Zayn Debuts At #61 On Billboard 200 With Album ‘Icarus Falls’

Published: Monday 24th Dec 2018 by Sam

The sophomore slump is all sorts of real for Zayn.

For, with the tabulations being made for this week’s Billboard 200, it’s being reported that the singer’s 27-song album ‘Icarus Falls’ has bombed dismally.

The final numbers have yet to be unveiled, however the ever-reliable Chart Data have revealed that the LP has limped in at #61 on the coveted count:


Hopefully, this is a wake-up call to all involved. Because whatever is happening behind the scenes, there is nothing avant garde or admirable about flopping – which, make no mistake, is what’s occurring here.

His solo debut premiered at #1 and the follow-up is opening at 60 spots lower. A mess.

Some corners of Zayn’s fanbase have wondered aloud why ‘Dusk Til Dawn’ (which, with its billion + plays would have gifted the project an immediate streaming boost) was omitted from the final tracklist. Especially when there’s so many other songs featured.

Still, that aside, something has been awry about the roll-out of this project from the start.

One has to wonder where Zayn, who has still yet to hit the stage or the press trail, goes from here.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Meme December 24, 2018

    Screaming. Right where her deserves to be. Hopefully his label can put all the millions they invested into him into someone who is actually hungry.

  2. Lia December 24, 2018

    To be honest this is the first I’ve heard that he even had a new album out at all… there has been ZERO promotion, and I’ve just seen the album cover after reading your article , his not even on it, clearly the label have just released with no promo , maybe he doesn’t want to be part of the prompt or there is blatantly some drama behind the scenes, his a great artist and his music is dope so its all down to promo

    • Meme December 24, 2018

      You have to be kidding me about zero promotion. This guy basically been promoting this album for 2 yrs. he’s had so money singles.

      He doesn’t want to perform so the album couldn’t be promoted that way but performing is only 1 form of promotion.

      • Mike December 25, 2018

        You’re the most ridiculous person I’ve ever seen speak up Zayn’s name. Dont know what you have against him but that’s not my business.
        He obviously has had ZERO promotion. This time last month, we had no clue the album would even be out this year, then it was all of a sudden going to be released in two weeks. That is ridiculous. ONE man can’t promote an album for TWO weeks! Not even Drake would be successful with that. You saw how long he was speaking up Views and Scorpion, etc.
        RCA is wasting the most potential talent they have in Zayn. It doesn’t help that Z doesnt want to tour and do live shows, but nonetheless, RCA is PATHETIC. Zayn should be ripping into their a**es right now and even consider leaving that dumb. Even Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown flopped this year.

      • DL af hughley December 25, 2018

        Mike, calm your tits sis. Meme isn’t lying. This walking anxiety attack refused to perform and promote. He’s basically a soundcloud artist and you’re dumb mad for thinkin he deserves top sales for mediocore artistry….. and also, he writes like a middle schooler with no life experience.

      • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. December 25, 2018

        @Meme – The lies you tell. This dude has had ZERO promotion.
        #His Downfall Is His LACK Of Effort (Promo)

      • Patricia January 5, 2019

        Britney, who is also under RCA, also had no live performance and receives little promo. Her last two albums that were issued under RCA have the worst chart performance of all her career. But before RCA? Her last album under Jive debuted at No 1 and had three top 10 singles. She didn’t perform back then for the promo either. But she did get to show up at talk shows.
        What I’m trying to say is, performance is important, but the lack of promo is a separate problem itself. And there’s no use if you release six singles with zero promo. No talk shows, no ads, little to no articles. Nothing. Just a tweet.
        (English is not my mother tongue so please forgive my grammatical mistakes.)

  3. AnonymousTruth December 24, 2018

    Well Zayumn …

  4. Jasmine December 24, 2018

    In other news Mariah Carey”s Caution is officially a FLOP. It fell out the billboard 200 in just 2 weeks. I don’t know who Zayn is so that is why she flopped. If I don’t know who u are u will flop. Artists need a hit single and that song alone will be streamed enough to carry the album”s “sales”. No hits no “sales”. I put quotes around “sales” because really nobody is really selling albums. Streaming sucks and equates to less than a penny on the dollar and no one is buying albums at the store hardly so why do we care how an album dies on these charts?

    • Pat December 24, 2018

      You might as well throw the tile in with the Mariah shade lol! She’s a legend and no one gives a f***, especially when her Christmas songs and old ass albums (Glitter Soundtrack) charting…Her place in history was stamped and approved long ago, lol!

      • Pat December 24, 2018


      • Jasmine December 25, 2018

        It is not “shade” but definitely a matter of FACT!. Mariah = Quality Music albums. She has NEVER released an album that was not quality. It is a reflection of the sad state the music industry is in when legends like MC flop with their new albums. I disagree with your comment that “no one gives a f.uck”. People care…they just don’t care enough to buy music at all anymore. If you think a huge artist like MC only got 25K fans you are kidding yourself. Her fan base is huge. They just don’t feel a need to buy her new material and that is the problem with music. Perhaps it is time the music industry incentivize the appeal of buying albums by shutting down streaming and replacing it with new technology that grants listeners the ability to listen to master quality music. CDS are obselete. People want to hear the master quality audio (something that cannot be streamed).

      • gina December 25, 2018

        Lol that’s a lie. Glitter, Charmbracelet and E=MC2 were horrible albums that were not quality AT ALL.

      • SMH December 25, 2018

        Doesn’t matter if she only charts at Christmas time, its the other 364 days of the year that matters. A flop is a flop, whether your name is Zayn or Mariah.

      • Casual December 25, 2018


        Shutting down streaming is a terrible idea. It might work for big labels and major artists, but it would work against indies and the public-at-large. The doors have been blown off the music industry, and I don’t want them erected again. So many artists who could not have been successful just 10 or 15 years ago are making really good money now through streaming.

    • Mike December 25, 2018

      You must live under a rock…
      He’s had 3 number 1 singles since mid 2017…
      He sent the world into a Frenzy by leaving the famous pop band One Direction
      His first album shattered release day records around the world…

      • gina December 25, 2018

        Well obviously the world no longer cares about him or one direction. So stop making excuses for this horrible flop.

  5. Ropeburn December 24, 2018

    Well I guess Icarus really does fall…right down the charts! Whatever is goin on with this boy behind the scenes one thing is clear: a singing career is not for him. Maybe he can become a catalogue model or start a business.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. December 25, 2018

      @Ropeburn – hahaha @ “…a catalogue model…”

  6. stan December 24, 2018

    the promo around this album is such a mess.

  7. ROCK December 25, 2018

    Where he goes from here?Back to obscurity hahaha.He is talented but unserious

  8. Patthepuss December 25, 2018

    He really did fall ??

  9. SMH December 25, 2018

    All these excuses, but nobody wants to admit the obvious. This boy is just not cut out for this business, plain and simple.

  10. Nicky December 25, 2018

    Is anyone surprised though? He did zero promo (if we don’t count pap photos of him leaving and entering appartment of his more famous girlfriend) – no radio interviews, no performances, no tv appearances. And obviously the fandom he kept since his 1D times started disappearing because he constantly talked trash his former band and bandmates. The promo single Good Years was bad choice too – how are you going to release a song how you hate performing in the front of your fans and expect they will continue to support you?

  11. Jennifer December 25, 2018

    There’s nothing to say… #Sad

  12. Karishma December 26, 2018

    I’m m his fan but this album is a disappointment I deleted all the songs

  13. Rudraksha Barthwal January 19, 2019

    Gee, I wouldn’t call it a flop. Anyone who’s calling this album a flop has clearly not listened to it.

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