Jacquees Enjoys Major Streaming Spike Following “King of R&B” Claims

Published: Wednesday 12th Dec 2018 by David

When Jacquees stepped forward to argue that he was the new King of R&B he found himself on the receiving end of insults launched at him by those who accurately argued that he was incorrect.

Fortunately for him, some good has come of this.

Fantastic news below…

In the days following his remarks many who were unfamiliar with his art swam to Spotify to spin his tunes out of curiosity. As a result? Substantial gains.

With help from a new wave of curious critics, the rising star picked up over 20,000 new listeners and saw his Monthly Listener figure hit the 3.5 million mark with ease as his number ‘B.E.D’ hit the 72 million streams point during the same period.

He wasn’t the only performer to benefit from the intense debate.


For, a number of his peers and predecessors also watched their Spotify figures swell as the discussion dominated social media.

There’s Sammie, whose Most Popular tracks surpassed the 30 million landmark, Tevin Campbell‘s ‘Can We Talk’ which now stands tall with close to 31 million streams, B2K‘s ‘Bump Bump Bump‘ with 53 million strong ones, Ginuwine‘s ‘Pony’ with 188 million streams and Dru Hill‘s ‘Beauty’ with 13 million.


Elsewhere, Sisqo‘s ‘Thong Song’ glides to greatness with 62 million streams as ‘Poison‘ by Brent Faiyaz knocks on 22 million’s door much to the delight of the 2 million fans who listen to him on the platform each month.

Also joining the party? Chris Brown (who now has an audience of 19 million), Trey Songz (with 7 million), Jodeci whose ‘Freek’n’You‘ leaps past 18 million, newcomer Dryx whose ‘Silence’ has earned 25,000 spins, Elijah Blake (474,000 monthly listeners) and Boyz II Men.


Reigning above them all (at least as far streaming is concerned)? Usher and Drake.


The ‘Yeah!’ vocalist is the highest-streamed R&B male of all time and enjoyed the biggest numbers boost following the debate as Drake (who has a number of R&B-leaning smash hits) watched ‘Find Your Love’ nab enough spins over the last 24 hours to pick up 59 million streams.

Just as elated by this week’s events is Miguel (see the 256 million figure assigned to ‘Remind Me to Forget’).


Do you think the debate will do much for Jacquees’ career beyond this week?

Share your thoughts below…

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    Jaquees wait what..who.king of RnB ooooookaaaay ima go listen..you think you can FCK with Kelly……why would you try to take that he said it..like mj King of pop tha is his..

  2. whut December 12, 2018

    The pic say it all, Usher is King, point blank. Never heard of this Jackee person , or whatever the hell he calls himself.

    • Jasmine December 12, 2018

      R. Kelly is the King of R&B. Even Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, LOVED HIS MUSIC and had R. Kelly write / produce several songs for him:

  3. gina December 12, 2018

    Who? I thought that was Lil Wayne.

  4. SMH December 12, 2018

    Lol. Never mind his streaming numbers, how did his delusional proclamation affect his SALES? Any orangutang with multiple devices can stream a song & leave it on repeat all day.

  5. Tino December 12, 2018

    There isn’t an R&B artist alive that has had more album sales and #1 songs than Usher. Point blank period NUMBERS DON’T LIE

    • Jasmine December 12, 2018


      – Usher has sold nearly 65 million albums BUT R. Kelly has sold over 75 million albums.

      – On surface value, it may appear Usher has more #1 songs than R. Kelly but if you dig deeper you will see R. Kelly has twice as many #1 songs when you include his solo singles and songs he wrote / produced for other artists including Usher, Jay-Z, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, Chris Brown, Bobby Brown, etc.

      – Usher is just a legendary artist BUT R. Kelly is a legendary artist, songwriter, musician, producer, and master of R&B.

      – R. Kelly’s mastery of R&B and POP music ranks him as one of the best producers and songwriters of ALL time.


      • Tino December 14, 2018

        Lol Usher has sold 75 million actually plus he has more #1 songs on the Hot 100, the R&B/Hip-hop and the R&B charts.I don’t care about all that writing and producing s***. Hell he should’ve wrote and produced himself more #1 songs lol

  6. DanYiel Iman December 12, 2018

    I knew it was apart of getting streams and foolishness, I still role with Brian McKnight as a king of R&B!!🤷🏽‍♂️

  7. Jj December 12, 2018

    Who is this I’ve not heard a song

  8. alyssa December 12, 2018

    nice but it would be great to see other artist that are dope get the attention and clout he’s been getting lately. Like Lekeli47 & this guys https://youtu.be/WWMUcIH1m4Y

  9. ASmooth December 12, 2018

    This was a smart marketing move. He really knows that he’s not the king of R&B, but people were going to stream and purchase his music to do comparisons. And guess what?? They did

  10. ERIC December 12, 2018

    Usher abandoned r&b long ago. Please don’t call him king of r&b. His reign is over.

    • Tino December 12, 2018

      Most successful R&B artist alive. Even R.Kelly and CB don’t come arose to his sales and #1 songs. NO DEBATE

      • Jasmine December 12, 2018

        Learn to read Tito. He said Usher is NOT r&b dumb ass.

    • Tino December 14, 2018

      If Usher isn’t R&B then what is he?? Lol you the dumb ass

  11. Rasputia Latimore December 12, 2018

    The King of R&B is R. Kelly and Usher. It should be Chris Brown but he ended up just being the Bobby Brown of this generation. Jacquees who? He has 0 Top 10 hits on Billboard 100. If 20K people streamed his music that don’t mean sh|t. Legends get millions of streams in 1 day. Look at Janet’s last single. She got 10 million streams in 1 day. Chris Brown could easily pull 1 million plus streams in 1 day. 20K streams ain’t sh|t. It’s laughable this blog made on article on it. The DESPERATE SHADE FROM TGJ IS REAL YALL.

    • #TheCarter5 December 17, 2018

      Chris Brown is still the King Of R&B for this generation. PERIODT!!!!!

  12. Mhmmm December 12, 2018

    He looks like a singing lil Wayne

  13. Rasputia Latimore December 12, 2018

    Jacque who? Usher had a great era with his Confessions album but was NEVER able to duplicate the success. Only R. Kelly has had countless eras, produced for all the top artists, and has the most R&B hit records. Thus, R. Kelly is the King of R&B.

    • Jasmine December 12, 2018

      I agree 100%.

    • Tino December 14, 2018

      Lol people love bringing up confessions like Usher haven’t had a #1 song or platinum album since but he’s had multiple of both. R. Kelly ass haven’t had a #1 song and platinum album in 15 years lol

  14. Detruth December 12, 2018

    Who is Myles e Johnson? Usher and r-kelly physical sales in their prime is killing Beyonce and Rihanna’s. Neither one of them or the others he named has sold an album that out did usher or r Kelly’s highest seller. That’s a #fact

  15. Jason December 12, 2018

    He can’t find pitch….Sharp, flat, under ass! 🙄 Talent standards are so low! #KingOfMediocre

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