Lauren Jauregui Amazes With ‘More Than That’ Live On VEVO [Video]

Published: Saturday 26th Jan 2019 by Sam

Lauren Jauregui is blazing the promo trail in support of new single ‘More Than That.’

The songbird’s latest stop was VEVO Live, where she delivered a stunning acoustic rendition of the track.

Well-received upon its release earlier this month, ‘More’ is the second taste of the Fifth Harmony star’s solo project following the critically acclaimed ‘Expectations.’

Check out the performance below…

Lauren’s tone is so sensually smokey and really shines here.

We’re hoping for a continued push in the weeks and months ahead. It has potential.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Liam January 26, 2019

    The song has grown and stuck in my head….this has so much potential to be a hit ???her tone is everything!

  2. DanYiel Iman January 26, 2019

    She has it, I need a little more execution!!

  3. Clayne January 26, 2019

    Checkin for her 🙂

  4. #TeamTinashe Stan (New Nashe Music Coming Soon ?) January 26, 2019

    Her voice is way better than Normani.
    I think Normani has the weakest voice in 5 harmony I been saying this.

    Yes, I want to root for the black doll of the group but she’s only good at being a Beyonce imitator on stage with dancing. Her voice is really dead sounding to me, it has no life or appeal to compliment with the sound she is doing.

    • Buzz Off January 27, 2019

      Chileeee Everybody’s voice in F5 is better than Normani’s.. I know a lot of people be trying to dodge that cuz — like you said- cuz she’s the black doll of the group we all should ride or die for her, but honestly she hasn’t improve at all. It’s been 6 years and she’s still hasn’t been able to showcase her voice.. all she’s good at is dancing like a Clone of Beyoncé .. but she had no voice at all.. She’s always singing flat EVERYTIME SHE GETS ON STAGE! I’ve always Considered Dinah and Lauren to be the best at bringing Vocals to the the stages .. Dinah delivered very well on their last Album .. she was plastered on every song in the album ..But not sure where Dinah is taking her musical Artistry, but Lauren seems to be getting it.. ??????

  5. Nightowel January 27, 2019

    Lauren like the rest of fifth harmony are not strong enough solo artists to be successful. Tbh camila cabello isn’t either. Yes she had her hit Havana but that also included a feature and every single before and after that pretty much failed commercially and was unable to match the success of Havana. These girls are a waste of record label money.

  6. TResndy January 27, 2019

    Yeah this girl just does not have any confidence or it factor. She looks bland, sounds, bland etc. Good luck to her. She’ll need it and more.

  7. Wanna get dragged b****! January 27, 2019

    I love this song. She has a lot of potential and she has Ty Dolla $

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