Did You Miss It? Queen Naija Slams Pastor John P. Kee For Alleging She Ripped Off His Song

Published: Sunday 9th Dec 2018 by Rashad

Queen Naija recently celebrated a victory upon learning her song, ‘Medicine,’ rose to the top of Billboard’s Adult R&B Songs chart, but that win was soured by news she may be seeking treatment herself – a legal remedy.

The singer’s been accused of musical theft by none other than legendary gospel singer John P. Kee. Details inside:

The Stellar Award-winning gospel star, best known for hits ‘My Mind is Made Up,’ ‘Show Up!,’ ‘Stand,’ and is reportedly ready to take the stand to defend copyright infringement claims against the 23-year-old starlet as he asserts his tune, ‘Life & Favor,’ is eerily similar to her hit, ‘Karma.’

When Naija’s song made its debut in June 2018, some fans instantly made the comparison, a notice that made her take to Twitter to say:


Kee reportedly responded:

“…never would I try to shame a young artist! But be advised I’m not just an old Gospel artist! I’m a business man,” he reportedly stated. “I’ve been a publisher for over 35 years. This is bigger than her. Staff, producers, management, agents, etc. should have handled this properly out the gate!”

When attacked for his response, Kee clapped back:

The story didn’t end there.  Earlier this week, Queen took to Twitter to say:

This story is still developing.  In the meantime, take a listen to both songs below and let us know if you hear the similarities.


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  1. DanYiel December 9, 2018

    IMO it’s a lot alike & I see why he’s suing her..??‍♂️

  2. Jay December 9, 2018

    It definitely has the same melody! Wow, I instantly noticed as the song started… it’s surely similar and I find it ironic that they are both represented by the same folks… hmm interesting, I don’t know why it seems like everyone has been coming for this girl lately, she’s like the R&B Cardi, however if she or the producer knowingly did this then they should be held accountable so..

    • Khia December 9, 2018

      They got that same egg head if that’s what you implying by r&b cardi. She knew that song came from somewhere else. I see you gospel dude. Business first, Christian later. Pay up girl

  3. Yea Yeaaa YEEEAAAAH December 9, 2018

    I always thought it was for sure sampled by this and assumed they knew to gain rights of the sample! Bad business on Queen niaja team’s part.

  4. aJ December 9, 2018

    She knows she f***** yo that’s why she mad. B**** business is business. The same way Charlie Wilson was about to sue Bruno Mars before he willing added his name to the song credits for stealing from his old group Gap Band songs. Where was this energy when you scary ass was next rob a kelly Price. Basic b****…

    • Jay December 9, 2018

      Lol EXACTLY

  5. Jasmine December 9, 2018

    She copied his song. Period. I never liked her.

    • aJ December 9, 2018


    • Jamie December 9, 2018

      I thought I was the only one. I do not like this girl!

      • Jasmine December 9, 2018

        She is racist too. She was exposed for being a racist and colorist on twitter last year.

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian iBully TROLLmine Rasuptia (hermaphrodite) on the daily December 9, 2018

      PERIOD… something you’ll never have, TROLLmine!!!

      • Khia December 9, 2018

        Hey why do you go back and forth with yourself in the comments?

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian iBully TROLLmine Rasuptia (hermaphrodite) on the daily December 9, 2018

        @khia dear, that’s another user who’s trying to be me. It’s two users Rasputia Latimore & The Jasmine with all the ridiculous pics of women it pretends to be in its avatar. The reality is this person that’s oretending to be me is a documented hermaphrodite with personality disorders so it’s hard to keep track of it. I’m sorry hun.

      • Jasmine December 9, 2018

        F.UCK you u nappy headed j****** n|gga. Stop stalking my comments. I am not a hermaphrodite and even if I was that does NOT give u a free pass to stalk and reply to all my comments. I am the ONLY Jasmine on this site that was born a woman and you will either have to coexist or change your user name. I am NOT Rasputin but even if I was that also really is NONE of your business. I am tired of the constant back and forth with you. U MUST Be LONELY. That is your own fault not mine and I am not the solution for your loneliness. God is. So go prey on it and leave me the f.uck alone u jiganoo N|gaa. I am free to express my opinions however I want to. My opinions are NONE of your concern. U never see me reply to your comments so do the sAmerican when u see my comments u ugly f.aggot.

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian, TROLLmine Rasuptia (the hermaphrodite) wants to be me so bad but I’m woman, NOT herm ??‍♀️ December 9, 2018

      TROLLmine you really want to be me it’s scary

  6. Meme December 9, 2018

    While the songs sounds very similar…this melody is the basic of basics. My first song I’ve written as a 15 yr old as this same flow. It’s very easy for 2 ppl to come up with this.

    • Karter December 9, 2018

      They are more than similar lol, same key signature, same time signature, same publisher, same label. It’s more than a coincidence, even Helen Keller could hear and see that.

  7. G7Pat December 9, 2018

    I been noticed that. She aint slick

  8. Your momma December 9, 2018

    People Magazine & Billboard have articles on Mariah’s new billboard history making record but y’all stay quiet. If it was beyonce y’all would of made 50 post about it.


  9. Jonny5 December 9, 2018

    It’s the same melody and chord progression, which is instantly recognizable. She even stated on Twitter it’s “the same melody”. She needs a better team because they should be advising her to settle. She will lose in court. Copyright law does not care about your feelings.

  10. Interac December 9, 2018

    Why didn’t they just put his name in the credits? But if it’s the same label and same publisher, don’t they already own the rights to give the song to another artist? Not that i’m defending queen, having your art stolen is never okay. And sidenote: wasn’t this the same thing she sang at the soul cypher? And I thought she was going off the top smh.

  11. GoGoRo December 9, 2018

    Am I the only who thought it was sampled from the beginning… I’m in shock that it wasn’t cleared because as soon as I heard Karma, I was like cool, she listens to gospel

  12. Jasmine Da Bi Asian iBully TROLLmine Rasuptia (hermaphrodite) on the daily December 9, 2018

    Try and be more original next time boo.

  13. Music December 9, 2018

    ?…the law doesn’t care about her being a new artist, and just trying to “get on”. Be prepared to settle, so it’ll go away quickly. Get a new team because someone OBVIOUSLY wasn’t doing their job.

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