Britney Spears Announces “Indefinite Work Hiatus” / Cancels Las Vegas Residency

Published: Friday 4th Jan 2019 by Sam

Britney Spears made a shocking announcement moments ago.

For, just one month before her Las Vegas residency ‘Britney: Domination’ was set to kick-off, she has pulled the plug on all professional endeavours – confirming an “indefinite work hiatus.”

Press statement awaits below…

Britney Spears has announced an indefinite work hiatus putting her “Britney: Domination” launch run at Park Theater at the new Park MGM resort on hold until further notice. She has made this decision to devote all of her time to her family and their efforts to care for her father during his recovery from a recent life-threatening illness.

Two months ago, Mr. Jamie Spears became seriously ill and was rushed to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas.  His colon spontaneously ruptured and he was immediately admitted into surgery. Mr. Spears spent the next 28 days in the hospital under the care of the amazing doctors, nurses and staff at the hospital, who the Spears family credits with saving his life. After a long, complicated post-operative period, he is recuperating at home and gaining strength, and is expected to make a full recovery.

Ms. Spears has been tremendously involved with caring for her family, and as a result of his health issues and ongoing recovery, she is going to take time off.  “I am dedicating my focus and energy to care for my family.  We have a very special relationship and I want to be with my family at this time just like they have always been there for me,” said Ms. Spears.  “Thank you to all my fans for your continued love and support during this time.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and I look forward to the time when I can be back on stage performing for all of you,” she added.

Refunds are available at original point of purchase.

Update: Spears just added a more personalised social media statement…



While we wish her father the speediest of recoveries, it would be remiss of us to not point out ‘Domination’ wasn’t selling at all. Indeed, so sparse were sales, even opening night had an overwhelming amount of tickets left.

In any case, perhaps the time away will help increase demand. It was always ambitious launching another Las Vegas show less than a year after wrapping up its predecessor (which itself ran for four years).

Enough from us, though. What are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Sweetnothings78 January 4, 2019

    Hope her father is okay.

    Hopefully she got the memo also about singing and dancing do come hand in hand and she’s gone to find where her abilities to do both went. Just a thought!

    • Jasmine January 4, 2019

      I think this is not about ticket sales and more about rehab. Something is,not right with Britney. You can see it in her eyes and face. She’s been on something for a while now I think. I know she smokes cigarettes but she looks like she aged into a 55 yo in the face so that can’t all be due to cigs

      • Osheun January 4, 2019

        No that’s just how white people age ??‍♂️

      • Greg Valentine January 4, 2019

        More about rehab? Wtf?
        Have you noticed any strange behavior from her these few years?
        Google it you’ll see since her breakdown the only think she does is smoke cigarettes, even on her tours and residencies the crew and dancers have to sign agreements that say they won’t drink or do substances on the premises of the shows and on studio rehearsals.
        She’s clean and staying clean for her boys.
        If you’re evil to believe she canceled her residency not because of her father health and because of something drug related I’m sorry.
        But if you have receipts show them to us…

      • Jasmine January 4, 2019

        Greg I ALWAYS have RECEIPTS. These receipts are luke warm one you read i between the lines but using the laws of common sense coupled with the receipts you will see that she is a fragile shell in dire need of rehab. Remember rehab can be for both mental issues and substance abuse.


        1. RE-READ your comment. You ask me if I have noticed any “strange” behavior lately? HELL YES. It is weird AF to be a grown ass woman with your dad as your conservator. That is the epitome of “strange” to me and it means you are not mentally capable of making your own decisions. It is the same as people who have MENTAL power of attorney over them because they are incapable of making decisions for themselves.

        2. Hers eyes scream sadness. Her face screams something is wrong. She looks like she is 55 and she is only in her 30s. Something is wrong.

        3. Who still smokes cigarettes in their late 30s? It is a sign of anxiety issues at this point because everyone knows cigs = wrinkles and cancer.

        4. She has a ton of stress in her life right now that could cause her another breakdown (new vegas contract, filling seats to fulfill contract, Kevin wanting more alimony, conservatorship, sick dad, etc).

      • Rosebud January 5, 2019


      • Samantha Mumba January 5, 2019

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  2. Erica January 4, 2019

    I follow her mom the been taking her dad to hospital frequently he literally look like a skeleton. She’s not lying about that

  3. The Culture Vulture January 4, 2019

    Why the skepticism TGJ? Family should come first regardless whether she sold out 20 years of shows.

    • carlenciaga January 4, 2019

      exactly! very distasteful and classless to make this about money when clearly the woman is most concerned about her, as she should be. it’s already been well documented that britney has her own mental health issues, so anytime that she needs a persin break; the general public sfoykf be okay with that

  4. K_man January 4, 2019

    Ugh, I had tickets to opening night! But I understand why she’s wanting to be by his side. I hope Jamie a speedy recovery.

  5. DanYiel Iman January 4, 2019

    Hopefully her father is going to pull through but if she lip sing anyway, why couldn’t she just dance as usual.??‍♂️

  6. Meme January 4, 2019

    Whew Chile. White privilege at its finest.

    Please give this gig to someone hungry and ready to work. I can give y’all a list of black acts ready to work, who don’t have opportunities thrown at them.

    • Meme January 4, 2019

      Ok I’m just seeing it’s family related. She’s get a pass. But still, she’s been extremely sloppy and unprofessional for over 10 years now. It’s seem like only the beginning of her career she was hard working.

      • Erica January 4, 2019

        That’s f*** up how can you say white privileged that woman busted her ass for where she’s at!! You can’t buy fans so your statement about opportunity being thrown at her is distasteful. If she has people willing to shed out money than of course she’ll get those opportunities. The black people you speak of that’s hungry don’t get the opportunity because no one is spending money on them, it’s not hard to comprehend how it works

      • SMH January 4, 2019

        Lol whatever Erica. White privilege has kept Britney Spears afloat for the last 10 years period. A black star would have been tossed away immediately after that 2007 meltdown and flop after flop album for the last 3 releases. deny it all you want, doesn’t erase the truth.

      • Meme January 4, 2019

        Thanks SMH. Facts. Britney only gets these opportunities continuously because she’s white. And in case Erica didn’t notice, Britney hasn’t sold in years. It’s not like her product is hot cakes. Let’s be real. So NO, she’s not getting opportunities because she’s selling. BYE.

    • Erica January 4, 2019

      Y’all I’m confuse as to what opportunities she’s getting nobody else is getting? And last time I check glory sold more than anti & the carters first week sales. Again her fans are the ones keeping her with a stage nobody else is giving this woman a stage lol

      • Samantha Mumba January 4, 2019

        Britney hasn’t sold in years? You know she’s in the top 10 women with most album sales certified in the us younger than her only Taylor is there not Rihanna baby.
        She had a residency who sold between 89% and 91% of tickets and became the highest paid Vegas performer with this residency.
        Her circus tour in 09 was one of the 20 most profitable of that decade. She have 6 number 1 albums 4 of them in a row, and at the time of X-Factor became the most paid jury in a talent show (one year after that JLo asked more for Idol and beated her record).
        She made all this while juggling 2 kids and one very public breakdown and on top of everything she never stepped on anyone or bashed anyone to be where she is today she’s kind and caring.
        Learn from her example how can you hate someone that doesn’t have one drip of hate in all her body?

  7. Rikwa January 4, 2019

    So distasteful and sad that when she’s been incredibly transparent about her fathers health and her need to be there for him (as he was for her in her darkest moments) TGJ comes in with money and ticket sales as a point of interest in her taking time out! Sad, nasty and classless!

  8. Gee January 4, 2019

    Sam and company the backhanded remarks were totally unnecessary and distasteful. Give her a break to be human and be there for her father in his time of need. Honestly she has more money and fame than she could ask for so any other comments besides support from her fans and supporters should be null and void.

  9. FreshNavi January 4, 2019

    sam is so ignorant and tactless it baffles me. Her father is seriously ill and you think the best time to point out your skepticism regarding ticket sales for her show would be now? are you that void of decency and professionalism?

    • D January 4, 2019

      Journalist, here. I second your sentiments.

  10. Ropeburn January 4, 2019

    The woman’s father is knocking on death’s door and you sick people have to get in a dig about her ticket sales. Disgusting!

  11. Keith January 4, 2019

    It’s good that her focus is in the right place. Prayers to the Spears family

  12. #TeamTinashe Stan (New Nashe Music Coming Soon ?) January 5, 2019

    And RCA thought putting Tinashe on a record with her would get her to become a bigger star…. smh
    Britney isn’t as popular as she once was and needs new and better music and videos to help remind her core fans that she is that unseasoned chicken that still got it!

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