New Song: Sam Smith & Normani – ‘Dancing With A Stranger’

Published: Friday 11th Jan 2019 by Rashad

Sam Smith and Normani have unlocked new single ‘Dancing With A Stranger.’

The hotly anticipated collaboration unites the pair on record following years of public declarations of mutual appreciation. Produced by Stargate and co-penned by Jimmy Napes, ‘Stranger’ is a delicious slice of funky flavored Pop.

With Sam armed with the chart-topping momentum of Calvin Harris collab ‘Promises’ and Normani still charting with top 10 ‘Love Lies,’ have the duo nabbed their respective next hit?

Listen below and let us know…


Your thoughts?

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  1. King B January 11, 2019

    Lauren Jauregui’s new song is better than this crap. Norman has yet to release a decent solo single.

    • Meme January 11, 2019

      Lies. All of her solo songs have been exceptional. Not because they didn’t perform well means they weren’t decent.

    • Tahj January 11, 2019

      @King B I do agree with your first sentence though. Lauren Crofts new song bangz “Stranger” out the car.

    • Womder Woman January 11, 2019

      Agreed, she also won round one with “Expectations”…. I think they released same day too with those other mediocre songs.

      • Wonder Woman January 11, 2019


  2. Koolkid January 11, 2019

    She can’t even put out one song by herself ?‍♀️

    • Xena January 11, 2019

      Camila released countless collabs and Lauren didnt see yall moaning

  3. Bad B January 11, 2019

    Very underwhelming, not feeling it. Its not packing enough heat. Her vocals are not coming through, she sounds bored. Even as a Sam Smith song its very weak compared to his other tracks. The chorus was a huge letdown. Sounds like mere elevator music to me. Urban is the direction she should go.Sorry Normani 🙁

  4. XYZ January 11, 2019

    Boring. Sorry

  5. DanYiel Iman January 11, 2019

    I actually love this song ?…

  6. AJ January 11, 2019

    This song is very saf, very mediocre , it may be a sleeper hit but it’s not a good song. Normani needs to truly release a solo single af her first single off her album and hopefully this and love lies are just buzz singles. She really needs a strong uptempo that packs a vocal punch. I’m tired of all this lil cute s*** from the school of kelly Rowland. LEARN FROM THIS! *tyra banks voice*

  7. stan January 11, 2019

    a little bland, tbh..

  8. AnonymousTruth January 11, 2019

    Still waiting for Normani to serve something better than ‘Drake’ level vocals . They’re so bland all the time .

  9. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez January 11, 2019

    It’s a bop.

  10. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez January 11, 2019

    She’s smart to release with these big names before her solo release. Good for her.

  11. Meme January 11, 2019

    Very nice. I like the song, very top 40 with a groove. However normanis chorus was too flat. It did match the first chorus. She should of had a 2nd singer with a heavier voice do a voice over to layer it. Also I wish there was a 3 verse.

    • RihNaj January 11, 2019

      Agree!! Wish there was like a 3rd verse and the ending needed a lil bit more like “Mariah Carey” ending lol but I love the song ??

  12. Jeans January 11, 2019

    Boring af!

  13. Tahj January 11, 2019


    • thanosoftitan January 11, 2019


      It’s an okay track…nothing to write home about.

  14. 2bad2bme January 11, 2019

    WHAT IS HER TEAM DOING!!!!! Why are they not getting Pharrell, Timbaland, Scott Storch, Just Blaze or Danja to produce a smash first single for her? She keeps throwing out songs to see what sticks and it’s making me sick.

    • Deelow January 11, 2019

      Actually she is working with some of those producers… THIS SONG ISNT FOR HER ALBUM, it’s for Sam Smith’s record!

    • Deelow January 11, 2019

      Normani decides her roll out …

      Second she isn’t smart to collab with other artist on their project to gain name recognition before putting out her solo music. She isn’t the first artist to do this and she won’t be the last. people in this comment section seem to be more haters then anything…

      Smart move from her team, get these collabs out and go on this tour with Ariana Then release the album after you’ve built a name for yourself and gained some traction…

      • Deelow January 11, 2019

        -*Is smart*

  15. shell January 11, 2019

    She should drop a solo song and get him to write for her or produce record she is definitely going to continue to grow and become a force! im excited for her!

  16. jem January 11, 2019

    she has Pharrell working on her album

  17. jem January 11, 2019

    this song sounds amazing, not sure what is wrong with most of these commentators. Also, the numbers are showing it is about to be #1 on iTunes, so I will take whatver shade yall are saying as good looks for her.

    Lauren’s new song is good too, but I like this one better.

    Expectations though, killed it.

    • iamdiego January 11, 2019

      Okay!!!! She’s doing something right. I’ve never seen so much hate on a Normani post so I guess that’s a good thing. Anyway, I hope she finally gets her 1st #1 on Itunes. This is a perfect winter-going-into-spring type song. I think the problem is ppl want to pop they c****** but ya’ll can wait until summertime (Or go listen to Lauren’s new song). lol

      • jem January 11, 2019

        lmao forreal.

        Also, the fact that Post Malone is securing number 1 says a lot about these young kids and what they listen to.

        The songs that some of these commentators gloat over tend to be flops of a song. Maybe they are b*** hurt Tinashe stans.

  18. pat January 11, 2019

    she’s a visual artist a la janet/beyonce. we need videos at the same time the songs drop

  19. Johny5 January 11, 2019

    So many unpaid record execs in the comments lol. Same people who dragged Camilla for “flopping” with her first singles and now swallow their words. Meanwhile Normani is on the cover of Billboard and snatching fans from Khalid, 6LACK, Calvin Harris, and Sam Smith. It’s called smart strategy.

    • iamdiego January 11, 2019


    • jem January 11, 2019

      omg this is semi Camila all over again lmao. Damn these predictions I read a while ago were right when they said Camila and Normani would be the two most successful from that group. Lauren will do better on features than her own music and that the other two girls will flop 🙁

  20. Really January 11, 2019

    Wow I am underwhelmed. Normani the s*** whisper singing is not going to work because there is no passion or personality behind it? Sabrina Claudio pulls it off effortlessly . Hmm I’m on the fence about her

  21. IdiotProof January 11, 2019

    Ya’ll are dumb dumb.


    This is Sam’s lead single for HIS album.

    Normani’s single is Waves.


    • Truth January 12, 2019

      they are are clearly trolling haters on this site…same people who try over n over to bring MANI down. People who comment here never support her n the funny thing is its her own people who dont support her while the rest of the world does…such a shame.

  22. TtTt January 11, 2019

    This has such Love Lies potential… a slow burner…. but successful as hell

  23. iamdiego January 11, 2019

    Lord yes!!!!! ManixSam sound good together.

  24. Haterz Gon‘ Hate January 11, 2019

    Better than LOVE LIES – can’t touch WAVES or Checklist. Sounds like they weren’t even in the same studio when it was recorded …… Sam Schmidt sounds surprisingly inoffensive ??‍♂️

  25. BYISI January 11, 2019

    This chick continues to get undeserved praise. Nothing I’ve heard from her so far has been the least bit of interesting. Her low quality in taste fans can stay mad, this song is a bore even if it is a feature. Black social media continues to boost this girl like she’s the second coming and she simply isn’t. None of the chicks from fifth harmony make good music solo so far and I mean NONE! Which isn’t a surprise seeing how mediocre they were as a group. Y’all got some nerve questioning people taste in music, when you stan her or any of her former group members.

  26. ERIC January 11, 2019

    It’s got a nice easy rhythm to it. It’s relaxing music and there is nothing wrong with that. My only disappointment is it feels a little short.

    • ERIC January 11, 2019

      Maybe they have an extended version??

  27. RoyalKev January 12, 2019

    I like it! I wish Normani’s verse was a little fuller (like Sam’s), but the track is solid.

  28. Truth January 12, 2019

    let them hate….all these basic artist and songs in the industry now no one has anything to say but let Normani start making a name for herself and all of a sudden its such an issue…i hope she continues to win!!!

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