The Predictions Are In! Zayn Set To Sell 3k In Pure Sales

Published: Sunday 16th Dec 2018 by Sam

Zayn‘s long-awaited sophomore album ‘Icarus Falls’ finally landed this week after several false starts.

The successor to 2016’s ‘Mind Of Mine’ boasts a beefy tracklist comprised of 27-songs, several of which were rolled out as promo singles in the year plus that preceded its arrival.

However, with the former One Direction singer still shunning traditional promotion, the effects are reflecting in the project’s commercial performance.

See what we mean below…

Announced with just a week’s notice (and with no performances or interviews to support), the set’s first week sales forecasts are in and according to Hits Daily Double here’s how the numbers are shaping up:

[Pure Sales]
[Sales Plus Streaming]



With 27 tracks, the streaming component ought to have gifted the project a much higher total figure. As for the pure sales, was anyone expecting more?

In any case, selling such numbers, in Q4 at that, defines underperformance.

It’s unfortunate as we actually enjoyed the album – well, as much as we were able to make through.

Moving forward, we can only hope he overcomes whatever hurdles are preventing him from plugging his material. Because, if not, it may be a wrap.

Your thoughts?

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  1. truthtea December 16, 2018

    Yet this generation of music listeners has the nerve to call the likes of Xtina, Mariah, Ciara, etc… flops!

    • I said it December 16, 2018


    • Jasmine December 16, 2018

      I disagree. It is not really this generation calling them older artists flops. It is the old generation calling them that. The current generation does not value music or sales like old heads do. The whole album concept is no longer relevant. We live in a singles era. The albums that sale do so because of streaming particular songs on that project over and over instead of the album as a whole truly being streamed.

      • Susana Pinto December 17, 2018

        And now would you like a cookie Jasmine?

      • SMH December 17, 2018

        Wrong. The older generation isn’t the ones obsessed with sales & chart stats, that’s the younger generation. The older generation doesn’t waste time living their lives through these entertainers, its the younger generation thats obsessed with Billboard and constantly writing artists off as “flops” because they think the whole album concept is irrelevant, and lets face it, they only think that because their current faves can’t/don’t sell albums like the older generation did. The younger generation are the ones obsessing over who “flops” and who doesn’t, the older generation doesn’t have time for all that, they’re too busy living their own lives.

  2. RihNaj December 16, 2018

    The Cursed of the sophomore album roll out ? this year has been really bad for him no single he throw out took off, shame really.

  3. DanYiel Iman December 16, 2018

    Well he’s a great vocalist IMO…?

    • CHINA December 17, 2018

      LIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS You know fully will with your THIRSTY A_ss you only looking at his face and skinny Taylor Swift body. HE IS AN AVERAGE VOCALIST, NOTHING SPECIAL ABOUT THIS VOICE OLD QUEEN

  4. Theelusive1 on IG December 16, 2018

    This guy has the look, pipes not great but adequate. What is his deal??? Will the label continue to deal with his flops and keep paying to keep him afloat WHILE he is so LAZY as to never PROMOTE?

  5. J December 16, 2018

    RIP ZAYN’S Career lol

    Just the most ridiculous and ineffective roll out I’ve ever seen. The sales reflect that.

  6. Kenhern December 16, 2018

    Really didn’t think about his opening numbers but damn!! But now seeing the numbers not surprised because he doesn’t promote. I don’t understand how he has stage fright but yet with 1D he was out there performing with a smile. Excuses excuses excuses!

  7. MimiStan December 17, 2018

    when u lazy enough not to promote your album/songs. why do u think fans should care enough… they simply move forward and stan another singer tht worth their attention. No Radio show, no interview, no tv promo, no festival promo etc…. RCA shud have dropped him while they can. He is now a liability.. HELL, EVEN RCA cant benefit a 360 deal with him. He wont tour..

  8. Lana Del Fan December 17, 2018

    He needs to be a booty model with his cute self. Also, long albums are not necessary. If you can’t say what you have to say in 7-10 songs, work on your Songwriting skills. I’ll even go as far as to say 12 songs max. But 27 songs is waaaaay too much and honestly kind of intimidating. Even my fave (Lana) releases a 10 minute song and I still haven’t heard it. That’s too much to digest in one go

  9. Abel December 17, 2018

    That’s what happens when you get out of 1D and dump Perry Edwards. Karma is a b****!

  10. #TheTruth December 17, 2018

    He’s done 0 promo.
    You can’t expect to throw a bunch of songs out and expect one to stand out.
    He hasn’t proved himself as a live performer.
    If you’re that good, get out there and show it off.
    I love his duet with Sia tho.

  11. Lol December 17, 2018

    The problem is his attitude. He thinks he doesn’t have to do anything hence why he was always canceling performances. His arrogance is clear. He’s just a low budget Justin Timberlake circa FutureSex LoveSounds era.

    • Sandra December 17, 2018

      The cancellation of performances was years ago, he hasn’t been booked to preform and turn anything down in a while. Stop rehashing old news.

      • SMH December 17, 2018

        But he hasn’t changed his behavior since then, so technically its not old news lol.

  12. JCP December 17, 2018

    I don’t know any of his songs, but he has a cute lil body, Maybe he should try being some kind of model.

  13. Theman December 17, 2018

    No, it’s a lot of these kids that be trying to label these icons/legends as flops. And they aren’t. A few of the big named pop artists can sell & stream. He had no hit single & he doesn’t promote nor perform, so this is why the sales are poor. His last album sold pretty well, with a hit single & good album sales. This album came out of nowhere.?

  14. Sweetnothings78 December 17, 2018

    Sad set of results when the formula is all there: amazing first album, great looks, great styling, ‘great’ voice and a fan base (I thought) from 1D.

    Adele has stage fright and deals with it as do so many other artists. Hopefully this is a wake up call for him as his music is so good!

  15. Marie December 18, 2018

    You do realize RCA set him up to fail by not releasing his physical cds until the following week right?

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