R. Kelly’s Tour Manager Claims Singer Also Pursues Males And Propositioned Him With “Freaky” Sex

Published: Thursday 10th Jan 2019 by David

R. Kelly‘s former tour manager Demetrius Smith has emerged as one of the villains of the ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ story.

For, like the singer Sparkle, he has been upbraided for not doing enough to protect underage girls (including the singer Aaliyah) from Robert and for forging legal documents which “allowed” him to wed the singer when she was in the 10th grade.

Now, as the backlash he is facing intensifies, he has shed more light on his time with the alleged paedophile and revealed that he is just as introduced in exploiting males as he is females…and once came onto him by  walking into his hotel room naked, putting his bare buttocks in his face and asked if he “wanted some of this.”

Listen below….

Kelly, who is close to being evicted from the building he is said to holding his brainwashed victims in, is yet to respond to Demetrius’ startling assertions.



Smith says Robert would exploit working class boys by telling them that he could change their lives by ushering them into the music industry.


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  1. olusheyi banjo January 10, 2019

    wow just wow

  2. DanYiel Iman January 10, 2019

    ?GET HIM WHILE YOU CAN!! We’ve had enough of R.Pedophilia being able to abuse and mistreat BLACK GIRLS/WOMAN FOREVER!!???

  3. Pat January 10, 2019

    He’s trying to play victim now he knows they r going down

  4. Fergie January 10, 2019

    Lock him up!
    He’s Time his comming we won’t stand with pedophelia

  5. ~The Arcade~ January 10, 2019

    Unwinewithtashak (Youtube) put all of this on blast. Demetrius trying to save his own behind; he’s just as guilty.

  6. oh NO Justin WHAT IS YOU DOIN BB January 10, 2019

    Did ya’ll see what Ciara’s rejected baby daddy had to fkn say? He said we’re giving R Kelly too much attention! He said we need to stop talking about it so it will go away. NO MUTHA FUKA; WE ALREADY TRIED THAT ALMOST 20 FKN YEARS AGO AND NOW YOUR HOMEBOY HAS COMPOUNDS WITH KIDNAPPED B******. Yo, as black man i detest and really try hard not the ever breathe such a word but Future is the only dumb as fck n**** ever in this world and I really hope Ciara figures some way to block custody so that Jr don’t end up just as dumb.

    • Jasmine January 10, 2019

      He’s right. People should focus on finding underage victi mm ‘s instead of just talking about Kelly. We know he lived b in Atlanta, Chicago, And Miami. Perhaps the same people in those cities could organize to track down underage victims if they exist.

  7. Paulo January 10, 2019

    It’s been 20 years of stories and underage girls yet not one single report of any underage boy. Lock this liar up with R Kelly and throw away the key

    • Jasmine January 10, 2019

      No the last story of anything illegal was 20 years ago. Nothing illegal has been reported in the last 20 years. Yeah he did some bad stuff in the 90s but he has not been doing anything illegal in 20 years so people should either let him be or dig up an underage girl from the past 20 years to testify against him if one exists . You have women filing civil lawsuits against him for stds and losing their lawsuits because they refuse to press criminal charges. I guess they figure if he is locked up they won’t get paid.

      • Paulo January 10, 2019

        Don’t @ me with your lies and disgusting crap Captain Save A Pedo. ✌

      • Jasmine January 11, 2019

        Don’t make me call immigration on your ass Paulo. You’ll be back in Mexico where u came from. Or are you from the UK. You know all your TROLL accounts got different personalities and different fake locations LOL.

      • Caleb January 12, 2019

        He is pissing on and having s** with a 14 year old on video in the early 2000s so no that wasn’t 20 years ago.

  8. ROCK January 10, 2019

    This is what they call news magnet.Once you say R Kelly…the social media news swarm

  9. Jasmine January 10, 2019

    If people want R. Jelly locked up then find an underage girl who will testify against him. Simple as that. Why are people wasting time protesting instead of finding an underage victim? Where there is smoke there is fire so after this documentary aired it should be easier to find one if she exists.

    • Fergie January 10, 2019

      How can you say it’s easier to find a underage victim now if you and people like you are looking for anything to destroy his accusers?
      You’re always trying to make up like this is a giant conspiracy and he’s innocent the guilty ones are always the victims or their families and they’re only after money and Bla Bla Bla.
      The perfect victim doesn’t exist so what’s the difference if he molested a catholic school girl or a ghetto party girl?
      Stop trying to always blame the victims if you’re all so available do search his victims past surely you’re available to go through his dark tainted filthy past.

      • Jasmine January 10, 2019

        Barking at me won’t get you anywhere. NONE of the women on that documentary went through anything ILLEGAL with Kelly. Just because you make an allegation against someone does not make you a “victim.” In this situation, what is needed is an UNDERRAGE girl accuser. If you do not know the legal difference between a grown woman and an underrage girl then you are just stupid. If no underrage girls exist or emerge then this man should be left alone cause he ain’t doing anything wrong!

        “Brain washing”, “stock holm syndrom,” “Mind Control” diagnosis claims from idiots like Timothy Savage who is a criminal himself goes NOWHERE. He is not a physician and certainly not educated enough to diagnosis anyone! I am more intelligent than all these NUTS.

        The WOMEN in that documentary VOLUNTARILY entered a DOM and SUB relation. R. Kelly is the DOM and the women were his SUBs. That is perfectly legal because they are all ADULTS. Find an underrage girl victim and I will support that 300 percent because she is underrage. I have no sympathy for women that are bums and cry wolf just because they got dumped. They were nothing but freak ho groupies from the jump. What kind of woman spreads her legs for a married man? What kind of woman pursues a man that has decades of rumors and allegations that he is a pedo? What kind of woman takes her adult young daughter to meet a man with decades of pedo allegations? YEAH NO SYMPATHY FROM ME AT ALL ON WOMEN THAT FIT THOSE CATEGORIES. FIND THE UNDERRAGE VICTIMS AND I’LL EVEN DONATE MONEY TO HELP KELLY GO DOWN IF HE DID ANYTHING TO UNDERRAGE GIRLS IN THE PAST 10 YEARS.

  10. Caleb January 12, 2019

    I mean he had that one girl looking like a guy so she could be his “boy toy “ so I wouldn’t be that surprised.

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