Ja Rule Criticised For Response To Fyre Festival Documentary

Ja Rule, one of the masterminds behind the doomed Fyre Festival, is battling a tornado of insults sent his way by  viewers of a Netflix documentary which revealed how its creators tricked, deceived and exploited their attendees, investors and the good people of the Bahamas.

Full story below…

Ja fronted the campaign to convince thousands of the world’s wealthiest 20-somethings to fly out to the Bahamas for the music festival and, along with mastermind Billy McFarland, is accused  by investors, attendees and predominantly black work force of engaging in fraud and false advertising.



Ja’s “approval ratings” have reached an all time low since the doc aired thanks to his response to calls made by viewers to reimburse those the shambolic event bamboozled.



The woman his detractors are referring to is Maryanne Rolle who was forced to pay staff with her own money after her Fyre employers fled the island to escape the debt they owed and the mess they created.

I literally had to pay all those people. I am here as a Bahamian. And they stand in my face everyday.

I went through about $50,000 (£38,000) of my savings that I could’ve had for a rainy day.

They just wiped it out and never looked back.


You can make a donation to her here.



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  1. Brent Christopher January 20, 2019

    This really goes to PROVE all of the “rumors” and stories that circulate about how rappers, actors, athletes & certain other public figures DO INDEED have to trade sexual favors for their success. I honestly believe all of it! You can always tell which one is playing nice with the gay executives at the moment. A certain comedian reached a point where he said he wasn’t playing the physical game anymore & that’s why the heart of his tweet history was dug up & exposed.

  2. Jasmine January 20, 2019

    So this post is only gonna post one side of the story and NOT Ja Rule’s response?

    Obviously the person culpable is the white man in prison but lets make Netflix and Hulu documentaries and pay that white pan 250K to bad mouth Ja Rule from prison because heaven forbid a white man did anything wrong. Blame the black celebrity who was booked to endorse the event because he is a mastermind with deep connections yo Hollywood investors like Weinstein!

    BS. Be fair and not racist!

  3. Jasmine Da Bi Asian ??‍♀️??‍♀️ Not TROLLmine nor TRASHmine January 20, 2019

    I luv me a thug. Ja Rule come get some of this daddy. I’ll make you Holla Holla if u got some Dollas Dollas. Break me off some of that Fyre money daddy.

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