Ariana Grande Teases 5th Album / Hitmaker Bills It Her “Best” Effort Yet

Published: Wednesday 5th Dec 2018 by Sam

Ariana Grande is breaking all the rules and reaping the rewards accordingly.

Despite being in the promo cycle for current album ‘Sweetener,’ the songbird hatched brand new song ‘Thank, Next’ and went on to nab her first #1. She also bulldozed several records with the break-up jam in the process.

And while there’s been ample speculation about whether the song would be attached to a repackage or new project – Ari is making it increasingly clear that it is indeed lifted from her fifth studio project. This despite her fourth being released in August.

The teasing for the as yet untitled set is ramping up -courtesy of the singer and one of the LP’s producers.

See what we mean below..

Via Twitter, the 25-year-old shared with her 60 million followers that she’s wrapping up new music:

Shortly after, longtime collaborator Savan Kotetcha (who has co-penned pretty much every major single of the star’s) wrote:

To which Ari responded…

We’re all for it.

The industry is shapeshifting realtime and acts are increasingly seeing that the traditional “rulebook” is becoming antiquated.

Sure, there’s a risk of diluting the importance of (her) albums if dropping them so close together.

But, we live in an increasingly fast-paced era. One that favors the arrival of “more” and one that gives equal parity to projects that took years to bake and others that were quickly conceived.

What’s more, ‘Sweetener’ – sans its singles – left us hungry. So, we’ll gladly have another plate of Grande.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Seth December 5, 2018

    I’m ready for new Bey, Madonna and Rihanna. Ariana needs to take a year break and make the public actually miss her

    • Vaughn December 5, 2018

      Damn they working this lil person to down to her bones lol! She needs to sit down grieve and then come back! WTh?? lol

  2. Meme December 5, 2018

    I’m here for it. She should release the 5th album prior to tour and just perform material from the new albums. That would be dope.

  3. Jasmine (The Original Princess) December 5, 2018

    Wasn’t she saying the same thing about her last album? ☠️

    • DanYiel December 5, 2018

      My thoughts exactly, I still don’t take her soprano seriously, it’s not mature IMO…??‍♂️

  4. pat December 5, 2018

    strike while the iron’s hot…it’s her time…. the other females getting old

  5. Lmao_Hoe December 5, 2018

    I’ll believe it when it’s released. Too many artist always dimming this or that as their best work yet still come and fall short of the excitement or quality. Just drop the album when finished and let the music do all the talking ?

  6. DanYiel December 5, 2018

    I’m sorry I purchased “Thank you Next” because it touched me, her soprano hasn’t matured IMO…??‍♂️

  7. Whoops ?????‍♀️ December 5, 2018

    She literally said this about Sweetener and it was FAR from her best and flopped after a week…

    If it is her best, I’m for it. If it’s another Sweetener she should just keep it. Lowkey tired of her though. I wanna hear somebody else’s music. Anybody really. Beyoncé. Lana. Twigs. Rihanna. Sza. Somebody.

  8. Whoops ?????‍♀️ December 5, 2018

    Can I just say that the way she always types with no capitalization and doesn’t spell out her words is dumb as fvck? I mean I get it sometimes but seeing how she clearly goes out her way to do it is so stupid. It’s little things that she does from her ponytail to this that makes her seem so juvenile.

    • Selah December 5, 2018

      Lol I was thinking the same thing. “Thank U Next” is a bop though, so I’m here for a new album.

  9. Ariana Get Help December 5, 2018

    Instead of trying to get attention and capitalize off the death of an ex and the publicity stunt that was your last engagement, go and get HELP. I know the gays will be happy to have more edm trash to get h***** too but she is really gonna fall apart. Her ex died this year. Her other ex she was making a lifelong commitment too is out of her life and all her label wants to do is throw her to the world and sell records? Nobody around her cares about her. She needs help . This isn’t gonna end well. I see another Britney Spears in the making

  10. Detruth December 5, 2018

    I loved her 2 albums she dropped before this 1 but sweetner wasn’t that great to me. If this 1 gives me more rnb vibes like the others I’ll be here for it.

  11. Casual December 5, 2018

    I am curious to know when she’s releasing this album. It’s early December and thus still in time for the Christmas season, BUT with sales becoming increasingly less important, is it worth the rush? It was huge streaming margins that pushed Thank You, Next to #1 on the Hot 100, and the surge from the new video is what will return the song to #1 next week.

  12. Karter December 5, 2018

    She’s already on her 5th album?! Like, didn’t she just debut 8 years (or so) ago?? I’m not complaining tho, she’s one of the best vocalists, I mean, singers of the new generation of pop stars. Anywho, I’m waiting on Beyoncé (solo) and Rihanna to come thru with new music!

  13. Lol December 5, 2018

    She hasn’t even toured for Sweetner yet. Why is she talking about ANOTHER album? What’s with her and these 1 album per year things? She’s gonna work herself to death like Rihanna and Britney did.

  14. Fancy BISH December 5, 2018

    Once in a generation talent? BOY PLEASE, Adele already ate that ? How many albums has Ariana sold in total? Cause chile, her debut album (2013) took 3 damn years to be certified platinum, and has only sold 596,000 physical copies as of April 2018…GIRL GOODNIGHT ?

    • Haterz Gon’ Hate December 5, 2018

      If you READ what was writen you will comprehend that Adele and Ariana are not the same age – therefore they are not by definition from the same generation. Ariana is mid 20‘s and Adele is 30. So reading comprehension dictates that the generational reference is to other singers of Ariana‘s age and other singers of Adele‘s age. STAY IN SCHOOL. ??‍♂️

      • Karter December 5, 2018

        @Haterz Gon Hate Actually, @fancy bish is correct. A generation is defined as: “the entire body of individuals born and living at about the same time”, it has nothing to do with age, hun. A generation ranges about 30 years. GO TO SCHOOL. ??‍♂️

  15. Charli Cheer Up December 5, 2018

    Not long to go before her Sweetner tour begins and she’s already gearing up for album #5. Hope she rests easy this holidays cuz she has a big year ahead.

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