Ariana Grande Confirms Next ‘Thank U Next’ Single/Video To Premiere February 8th

Published: Thursday 7th Feb 2019 by Rashad

Ariana Grande is playing approximately no games with releasing the content found aboard her fifth studio album, ‘thank u, next.’

After releasing three singles in three months (the LP’s title track, ‘Imagine,’ and current release, ‘7 Rings’), the powerhouse songstress is calling upon album cut, ‘Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored,’ as the next tune to be launched.

Produced by Max Martin and written by ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star/singer-songwriter Kandi Burruss, ‘Girlfriend’ reportedly samples pop group N*SYNC‘s ‘No Strings Attached’ song, ‘It Makes Me Ill’ (which was ironically produced by Burruss’s ex-boyfriend, Kevin She’kspere Briggs).

Look inside for the official word from Grande:

Just a day after confirming the rumored next single…

…Grande took to Twitter to confirm its video is forthcoming.


The video is scheduled to drop the same day as its parent album.

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  1. Destiny February 7, 2019

    Come through!

    • CHINA February 7, 2019

      With what weak singles that are FINALLY charting because RIHANNA and BEYONCE and KATY and TAYLOR are taking a break???? Lets be honest she is the poor girls Mariah. She has FORGETTABLE Material. You won’t remember any of her singles BECAUSE SHE RELEASES TWO AT ONCE AND FAILS TO PROMOTE ONE. She’s a Puppet and a MCDONALDS entertainer – not the best dancer? not the best videos, an adequate mumble singer……There will be another IT girl next year to replace her………..just wait

      • LUCKI February 7, 2019

        To be fair, everyone you listed last projects either flopped or underperformed.

      • Whoops ?????‍♀️ February 7, 2019

        To be fair, Everyone she listed has been making music for AT LEAST a decade, and yet, what’s considered “underperforming” by their standards still outweighs anything Ariana has done. In fact, Ariana is just now hitting milestones that they all achieved on their first or second albums. This is her fifth album, she has 2 number 1s, no Grammys, and she debuted in 2013. If that doesn’t tell you her music has no staying power, I don’t know what will.

    • Wordonthestreet February 7, 2019

      Girl please between the shady tattoos and cultural biting she does, if this desperate album promotion don’t sell this thing then she will fall off the Earth lol… She is so Vapid and exhausting Ughh

  2. J February 7, 2019

    Wow! This is how you do promo!

  3. Detruth February 7, 2019

    She is about to do damage #all2019

    • ArRihNaj February 7, 2019

      I’m here for all of it ???????

  4. Gee February 7, 2019

    Lies y’all tell this girl throw out everything hoping for something to stick but has yet to figure out who she is as an artist she is doing what most artists are doing just throwing anything out there for for the masses to eat until the next album in a few months this era will be another short lived one.

    • Erica February 7, 2019

      What you talking?? Everything she’s been releasing has been sticking

    • Meme February 7, 2019

      There is def planned single releases. Everything is planned. This isn’t an example of throwing whatever out there. This is how an album suppose to be released.

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian PISCES ??‍♀️Not TROLLmine nor TRASHmine February 7, 2019

        She just released an album 4 months ago and scrapped it. This is definitely the absolute definition of throwing everything out and seeing what sticks. She is nominated for Grammys for an album she abanodoned like 120 days ago

  5. Latinissima February 7, 2019

    Ariana is really killing it right now. And with Rihanna, Beyoncé, Adele, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga (queens of charts) far away from the race… She’s running the race of her life and winnig every time!

  6. Honeybooboo February 7, 2019

    What’s up with all the rush? She only does Bathroom music, drop it & flush it. longevity Is never her thing coz all songs in this era are crappy, forgettable & generic.

    • Hmmm… February 7, 2019

      She has to hurry up before the real music sellers start releasing.

  7. Meme February 7, 2019

    Kudos to her team. Everything is on point weather you like the music or not. The song are well produced and written, the launch is on point, 2 #1 single. Well put together.

  8. DanYiel Iman February 7, 2019

    I’m not sure about her talent but I do like this song..??‍♂️

  9. iamdiego February 7, 2019

    I think its so funny that ppl hate this rushed era from her, but I’ve never been a fan of hers until recently. It all started wit GIAW for me personally. No I did not listen to the sweetener album more than 3x (no, I’ve never heard any of the other LP’s). But, Since then I’ve liked every song she’s put out. thank you, next, 7rings, and my favorite imagine. She’s singing differently on the newer records and that helps. Ppl don’t want to hear that hi pitched sound from her any more, its more relaxed and laid back now. The only issue I have with Ari cutting sweetener short is that breathin did not get to breath lol. That was a great organic pop record and could have done better if she waited before releasing new new material.

  10. High Price February 7, 2019

    Damn! Now Im ready for this! Sounds LIT!

  11. Beam Me Up Scotty February 7, 2019

    Yaass I can’t wait. I’m loving all the new singles. Ariana finally getting what she deserves.

  12. Jasmine Da Bi Asian PISCES ??‍♀️Not TROLLmine nor TRASHmine February 7, 2019

    She can’t stay focused for shït.

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