Kelly Rowland Teases New Announcement

Published: Saturday 29th Dec 2018 by TGJ Team

Kelly Rowland fans are in for a special treat in the New Year – but what exactly they’re in for remains to be seen.

Details below…

Rowland took to social media to share a mysterious and short 6-second long clip that sees the R&B songstress dancing around while the words BOLD, STRONG, EMPOWERING, SEXY and EDGY fill the screen with Rowland captioning the post, “2019 is going to be amazing! Excited to announce something big on January 1st.”

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2019 is going to be amazing! Excited to announce something big on January 1st.

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Fans immediately began speculating that new music could be on the way from the former Destiny’s Child member who last released a studio album back in 2013 with her ‘Talk a Good Game’ record.

The timing wouldn’t be amiss either.

Rowland recently released her single ‘Kelly’ in late November, a song that is speculated to be the lead from her rumored upcoming fifth solo album. So only time will tell if fans will be getting their wishes for a new LP granted in 2019.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Last name Ever. First name Greatest. December 29, 2018

    One month and “Kelly” aint have a video yet. Momentum dying. Same old. Bye Kelly.

    • The truth December 29, 2018

      I think it’s a buzz track!!! Not an official single… on twitter she insinuated that she will be releasing a ballad as her next single… however even if she didn’t do an official video to Kelly I really wish she could have atleast done a choreography dance video to it to promote it & boost her streaming… when she promotes her streaming numbers go up significantly

  2. Sweetnothings78 December 29, 2018

    She always arrives in style on time and looking immaculate. Let’s await perfection when it arrives!

  3. Jason December 29, 2018

    Announcing on January 1st, and then putting it out June 1st. Her last album wasn’t called talk a good game for no reason! And I’m a true fan! She just frustrates me. ??‍♂️?

  4. DanYiel Iman December 29, 2018

    I’m here for anything she’s offering!! Rowland Stone 4 sure!!?

  5. Interac December 29, 2018

    That doesn’t seem like album promo……..

  6. Paulo December 29, 2018

    Teasing an announcement smh it’s been 16 years since her first solo album it’s a new year coming and the same messed up promo. “Kelly don’t really give a f*** how we feel” but she should cause a lotta people wanna see her win

  7. Brent Christopher December 29, 2018

    the mass media & mass audiences alike are not the least bit interested in Kelly Rowland as a solo act. IM SORRY! she can release as many singles, records or new albums as she wants to. the record buying public & new age streamers simply aren’t going to support the work. kelly lacks that IT FACTOR — hence the reason she still is not considered a major superstar. doesn’t matter how many talent shows she judges. like with Jennifer Hudson the same.. it isn’t going to happen!

    • Bam December 29, 2018

      Oh please most ppl are sheep. If I heart radio music group decided they were gonna shove whatever kelly released down our throats good or not she would be selling like crazy or at least streaming like it. Many like whatever they “think” is hot and pay dust to anything else no matter how good it is. It has little to nothing to do with “it” factor as evidenced by some of these basics on the radio today.

      • Jason December 29, 2018

        #FACTS!!!!! Yes!!!

      • Brent Christopher December 29, 2018

        EVERYTHING I have said is 100% FACT.

        there is no disputing it.

      • Bam December 30, 2018

        I just did and it would seem someone agrees with me.

    • The truth December 30, 2018

      @Brent Christopher

      We live in a world now where the masses are no longer buying albums! Everything is based in popularity & what goes viral at the moment! Kelly definitely has the IT Factor she just hasn’t had a great team to push her to her full potential! Trust & believe many of these r&b ladies would love to be in Kellys position! At this moment she is not with a label therefore she is paying out of pocket for studio sessions, songs, videos, promotion, etc.

  8. I HATE WHYYYTE n Blaccck BITCHEZZ BOTH NOT SHT December 29, 2018

    She looks very sad depressed and crying in the picture you can see it all over her face

  9. Latay December 30, 2018

    All of yall sound dumb ass f*** kelly always made great music so yall can stop hatein cuz yall broke as hell yall ain’t got s*** nd yall stay hateing on some body that got s*** going for they life yall some hateing ass miserable animals done.

  10. Kelly December 30, 2018

    Sportswear line or something like Serena and venus doing

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