Janet Jackson Set For Asia Return At 2018 MAMA

Published: Monday 26th Nov 2018 by Sam

Janet Jackson is going all-out to regain her global footing.

Fresh from rocking the US and Europe with high profile performances, the superstar songstress is Asia bound. For, she’s heading to one of the biggest award shows in the region – the 2018 MAMA.

Details below…

It’s been announced that Ms. Jackson will be making a special appearance at this year’s MAMA (Mnet Asia Music Awards).

Set to take place across three nights December 10th-13th, the mammoth spectacle (one of the most renown in Asia) will broadcast live from South Korea.

It’s not yet clear whether Jackson will be taking to the stage to perform. But the appearance alone seems to speak to her increasingly worldwide approach to re-immersing herself in the contemporary music climate.

Fingers crossed for international tour dates and new music news soon too!

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  1. Haterz Gon’ Hate November 26, 2018

    Mother remains BOOKED I see. If she performs imma need Gil to quit playing – we know she has nothing to prove – but can we get an awards show performance where she goes HARD on the choreo like we saw in concert? It‘s 4 mins v‘s a 2 hour concert – is it really too much for a fan to ask – these children need to know wassup ????????

    • K.b November 26, 2018

      Omg! I’ve been saying the same damn thing for months.

  2. Jeans November 26, 2018

    Omg u read my mind! Go off janet! Go off like you do on your!!! Plssssssss!!

  3. Misha November 26, 2018

    MUTHA!!!! She is getting everything she truly deserves! Get into this beautiful nod to her Rhythm Nation era! LOVE seeing the new artists pay homage to the legends that paved the way! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48V0GCP9Xl4

  4. Jhud productions November 26, 2018

    B I t c h what happened to the album u were supposed to drop in the fall, I can see why u a has been, beyonce would never

    • cory November 26, 2018
    • CHNA November 26, 2018

      Actually, NEGATIVE BETTY – she is Music Royalty. Icon. Legend. She has been doing music for over 40 years, Let her Live out Legacy the way she wants. SHE HAS HITS FOR DAYS BIT_CH. HAVE SOME RESPECT — WITHOUT JANET–THERE IS NO BEYONCE. WITH YA DI_CK RIDING A_SS. STFU BI_TCH.

      • Jhud productions November 26, 2018

        Beyonce ended janet career the night she sung the national anthem, while janet flashed her da_m breas_t, people dont even think of a janet Jackson, janet Gant even get a billboard hot 100 hit, so chile miss me with that crap, how is it that Jennifer Lopez is bigger than janet Jackson in 2018

      • cory November 26, 2018

        Why are you mad? Beyonce is great. Janet is great. But even Taylor Swift and Katy Perry rank higher than Beyonce on the all-time list.

        Top 200 albums of all time.. 3 from Janet. Zero from Beyonce. https://www.billboard.com/charts/greatest-billboard-200-albums

        Janet has been successful for 5 decades starting with “Good Times”.

        Has Beyonce ever had the #1 selling album of the year? NO! Even “Rhythm Nation” won the Billboard Award for Album of the Year. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1990_Billboard_Music_Awards

        Stop the hate and let them all be great. But don’t act like Beyonce is over Janet. She hasn’t and will never be.

        In the last ten years Beyonce has only had 7 top 10 hits…

        In the last ten years… Katy Perry 14 Top 10’s, Taylor Swift 21 Top 10’s, Rihanna 24 top 10 hits… Even Britney has had 8 Top 10 hit in the last ten years.

        I don’t know why everyone is trying to push Beyonce as the great when she is barely pushing any numbers. Her duet album with JAY Z flopped and couldn’t even get to #1.

      • Morgan Lassiter November 29, 2018

        Beyonce hasn’t had a hot 100 hit in about 3 years so please hush! Lemonade produced 0 number 1’s.

    • Troy November 26, 2018

      Lemme say this FLEAHIVE, FARTonce has COPIED, STOLEN, Other peoples work. She’s LIED, FAKED; PREGNANCIES, INFLATED RECORD SALES, CONCERT TICKETS SALES…Just to stay relevant. She has lied and said she’s written songs and did not. Janet is 52 years old and still receiving accolades, something COPYonce has not done…and so, when you say FLEAonce will not, JANET WILL NOT!!! COPY, STEAL, or FAKE PREGNANCIES or Inflate ticket and record sales.

    • Troy November 26, 2018

      and beYAWNce ain’t had a career to begin with. She has used Destiny’s Child to catapult her mediocre carrier, went solo and had her daddy steal awards and play politics to get her the notoriety she has. Then when he could not do anymore stealing for her, she latched onto Gay-Z and has been using him to stay relevant…and that was not enough, she started faking elevator fights, pregnancies, and other deceptive tactics. She knows she could not sell out a tour if it where not for Gay-Z or Destiny’s Children. Janet has always been a solo performer with 4 Iconic and Critically Acclaimed Albums. That b**** FLEAonce hasn’t had a mega hit since Single Ladies….how long ago was that. And that LImeade album she had her team put out that the album was the new Rhythm Nation and they got slammed for even putting that mess out there. She played politics to get the R&B album over Rihanna, and as you can see, Rihanna’s Anti is still on the charts, where is Limeade, dead in the mud. Janet is 52 years old and still receiving accolades, still performing to sold out shows, still being recognized for her ground breaking albums…and still a solo artist on stage. Fleaonce has to have a wing man, and it’s Gay-Z. And just like you said she shut Janet down by lip syncing the National Anthem, Jennifer Hudson shut FLEAonce down when she outshined that b**** in Dream Girls and slashed that whores throat so bad, she got angry at J-Hud for winning every award for her role imaginable while Horse Hair stopped promoting the film. As far as J-Lo goes, J-Lo is an attention w**** just like FARTonce, they HAVE to do things to keep themselves relevant. Janet can go away and have fans send out a missing persons report to find out where she is. She’s gone away for up to 7 years and fans begged her to come back…before that she’d do an album, tour and go on hiatus for 2 years and come. You WILL NOT see J-Ho nor FARTonce do that because they have to keep themselves in the lime light in order to stay relevant. So don’t get it twisted, Janet is not worried about any of these other whores…and anytime FARTonce wants to keep herself relevant, she will call Kelly and Michelle, as well as Solange to make a guess appearance to get more people to come to her show or keep her relevant. Guess who will be using Blue Ivy and those adopted Twins to stay relevant for a few more years.

  5. Al3jandroTr3s November 26, 2018

    janet is working on an album but she likes LP format not EP. so i guess she will NOT release any EP which, in fact is for the best seeing how Mariah flops in terms of commercial numbers.
    Janet is a LP act and she needs a theme album not just a collection of several songs.

    As for what some people say here, i couldn’t agree more: SHE SHOULD FIRE GIL DULDULAO, her “artistic” manager & choreographer.

    GIL is okay but NOT AT ALL ON PAR with because NONE of the dancing steps he has created are neither iconic nor memorable (even if Feedback and Rockwitchu were good, but no one remembers her steps from those videos)

    CONTRARY to:

    Tina Landon: IF, You Want This, Together again, I Get Lonely, Runaway

    Paula Abdul: Nasty, What Have U Done For Me Lately, Control, and When I Think Of You

    Barry Lather: The Pleasure Principle, performance at Grammys in 1986 and at the American Music Awards as well in 1986

    Anthony Thomas : Miss You Much, Rhythm Nation, The knowledge, escapade, Black Cat

    • CHNA November 26, 2018


  6. Regina Fernandez November 28, 2018

    Janet is one of the most powerful women in the music industry she inspire women that are real mature that can dance thank you Janet

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