Willow Smith’s ‘Wait A Minute’ Streamed 35 Million Times On Spotify

Published: Monday 19th Nov 2018 by David

Steering clear of the middle road to offer fans an catchy yet sui generis sound is Willow.

The 18-year-old performer has spent the years enjoying life away from the charts following the unveiling of ‘Whip My Hair’,  and has now learned that her decision to play in her own lane has paid off big time!

Brilliant news below…

The teenager’s debut album ‘Ardipithecus’ touched down on December 11th 2015 and nabbed a Metacritic score of 51/100 indicating mixed reviews.

Fortunately, its sounds have fared much better on Spotify where its standout track ‘Wait a Minute’ has been streamed 35 million times.

With this, it has now out-whipped ‘Whip My Hair’ to become her highest-streamed song on the platform despite being out-charted by the Jackson and Ratliff jam.

Ardipithecus Ramidus is the scientific name of the first hominid bones found on earth. I wanted to name my musical compilation after it because, while I was making these songs I was in such a transitional state. Digging deep in the soil of my heart and finding bits and pieces of my ancient self that tell stories, which end up being the lyrics to the songs. Ardipithecus is my first album in my entire career and it makes me feel so blessed to be able to share my evolution with the LightEaters as I continue excavating my inner worlds.

Why do you think ‘Wait’ is faring so well?

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  1. Lmao_Hoe November 19, 2018

    That’s because although I liked her album that song alone on the whole album is greater than the rest. She should’ve made a video to it and kept up with that particular groove too

  2. Patricia November 19, 2018

    It just takes you to another dimension and you sort of want to stay there. Uniquely artistic! She’s not from this world.

    • Irving Zarate November 21, 2018

      Jada log off sis.

  3. tashmaxx@gmail.com April 23, 2019

    Never heard it until now & I like it, but definitely weird.

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