JoJo Shares Shocking Insights On R. Kelly Following #SurvivingRKelly

Published: Sunday 6th Jan 2019 by Sam

Lifetime‘s ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ has gripped viewers the world over and ignited heated debate about the harrowing tales of abuse alleged by accusers of the R&B star.

Beyond the masses, musicians are weighing-in on Dream Hampton‘s shocking series – the latest being vocal powerhouse JoJo.

Ever outspoken, the singer took to social media to speak up and out about her personal experience as relates to Kelly’s alleged impropriety.

Her words below…

Jo said:

To know that many men I’ve known throughout my career (women too, no doubt, but overwhelmingly more men ?‍♀️) worked so closely with R. Kelly and KNEW and in some cases SAW the abuse going on + told stories about this stuff in studio sessions like it was funny and nobody came forward?

seems like many continued 2make money off of him and stick around, thus condoning his disgusting predatory ways. Were they sticking around for more “ridiculous Robert Kelly stories” they could tell in private studio sessions later down the line?

… the R Kelly stories I’ve heard in sessions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many of these stories I was hearing when I, myself, was wayyyy underage. Making my first couple albums at 12 and then 14/15. I was a HUGEEEEE R Kelly fan, came from a broken home, had daddy issues, and wondered… how did these girls get chosen? I wondered if I could/would be.

so so thankful 2have had my mom by my side (THANK U MOM I LOVE U MADLY) who 1- never left me alone for a second until I turned 18, 2- never let me work w R Kelly when I begged her to 3- never let me get too close to other predatory men who wanted to do who-knows-what to me

Because, if I didn’t have her, I could have easily fallen victim to someone like R Kelly. Period.

feel DEEPLY for these COURAGEOUS QUEENS who come forward and in some cases risk their lives 2share their story &let others know they’re not alone!!!! Going up against powerful people/ entities f*cking intimidating/ terrifying.

Thank u for this important docuseries

Im sure it’s way easier SAID than DONE to come forward when you see some wild sh*t going on right in front of you… but COME THE HELL ON. When dealing w child abuse can it become a reflex!???? SH*T!

We must acknowledge that today, in America, the color of a person’s skin + their/ their families socio-economic standing either ensures or denies them protection. Some people’s stories are prioritized & believed over others. Some are blamed & victim-shamed.

There are patterns. Do you see? This is unacceptable.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mhhmm January 6, 2019

    Funny how she is asking why the people didn’t come forward and why they still chose to work with him, but she never came forward with her information and she still was begging her mom to work with him. Hunty yo kettle is just as black as his pot.

    • Yea man January 6, 2019

      She was a little girl you dummy!

      • Mhhmm January 6, 2019

        She still had a voice. She could’ve spoken up to her parents anyone who would listen. She also had years to say something. She’s been grown for years.

    • truthteller January 6, 2019

      So you think it was her responsibility to come forward when she was a child herself. Okay…

    • Interac January 6, 2019

      All she is talking about is the stories she has heard other people tell, JoJo did not say she had personal experiences with r. Kelly.

    • Tyler January 6, 2019

      She was a child….

    • um January 6, 2019

      It wouldn’t have been legally effective, nor was it her place, to come forward with someone else’s story, particularly if it’s something she never witnessed or could corroborate herself as a 12 year old.

    • Jasmine January 6, 2019

      R. Kelly don’t even like her kind.

      • Samantha Mumba January 6, 2019

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  2. K January 6, 2019

    See what I mean her parents were involved not like those other parents who left their daughters with him now crying for attention

    • XYZ January 6, 2019

      And if they weren’t involved, she would be Ariana Grande by now. This business is led by perverts

  3. I HATE WHYYYTE n Blaccck BITCHEZZ BOTH NOT SHT January 6, 2019

    Ohhhhhh s*** whyyyte b****.. . you said you saw and did nothing you lying ass w**** they should lock you up JoJo… Not guilty kellz king of RnB

  4. I.D. January 6, 2019

    What she is claiming to have heard is HEARSAY – simple as that.

  5. DanYiel Iman January 6, 2019

    I respect her for speaking the truth even though she didn’t fall ill to R.Pedophilias day of continuance of abuse..✊?She’s still a vocal beast that serves it up for me!!?

  6. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. January 6, 2019

    Well said JoJo.

  7. Navy Gravy January 6, 2019

    When I realized that she was signed to Blackground and worked under Barry Hankerson as well, I wondered if she had been handled in some way or another by R. Kelly. So it’s interesting to see what she had to say because right after I watched the 1st night, I thought of JoJo and how she was also discovered very young, and also worked right under Barry who passed his 14 y/o niece right along to be handled by R. Kelly. SN: I think her family is shady as héll including her parents. It’s still a mystery to me that her music is nowhere to be found. Whoever is handling her estate and the rights to her music must be really foolish and stupid, it’s sad what the motivation of money will make people do to their own family dead or alive.

  8. B2B January 7, 2019

    I don’t think R Kelly is a r***** at all. I think he does have a problem, in my opinion, but I also don’t think it’s as simple as that.

    Majority of the girls on the video met him at 17, 19, or as a much older adult. The direct did a good job at making the viewers have empathy early on by starting with Aaliyah. What you have to understand is that it’s not uncommon for high school girls to date men in their twenties. Is it right? HELL NO In my opinion, but that does not make him a r*****. Aaliyah went along with the entire thing.

    Jocelyn Savage, she has stated she is okay multiple times and even says this when R Kelly isn’t present. I don’t think she is being held against her will.

    RKelly could possible be abusive, but again that doesn’t make him a r*****.

    I believe he prefers petite women. Yes. I believe that he even likes women teen women…. Not 13-14, but for sure 17+.

    I don’t believe the women and parents are being held accountable by the industry. As quietlas it’s kept we must teach young women to aspire to be more than a baby mama to a rapper or ball player. Some of these girls went into this situation to be discovered, but from the beginning he never knew you sung.

    One of the main women sharing her story admitted that she lied and said she was 19, but in reality she was 16. She later admitted this to Kelly during inter course per her statement in the documentary.

    Another thing and this does go back to Aaliyah. Being from the South… I’ve seen first hand women who are 12-15 years younger than their husband. My great grandma was married at 15 and that’s just how things were done back in the day. I say that to say that RKelly is not the first to do this and he will not be the last.

    This is probably the furthest thing from r***. I do feel that the documentary has started lots of conversation, but I feel that a lot of people aren’t smart enough to separate emotion from reality.

    • PLEASE January 7, 2019

      Damn you sound so intelligent to be this dumb. Aaliyah went along with it? That’s the point you’re trying to make, that a 15/16 year old girl went along with it? Sad that people like you even have a voice. Please don’t have children. PLEASE.

      • B2B January 7, 2019

        You stupid b****…

        How many girls have babies at 14,15,16 in the 90s? Age ain’t nothing but a number. Age doesn’t define competence, a 15 is capable of determining right from wrong.

        My point is that people like you are calling him a r***** when he is not! Aaliyah was old enough to date at 15! She knew it was not okay to date him b****, hence why they never admitted to it in interviews. She never admitted to her age in interviews. She knew wtf she was doing dumbass!

        I can’t help it if her parents didn’t raise her with enough sense to know it’s not okay to date older men! She is accountable as is he.

  9. xedos January 7, 2019

    Trust me he would never touch you because you’re white and he knows he would not get away with it.

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