Dawn Announces New Solo Album, ‘New Breed’

Published: Thursday 8th Nov 2018 by Rashad

She may be thrilling audiences on stages across America on a Stateside tour with her Danity Kane sisters (click here to read more), but fans hoping Dawn Richard‘s next opus would be a full length LP with the ladies will have to wait a while longer, a recent announcement reveals.

After a trio of critically acclaimed solo projects, Richard unveils news on her new project, ‘New Breed’ (due January 2019). Details inside:


1. “the nine (intro)”
2. “new breed”
3. “spaces”
4. “dreams and converse”
5. “shades”
6. “jealousy”
7. “sauce”
8. “vultures | wolves”
9. “we, diamonds”
10. “ketchup and po boys (outro)”

Readied for a January 25th release date, the album – filled with contributions from the likes of with contributions from Cole M.G.N,Hudson Mohawke, Kaveh Rastegar, and more – is mostly self-produced and set to showcase Dawn’s unique fusion of R&B and electronica.

Following the release of ‘Jealousy’ (which can be heard by clicking here), the album’s title track serves as its official second single (seen above).

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  1. DanYiel Iman November 8, 2018

    She’s a great vocalist & her music always hits home with me!!?

  2. Flamingo November 8, 2018

    yep, I’m excited. Blackheart is still a bop — from song one through song fourteen.

  3. Devin November 8, 2018

    SHE IS JUST IT. Can’t Wait for this!

  4. China November 8, 2018

    She is extremely under-rated. Each of her releases is musical masterpieces…why hasn’t the public caught up yet????

  5. Martaevia La’wayne November 8, 2018

    I know I’m ready! Already got my order in!:) she’s really taking us back with the cassette release. THATs pretty neat. I would buy one just to have it and never use it.

  6. tito November 8, 2018

    Isn’t that headdress cultural appropriation, being a culture vulture and all those epithets that black cultural commentators and community leaders are so quick and fond to hurl at every occasion? Oh I forgot, the headdress isn’t part of the black culture so it is fine to use it!!!!

    • YoungSpaceKid November 8, 2018

      Are you okay? She’s from New Orleans…. Please do your research.

      • TallB November 8, 2018

        Well she might have indian roots I don’t know.
        But not every black person living in NO has indian ancestors.
        The song is okay but not very special – I still like her

      • tito November 9, 2018

        As per 23andme, I am almost 3 per cent NIGERIAN, and I look Caucasian: I also have Spanish, Italian, Sardinian, Bristish, Ashkenazi and North African in me. I am pretty sure that the intellectually indolent crowd will cry cultural appropriation if I wear something like an afro, Kendall Jenner any one?; that loud and obnoxious crowd of people like you that don’t know a thing about the real meaning of cultural appropriation, and only follow social media commentator’s and influencer’s criminally supine ignorance, or, worst yet, political and community leaders with a political agenda that like to stoke racial tensions in this already racist and fascist society for their own political gain.

  7. Are you kidding me? November 8, 2018

    The Native Americans are going to be up in arms. Talking about how only tribal war chiefs are allowed to wear them, bla bla bla When I see them speak up for Black people, I’ll care. Better a headdress than blackface smh

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