Travis Scott Stunned By Unearthing Of Anti Black Lives Matter Video

Published: Sunday 23rd Dec 2018 by David

Travis Scott supporters have been forced to defend startling remarks he made about the Black Lives Matter movement and the “problem” with black people.

Full story below..

I’m not saying he deserved to get killed. But I’m not saying that he didn’t deserve to pay for consequences he probably inflicted.


Scott was referring to Michael Brown, the African-American teen shot by the police officer Darren Wilson. A teen, who inspired the birth of the peaceful Black Lives Matter movement.


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His comments were unearthed after he agreed to perform at the Super Bowl against the wishes of Colin Kaepernick supporters who believe he was black listed by the NFL for protesting against the violence Scott seemed to suggest some black people deserve.

You gotta just stop putting yourself in positions where you’re continuously having this situation go down.

Scott is married to Kylie Jenner whose brother-in-law is Donald Trump endorser Kanye West.

Your thoughts?

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  1. DanYiel Iman December 23, 2018

    Never supported his ass anyway & nowadays he’s married to a trump supporter…??‍♂️

  2. High Price December 23, 2018

    Wow. I guess he’s really all in.

  3. Brent Christopher December 23, 2018

    is anyone really surprised that this c*** shares these beliefs? any black man who dates or marries a white woman or another white man, is on the side of our oppressor. period! there is no gray area or middle ground.

    • Ugggh December 23, 2018

      This comment is as ignorant as Travis Scott ‘s. Both of you take the L.

      • Brent Christopher December 23, 2018

        the TRUTH is the TRUTH.

        a black man who fully understands the degradation of his people on American soil, would never consciously bound his life to someone who looks like his systematic enslaver. it’s disgusting & im happy the world is seeing this sambo for who he truly is.

      • Brent Christopher December 23, 2018

        @Eric @Fresh Dirt – I really pray that neither of you are black men. And if you are, i can assume you both attended predominately white schools & have very limited DIRECT association with ground level blacks on a daily basis. I can’t stand individuals who are so out of touch with reality that race issues are always so “isolated” in your view.

    • ERIC December 23, 2018

      @Brent. Your negative disposition toward white people is based on their skin, which would make it OK for whites to look at all blacks as criminals based on skin color. Your logic is flawed my friend.

      • Fresh dirt December 23, 2018

        I agree his opinion is flawed they won’t see until they grow and live outside of media

      • Brent Christopher December 23, 2018

        are you a black man? — a real black man who grew up in a black neighborhood and presently has predominately black friends? do you read books written by black authors or service black children in any way beyond cutting checks? if not, your opinion is null & void. If you are not standing alongside us on a daily basis, do not comment on our reality or our struggle.

    • Karter December 24, 2018

      @Brent Christopher…I understand your point of view, I too believe what you’re saying but I think it’s all about personal experience and the environments we grow up in. Where I’m from, your statement is true 9 times out of 10, but not everyone has experienced that and they won’t understand where you’re coming from. But I hear you! ?

  4. Lana Del Fan December 23, 2018

    He has issues accepting himself. But it all makes sense now why he’s all in with the Super Bowl. I’m not saying that I completely disagree with his comments in that interview (i think the truth hurts for some), but this was your moment to protest for change. The fact that you not only said that but also signed on for the SukkkerBowl shows me you’re a koon.

  5. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. December 23, 2018

    Why did they cut off the rest of the commentary? I cannot condemn nor defend anything this man said until I hear his comments in their ENTIRETY.

  6. Fast_Persuader December 23, 2018

    Skin folk, not kinfolk. Not. At. All. Surprised.
    And also, the energy from that first image of him with K, speaks so many things to me. ☣

  7. ERIC December 23, 2018

    They gave us a little soundbite and removed everything else that would give more context to what he was saying. What I heard him say is that all actions have consequences. Did Mike Brown do everything right that day? No. Did Darren Wilson? No. But knowing how the police can be, you have to try to do more to keep things from escalating. Having your upper body inside a police cruiser fighting an officer is going to bring serious consequences. Mike’s death was a savage one and it was the worst of any possible consequences that day, but we don’t get to choose how things unfold once we are in a situation that we could’ve done more to avoid. That’s all I think Travis is trying to say. Unfortunately, police officers tend to be shielded from consequences when they do wrong. As black American citizens, we don’t have that luxury, so we have to find better ways to fight the system and stay alive.

    • Brent Christopher December 23, 2018

      you date white men & let them fetishize your BBC don’t you? you are not equipped to accurately assess these issues regarding racial tension or the struggle for equality within black movements.

  8. Paulo December 23, 2018

    It’s really sickening how this blog tries to blame the Kardashians for Kanye’s foolery. They’re not above criticism but have always been notoriously democrat supporters.

    • Mrs. Rasputia Lattimore December 23, 2018

      Shut up Paula. All your comments ARE ATTACKS ON BLACK MEN. Don’t make me call immigration you mexican peasant! You are NOT better than blacks so fall in line. Better make yourself useful and go cut somebody’s grass u T***** peasant.

      Perra campesina de hadas fea punta.

      • Paulo December 24, 2018

        ? leaving you with a quote from Ms Fenty… you’re so ugly when you cry, PLEASE! just cut it (your wrists) out. Merry Xmas in the sewers, RatPuta ? your obvious trolling is still as disgusting and boring as always, Jizzmine aka RatPuta. 2019 is the time to let that go. Learn from Suicide Blonde and leave this planet for good hunty

    • DL af hughley December 24, 2018

      hey Paulo, fu<k your Kardashians.. their shows are on the brink of E CANCELLATION and I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THAT SH*T SHUT THE FU<K DOWN

      • Paulo December 24, 2018

        I’m cool with your opinion. Reality TV culture is annoying. But let Kanye be held accountable for his crap and Kim and ’em be accountable for theirs is all I’m saying

  9. DL af hughley December 24, 2018

    deleted all tracks with him from my apple music, including collabs.

  10. ~The Arcade~ December 24, 2018

    Are people really surprised? Look who he’s with; I just saw a photo of him with relaxed blonde hair looking a dam fool lol. He really is morphing into a Kanye 2.0. #youarethecompanyyoukeep

  11. SMH December 24, 2018

    Blame yourselves. Y’all are the ones who make idiots like him famous.

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