New Song: Zayn – ‘No Candle No Light (ft. Nicki Minaj)’

Published: Thursday 15th Nov 2018 by Sam

Zayn‘s sophomore album remains a myth of sorts, but hasn’t stopped the flow of new music emanating from the former One Direction star.

For his latest jam he teams with Nicki Minaj. The resulting cut is ‘No Candle No Light.’

Take a listen below…

A bop!

So much of Zayn’s prior material has skewed introspective with same brand of moody production that’s all the rage these days. Hence, it’s refreshing to hear him pick up the pace and embrace a faster BPM. The song packs an urgency and air of grandiose that makes for an arresting listen.

Nicki adds bountifully to the song too, garnishing it with her je ne sais quoi in many parts.

Our hope is that Zayn is finally ready to accelerate and plug his material, because this has an overflow of potential.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jackx November 15, 2018

    They recorded this song years ago and it shows. didn’t do nothing for me. Nicki is so boring and basic nowadays

    • 2bad2bme November 15, 2018

      Throwing anything at the wall to see what will stick.

  2. Sean Jarmon November 15, 2018

    Love them both…its just all over the place tho…waaayy too much happening

  3. Selah November 15, 2018


  4. Team November 15, 2018

    I actually like it, sounds different to anything out right now.

  5. Ocean November 15, 2018

    That EDM David Huerta sounds is horrid

  6. DanYiel November 15, 2018

    Her singing isn’t it for me, her tone is ANNOYING!!

  7. Meme November 15, 2018

    Like someone else said. Love them both but I couldn’t get they 30 secs. I turned it off.

  8. Really November 15, 2018

    I don’t like it but I don’t likemost pop music these days.

  9. Carlos November 15, 2018

    Yeah, that’s a no no for me, song is underwhelming. A song I’ll just click skip.

  10. Guest November 15, 2018

    Would of been a hit back in the Justin Bier “Sorry” era…

  11. Chica November 15, 2018

    Wow another onika feature. I thought she was selective about doing features.

    • DC November 15, 2018

      When you desperate no time to be selective lol

      • B2B November 15, 2018

        Chile boo. Nicki has always done features. She did over 100 before dropping an album. Get off her d***! She getting plaques stay in your lane!

  12. Sweetnothings78 November 15, 2018

    Love love love it.

  13. Caleb November 15, 2018

    It’s not so bad

  14. November 15, 2018


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