

Leading the conversation? Azealia herself.

Her assessment below…


Idlest Delilah
Darling, do ya like beige in your coffee? Tea? A wild-?
Wild breeze on a day, a dawn
Oft’ indeed a child, smiles at me cause I’m made of yarn

Azealia used Twitter to reveal that she believes she is the Black Madonna (a moniker once given to Rihanna).

And I must confess
Instead of spring it’s always winter
And my heart has always been a lonely hunter


Do you agree?

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  1. DanYiel November 13, 2018

    You wanna like this girl….

  2. Fancy BISH November 13, 2018

    Girl, goodbye and goodnight! She really tried it tho! ? ?

  3. Jay November 13, 2018

    Whew chile! Cocaine is one helluva drug lol

  4. fk off Azalea November 13, 2018

    I used to stan so hard for this self hatin trashbag but I wised up and said NO MORE.. This bish is a hack and wont ever be ANYTHING BESIDES THE HOT MESSY JOKE HER CAREER HAS BECOME. aint even here to defend Madge. Just here to remind Azealia that her real fans that she abandoned along this self-destruction of a career AINT FORGIVIN SHT. fk this clown

  5. fk off Azalea November 13, 2018

    and I LOOOOOVE how bish really thinks she knows how us GAYS show our support. Gurl; get into the KNOW ALREADY. We are always here for a great comeback. Prime example- Brit Brit.. Cher, MADGE HUNNY. Azealia tho she dont have SHT to COME BACK TO.

  6. Paulo November 13, 2018

    She’s super talented but I’m glad I ain’t bought tickets to her show and just to the after party lol I’m done with her hypocritical delusional ass thinking she can speak for us and lumping us all in the same box.

  7. Karter November 13, 2018

    Banks?! The “black Madonna”?! Madonna, girl, I’m so sorry.

  8. Karter November 13, 2018

    Banks?! The “black Madonna”?! Madonna, girl, I’m so sorry. “The reigning cis gender queen of true gay culture”… no ma’am, true gays actually buy and stream music and looking at your stats/sales (or lack thereof), the gays don’t know you anymore.

  9. Jj November 13, 2018

    Its sad when black women to be a version of a white person when black artist are the orginators and innovators. Art stolen for centuries. No its Janet. Everything is Janet. Stop giving credit to Madonna. Even the white girls britney all of them copied janet, toni, ect

    • Caleb November 14, 2018

      Janet is certainly the bigger influence when it comes to dancing but Madonna is very much influential when it comes to imagery. See Rihanna’s S&M, Christina’s Not Myself Tonight, Gaga’s Born This Way, Beyonce’s Haunted and Nicki’s 2012 Grammys performance for just a few examples.

  10. Caleb November 14, 2018

    I think this is her attempt to get Madonna to collab with her since Madonna always likes to collab with younger artists this decade. And I remember a few years ago Madonna called Kanye “the Black Madonna” lmao.

  11. Rafaela November 14, 2018

    NOPE. There is only one queen and that’s Madonna.

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