Janet Jackson Signs Major Global Deal With Paradigm Agency Ahead Of New Album

Published: Tuesday 27th Nov 2018 by Sam

After whetting appetites with summer sizzler ‘Made For Now,’ Pop icon Janet Jackson is putting the pieces in place for the next phase of her illustrious career.

A phase that now includes media giant Paradigm.

Details below…

In an announcement made moments ago, it was revealed that Jackson has signed a global representation deal with the talent agency whose other titan clients include Ed Sheeran and Coldplay.

As part of the partnership, Paradigm will rep the diva in all areas, including touring, theatrical, film, branding and more.

The move sees the 52-year-old switch from longtime home WME (William Morris Endeavor).

Speaking on the deal, Sam Gores, Chairman and CEO of Paradigm said in a statement:

“Janet Jackson is one of the most iconic and culturally significant artists of all time and we are thrilled to partner with her to create global opportunities for her as an artist and for the art she creates. We will also seek inspiring opportunities to support Janet’s long history and dedication to social activism and female and gender advocacy.” [Source]

The news comes on the heels of Jackson moving her Rhythm Nation label from BMG to Cinq Music earlier this year.

With her business affairs in solid shape, attention now turns to the star’s new album – which is due in 2019.

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  1. Milan baby November 27, 2018

    Janet sweetie, this will not help you be back on the scene with ur lazy as_s you dont put that much into your dancing or songs, let alone tours,choir old and dry hunny, how much did that last tour gross, cause it sure wasnt on the list for top selling tours

    • GH November 27, 2018

      Shut the f*** up b****!

      • Milan baby November 27, 2018

        Let me know when janet Jackson does her first cover for Vogue magazine, they even know she ain’t worthy, oh and good luck with her actually getting in the rock hall of fame, mess around and Rihanna will be in the rock hall of fame before janet is

      • Rasputia Latimore November 27, 2018

        Vogue? What does a fashion magazine for models have to do with a musician????????????????????????????? NOTHING. The BEST MUSICIANS are NOT on Vogue but rather Billboard Magazine and Rolling Stone. Period. #FACTS.

      • Pan November 27, 2018

        I kinda agree with jasmine on the vogue bit cause tbh in the last few years billboard and rolling stone are laughable from putting Kim Kardashian on the cover to selling that plastic rap who covers the magazine as publicity so any artist can appear on it since he pays it.
        They aren’t really music mags anymore but are trying to sell wouldnt be surprise to see these lil’s smth on the cover next year.

      • Highbrowthis November 27, 2018

        Vogue isn’t even vogue anymore. The climate for celebrity has changed. Vogue even put Kim on its cover and invites the Kardashian clan to the Met Galas. But yes there still is an ounce of respectability from Vogue and one would have to be really idiotic to think Janet won’t get a Vogue cover in the near future if that’s what Janet wants to do. The climate and American culture is ever in Janet’s favor being an icon, a music legend, a black woman and a black queen for that matter. Putting her on the cover is one of the most powerful statements a cover could ask for and definitely harks back to a celebrity in stature and style not common of today and it’s clear the moves Janet is making are in order to make waves.

    • Ifusayso… November 27, 2018

      B**** plz…. Nobdoy gives f*** about vogue

    • Kenny November 27, 2018

      Actually her tour was in the top ten among women dummy

    • Rasputia Latimore November 27, 2018

      Janet grossed 38 million with her tour! Keep hating while Ms. Jackson keeps making money moves! She been hated on all her life by Madonna stans and other lessors yet she remains quiet and rakes in the money. That is why she is one of the richest black women of all time. She is no Oprah financially but she certainly aint hurting at all with her millions in the bank.

    • JanetLegacy November 27, 2018

      Shut the f** up you Oldonna hasbeen fan… go check your status

    • YaWorstNightmare November 28, 2018


  2. i hate whytee and blackk bitchezz both not sht November 27, 2018

    b**** let go of the ponytail… damn.. b**** fake like she is soooooooooooooooooo sweet and innocent..
    .b**** where is blanket ????? mj son

    • Kenny November 27, 2018

      Actually her tour was in the top ten among women dummy

    • Rasputia Latimore November 27, 2018

      Many of you gays are so contradictory. On one hand you want gay rights and to be treated equally yet on the other hand you use being gay to attack other gays and hurt their careers:


      Thus, I cannot take anything you say about MJ’s son’s whereabouts or constant hate towards Ms. Jackson seriously. Likely you are undercover Janet fans which would explain why you are on EVERY Janet post!

      • I HATE WHYYYTE A BITCHEZZ BOTH NOT SHT November 27, 2018

        B**** I wanna know why she hinding blanket….and only talk about her son

      • Rasputia Latimore November 27, 2018

        Stop lying b|tch. If you wanted to know that you would research it online instead of whining about it on EVERY Janet post like a damn stalker. You ain’t fooling anybody with your fake motives for trolling ALL Janet posts with the same BS. The answer aint on TGJ. The answer on google dumb b|tch.

  3. DanYiel November 27, 2018

    I mean her fans like whatever she does…

  4. Barbara Rackley November 27, 2018

    Very happy for you. Your life is truly blessed. Give your baby a kiss for me.

  5. Keith November 27, 2018

    Shoring up the business side of things I see…godspeed Ms. Jackson. Best of luck in 2019!

  6. Yonce November 27, 2018

    I hope she records a duet with SZA or H.E.R., Bruno Mars & I hope she has Kendrick Lamar featured on a song.


    Why the f*** do you keep clocking Janet’s age like that but you don’t do that to that b**** Mariah

  8. Olusheyi November 27, 2018

    A right now!! Janet is a very intelligent and business minded women. Love her

  9. James November 28, 2018

    Janet Jackson is a has been! Yes shes done some really good albums after the velvet rope here works sucks big time. Here voice is not good live it’s even worse when she’s good it’s all play back just with here brother Michael I seen booth in concert and most songs are 100% play back. They keep saying the Jackson family is some of the best please stop such statements. They well Janet and Mike was good dancers and they always have big shows with alot of extras many because of the lack of vocals. Janet shows now at days seems very poor and here TV preform is even more poor nothing new jut same old like Mike did at his end shows. Why suddenly all these awards icon this and that I don’t get it more live artist who actually sings live don’t get same share as the likes of Janet. The truth the Jackson get more props than they actually are title to. The latest Janet track what’s new about it ! Just another everyday pop song. But good luck miss Janet u are in need of it

    • lala November 28, 2018

      B**** you tried it… Michael Jackson was the king of pop and is one of the best vocalists of all time. Don’t get it twisted, that man could SANG. All modern artist are inspired by this man and he got the respect by his peers and older generation. You really tried it, talking about he was a good dancer LOL. He was a GREAT VOCALIST, A GREAT DANCER AND A GREAT ENTERTAINER AND SONGWRITER. DON’T GET IT TWISTED SIS…

      • James November 28, 2018

        A self-pity king of Pop many go hear a concert with him and his vocals sucks if his so good why not keep it live? Yes many been inspired by any of the Jackson but those that make them a king ore queen of music? For fans who are so blinded ore in some cases deaf when it comes to putting the Jackson family on the top when clearly you can hear they not good live singers. Album singers yes dancers yes vocalist not at chance. If you seen Janet ore Michael lives shows they start there shows with play back many into tracklist 3 ore 4 they begin singing live and if you not know there songs by hand you want Abel to know what the h*** they singing about. Some have a tons of extras to hide they s***** live singers. Tell us what new have Janet brought to the pop world leatly? When she got here icon award she gave a very poor live performance again only here vocals was live when she talked. She sang what some lyrics from the Janet album and made 4 now. At the award show in the UK same thing nothing new all 4 you Rhythm nation and made 4 now. Even if you guys are huge Janet fans you can’t deny she is not a talented live singer. And since the bad tour tell me a tour of Michael where he sings live only some tracks here and there.

  10. Kenny November 28, 2018

    Your mom is a has been

  11. JUNE November 29, 2018


    • James December 2, 2018

      June your shout out against me is just as bad as the Jackson’s live. You can scream from here to the moon both Janet & Michael are bad live singers.been 2 there concert not impressed at all. If you like Disney pop I get it. Michael shows from bad to history are basic the same his heeee heeee and I love u I love u more I love u most probably the most live u will get from his shows. Of cause he couldn’t preform that many shows at the end on this is it. He sounded bad looked even worse. Same thing with Janet if you see here shows its like seeing someone who has given up there game. In EU her shows can’t sell thats the reason she don’t come. Here music is played very little I remember her Janet concert tour here only sold around 2260 ticket the concert hall was as empty as could be. The velvet rope sold better. If Janet tours EU again I don’t think it’s gonna sell well at all. Like Janet and Michael last albums they didn’t have that much impact ore huge success at all. Janet did what 2 videos and non promotion. She cancelled here shows came back with little impact. Now she has this singel made for now medium pop singel not much to go about. I now you fans would love and think it’s on the beat if Janet just stood there not doing anything. Why she is horned with all these awards is again the US when they most funny. So many people in the music industry those a hell better than a Janet Jackson.

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