Monica Previews New Song ‘Commitment’ [Listen]

Published: Friday 28th Dec 2018 by Sam

It’s been a three years since Monica unleashed an album and it finally seems like her next musical chapter is on its way.

The R&B maven has been starring on ‘T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle’ and seizing the platform to tease the follow-up to 2015’s ‘Code Red.’

Viewers have witnessed the star in the lab with longtime collaborator Polow Da Don and together they’ve been cooking up material they hope scorches upon release.

One of the cuts gaining ample traction is a song named ‘Commitment.’ Could it be Mo’s newest hit?

Listen below and let us know…

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Loving this!

While it’s not reinventing the wheel sonically, we’ve been long for some quality unfettered R&B – which is exactly what this is shaping up to be.

Your thoughts?

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  1. CHINA December 28, 2018

    Her first 2-3 albums were incredible bodies of work. Vocals. Emotion. Production. THEN SHE STARTED DRESSING LIKE A CHURCH MOTHER. Very old Lady corny. Old lady Blonde Wigs. Ugly shoes. Just weird. Hopefully, she get’s back on track but SHE’S SCARED TO UNLEASH those vocals……………always has been.

    • DanYiel Iman December 28, 2018

      Monica is a great balladeer IMO. She still has it & im awaiting for it!!???

    • kimmy December 29, 2018

      Ummmm ERRRR just its resounding NO! it sounds distorted and her voice is weak AF in this! No mame please go back to the drawing board chile Bye!

    • The Royal Highness R.A.S.P.U.T.I.A. (Pronounced ‘Rah’ – ‘SPEW’ – ‘Cha’) December 29, 2018

      She is hood and her label struggled to market her so they decided to try covering her up! She has huge tattoos everywhere like Nivea does and as she got older her voice got thinner. Thus, those vocals you think she is scared to unleash are really just not there. I applaud her for always singing live but she is not holding back with the vocals. 2003 was the last time she had strong big vocals. Now she has big vocals still but they are thin.

  2. Erica December 28, 2018

    I need another “through the storm” but she’s happy

  3. Mr RCW December 28, 2018

    Her vocals are everything! I can’t wait to hear this song in its entirety! ? ? ?! I’m here for it and excited

  4. Jackx December 28, 2018

    Straight bop, ???? can’t wait to hear the full thing

  5. The Empress December 28, 2018

    I need another Still Standing or After The Storm era from Monica.

  6. ERIC December 28, 2018

    She doesn’t sing real melodies anymore; those are her most memorable songs. Everything post-2003 is forgettable.

    • The Royal Highness R.A.S.P.U.T.I.A. (Pronounced ‘Rah’ – ‘SPEW’ – ‘Cha’) December 29, 2018

      Still Standing was good from beginning to end. Please give that album a listen.

  7. LUCKI December 28, 2018

    It sounds OK. I don’t see it being a hit, maybe on the Urban AC charts.

  8. I hate b&w b itchezz . They both not sht December 28, 2018

    Why didn’t they ask Monica to honor Aretha she sung misty blue an oldie from that era…..why didn’t they ask Monica to come….and Jill scott

  9. Sandra December 28, 2018

    This/she sounds very close to a song Kelly Rowland would sing. Although it sounds alright, like Rowland Monica lacks range which makes songs sound like one long note.
    I agree with the other commenter that the first two albums were her best, but to be honest, nothing can beat the first as the vocals then were the best.

  10. Kyle December 29, 2018

    First of all MONICA did that. You guys would post just one clip. Let’s show all of it. Click this link to see it come to life

    She does not need to keep up with these lack luster, non-soul singers. She comes from a generation where gimmicks will not get you far. People can discredit her all they want, just know after 20 plus years people are still checking for her. It may not be the people that follow this blog or those that were not born when she was on top of the R&B game, but she is true R&B veteran. “Commitment” with the right visuals and promotion will do well, especially on the Adult Contemporary Charts. Those of us mature enough to understand the nature of the lyrics will always appreciate a REAL singer! Go ahead MONICA we still love you!

    • The Royal Highness R.A.S.P.U.T.I.A. (Pronounced ‘Rah’ – ‘SPEW’ – ‘Cha’) December 29, 2018

      That is NOT the issue at all. The PROBLEM is that every time Monica does one of these snippets or twitter clips the song never comes to FRUITION. Some of her best songs are the unreleased songs.

    • wrk December 30, 2018

      Speak for yourself! i dont luv her voice anymore as she sounds dated and weak.. This song is trash along with that human song! Im like WTH is going on with this woman? She should retire like she suggested she was going to do on the DR OZ show! She was pursing another non music career!

  11. Ryanlhigh January 1, 2019

    This song is better than any of those week ass newbie R&b that’s was hits this pass year. And I see you stans stay reaching when your fav can bearly hold a note. Haha .

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