Retro Rewind: The Diary of Aaliyah

Published: Saturday 12th Jan 2019 by David

Welcome to Retro Rewind, the TGJ original feature created to celebrate TV and film’s epic past.

As January 16th 2019 would have been the year the songbird Aaliyah would have turned 40 we dedicate today’s edition to the performer and the fly-on-the-wall access she gave her fans via documentaries like MTV’s Diary series.


In them, the mysterious performer would pull the world into hers lift the lid on the magic which went into creating her musical masterpieces.

Take a ‘Journey to the Past’ with us….




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  1. Tino January 12, 2019

    Let her rest in peace JESUS

    • #TeamTinashe Stan (New Nashe Music Coming Soon 🔥) January 12, 2019

      Are you mad ppl are talking about incredible Queen still?

      • NotoriousTruthTeller January 13, 2019

        “Queen of The Damned” you mean?

  2. DanYiel Iman January 12, 2019

    IMO Aaliyah wasn’t the best singer but she’s a great actress & I loved her style!!🙏🏽

    • Lmfao_Hoe January 12, 2019

      She didn’t have to be a powerhouse vocalist but her voice had magic and til this day better than the present chicks of today whom have tried emulating her at that too. Her voice along with Sade, Faith Evans, Diana, Janet are sweet angelic voices that are naturally smooth and captivating whenever you listen to any of their songs. Not everyone has to have a big voice, but you damn sure need some soul and flavor importantly which she embodied within her own craft.

      • IKNOWTHETRUTH January 12, 2019


      • Erica January 12, 2019

        Faith? Everybody except her she’s a Sanger she has vocals for days

    • 4U2SEE January 13, 2019

      See, there goes that brainwash Bey’s camp put out there. Aaliyah’s voice was considered “Angelic” in nature like many others who are legends: Minnie Ripperton, Deniece Williams, Chante Moore etc…. She was willing to work with Destiny’s Child to help them but Beyonce chose otherwise. There are Ten top singers who voice’s are listed as Angelic: 1. Jackie Evancho 2. Celine Dione 3. Whitney Houston 4. Nicole Scherzinger 5.Agnetha Faltskog 6. Mariah Carey 7. Taylor Swift 8. Shanice 9. Ariana Grande 10. Selena Gomez.

      So why won’t people let this lovely woman rest in peace. Aaliyah was minding her own business; living her life. Then haters came along to brush up against her melody momentum setting from singing to actiing. She was coming back from a beautiful island to see the love of her life, Dame. Something wicked set off from Dame meeting thenceforth to a meeting for Roc-fella with Jay Z. I don’t know what Jay Z wanted but the time frame went into a domino effect that loured this precious woman to early demise. Sick, sick, and sick people will be revealed sooner or later. I will leave this alone altogether. R.I.P.

  3. Jasmine January 12, 2019

    Girl I love me some Aaliyah. She truly was an ANGEL.

  4. Lmfao_Hoe January 12, 2019

    I hate the made up rivalry the stans always do with her and Beyonce as if MJ and Prince couldn’t coexist the same with Whitney and Mariah, Madonna and Janet, Kim or Foxy like please there was and still is room for more artist to shine. People like that sadly must be missing out great music other than their fav on their playlist. SO many past, present and other genres of great music to listen to then one or two only faves all day.

  5. SMH January 13, 2019

    Jesus, can we have at least one post without destiny’s f*cking child in it. This is supposed to be about Aaliyah. When y’all do a post about the mediocrity of the music industry then you can bring them up front and center.

    • 4U2SEE January 13, 2019

      Thank you SMH….. God-lee. I just don’t understand it. Aaliyah was always minding her own business.

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