Cassie Readies Comeback Album With ChrisNTeeb

Published: Friday 4th Jan 2019 by David

Cassie is using her split from Diddy to inspire a comeback album she’s building with producers ChrisnTeeb!

Exciting news below…

Ventura ended her relationship with the music mogul and is now in love with her personal trainer who is said to be supporting her return to the music industry.



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Teamwork makes the dream work @cassie @chrisnteeb @sickpen @source_llg @fataah #teamcassie #ganggang

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‘The Metro’ reports…

Cassie was once in the same lane as Rihanna and Ciara but gave it up to be with Diddy

She’s ready to step out of his shadows and return to music with a major comeback this year.

Her new collaborators have created tracks for the aforementioned Ciara, Jennifer Lopez, Olivia, Tiffany Evans and Danity Kane.



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I love you Mommy

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Her self-titled debut set was created by Ryan Leslie (with the support of Tommy Mottola) and delivered the Urban Pop cult classic ‘Me & You.’

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  1. IKNOWTHETRUTH January 4, 2019


    • Sean January 4, 2019

      She used to be compared to those two a LOT back when Me & U came out in terms of potential, sadly she didn’t have a lot of drive… Me & U was HUGE and Long Way 2 Go was pretty known too despite having an uber flop Hot 100 peak for some reason its like she was blacklisted from radios sadly

  2. Keira January 4, 2019

    YES YES YES!!! I’m SOOOO here for this, I’ve always loved her music she doesnt have the strongest voice but she has her own lane and a great ear for good music so bring it on already!! An actual album full of her chill vibes would be perfect, her debut is classic and the mixtape still bangs!!

  3. Sean January 4, 2019

    Come thru Cass, we been ready !

  4. Brent Christopher January 4, 2019

    ALWAYS happy to see a woman reclaim her independence, strong will, artistry & love for self following a toxic relationship.

  5. FAF January 4, 2019

    She had a disastrous 106 performance so she def can’t be compared to no Ciara

  6. K_man January 4, 2019

    Cassie was with that man for 10 years and couldn’t get a career out of it. At lease J.Lo thieving ass was able to get something…. out of her relationship with that man! Girl, in 2019 ain’t nobody looking for Cassie or Ciara.

    • Interac January 4, 2019

      And that’s karma at its finest! Wasn’t she romantically involved with her producer Ryan Leslie when diddy intervened? I think ryan spoke about it. And it’s no wonder her music was never the same, Ryan was to her what timb was to Aaliyah.

  7. ~The Arcade~ January 4, 2019

    Earlier last year she released ‘Don’t play it safe’ which was a bop tbh. I wonder what label is she on now?

  8. I HATE WHYYYTE n Blaccck BITCHEZZ BOTH NOT SHT January 4, 2019

    Ohhhhhh npoooo b****…. Now Kim Porter the brown beauty died now the coast is clear…wooooooooow diddy for real

  9. Keith January 4, 2019

    She’s dropped some cute bops for a minute, so id like to see what she can do when she focuses on the music…

  10. Terrance Fox January 4, 2019

    Cassie was never on the Ciara and Rihanna level. One she can’t sing snd two she has no drive to be a real star.

  11. Sweetnothings78 January 5, 2019

    Her music actually makes up for her lack of singing! That mixtape was absolute fire!

    • Cruz January 7, 2019

      100% that mixtape was SO dope

  12. Jujumanji January 6, 2019

    I’m gonna take a hard pass. Naw dog.

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