Beyonce & Lady GaGa Fans Clash Over ‘A Star is Born’ / Fake News Allegations Fly

Published: Tuesday 26th Feb 2019 by David

When Beyonce decided not to star in the latest telling of the ‘A Star is Born’ story the coast became clear for the brilliant Lady Gaga to swoop in and fill the vacant position.

Unfortunately, this has caused unnecessary tension between their respective fan bases as Beyonce’s fans feel her decision not to make the movie rescued Gaga from the supposed career slump she faced before its release.

There’s more.

For, the ‘Love Drought‘ star’s supporters also believe their rivals are inventing awards to give to their leader so her single ‘Shallow’ nabs a title owned by the groundbreaking self-confidence anthem ‘Formation’.

A digital war zone below…





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  1. CHINA February 26, 2019

    Beyonce is a horrible actress. Vocally she could have delivered. But acting….no so much

    • BIGGESTAALIYAHFAN February 26, 2019

      Her fans are annoying. They’re arguing and don’t have there facts straight. Shallow is the most awarded song among movie award season. A Golden Globe, BAFTA, Oscar and Grammy. Beyonce was up for the role and Clint Eastwood was going to direct. She decided not to play the anymore because there wasn’t a film start date and she wanted to go on tour, the was Mrs. Carter World Tour. After that Clint decided not to move forward with the film and it was up in limbo until Bradley Cooper decided to star and direct it and he choose Gaga as the lead. Also many females were up for it. People are ridiculous. Both are amazing singers, performers and entertainers of our time. They respect each other and if you’re a fan of one you should respect the other.

  2. Fancy BISH February 26, 2019

    I love Bey, but her fans need to let it go like Idina Menzel 🤣

  3. Ropeburn February 26, 2019

    This ain’t nothin’ new. It’s just Beyonce’s cockroach hive trying to steal someone else’s joy as per usual. Them 304’s need to get a life for real.

    • Ran February 27, 2019

      LOL Yep

  4. Iyas February 26, 2019

    i actually checked, Shallow won all of the awards above.
    Beyoncé fans angry because another woman is so much more succesful than their “Queen”
    Poor things.

  5. ayyye February 26, 2019

    her acting is as dry as her wigs. gaga was the right choice

  6. TheOneAndOnly February 26, 2019

    I mean… If Gaga’s fans would celebrate her without the need to drag Beyoncé none of this would have started. Their are multiple viral tweets with tens of thousands of likes and retweets right now dragging Gaga because her fans keep pitting her against Beyoncé. One account keeps pitting Gaga against black artists specifically. Degrading their artistry because Gaga now has an Oscar for a song. They’re literally ruining her moment.

    • Fancy BISH February 26, 2019

      Gaga’s Little Monsters can be some scary lil Gremlins chile 😂 But Bey’s fans should move on and stay classy like their Queen does 🤳🏽Gaga is twerking with an Oscar right now…point blank period 😂 Jennifer Hudson was the one that really swooped in and snatched the Oscar away (and rightfully so)…let’s keep it 💯 Congrats to Queen Gaga👸🏼

      • TheOneAndOnly February 26, 2019

        I don’t care about any of that. I’m talking about why this whole situation started. Both woman have their fair share of awards. Beyonce remains the most awarded woman alive and is like 40+ awards away from surpassing Whitney. So yes Beyonce fans do need to chill. But Gaga’s fans should have celebrated her without the need to degrade Beyonce.

      • Fancy BISH February 26, 2019

        I understood all of what you just said by your FIRST comment…I agree with you love *Mo’Nique voice* lol

      • SMH February 26, 2019

        @TheOneAndOnly um, sorry to burst your bubble dear, but Janet Jackson is the most awarded female artist alive. And nobody degraded beyonce, her roaches started all this crap like they always do when she takes a loss.

    • SMH February 26, 2019

      Are you seriously trying to put this on Gaga’s fans when those insecure roaches are the ones who can’t take the fact that Gaga is shining right now? LMFAO. I know you bugs love playing the victim but stop it. This happens every time an artist has a better year than beyonce, and its always her roaches that start all the mess.

      • TheOneAndOnly February 26, 2019

        It really wasn’t. The account that started all this mess was a Lady Gaga account that degraded Beyoncé. And than proceeded with another tweet that degraded Beyonce, Rihanna and Mariah Carey. Gaga fans themselves asked the account to delete and that it was uncalled for.

      • Fancy BISH February 26, 2019

        TheOneAndOnly did say that Bey’s fans need to take a chill pill 💊 Listen, we ALL can agree that this is a hot fonky MESS 🤣

  7. Clarkson February 26, 2019

    The awards formation won are good but they are not as prestigious as the awards shallow won.

    Formation- vma video of the year, 1 grammy,

    Shallow- golden globe, bafta, oscar, critic’s choice,2 grammys,

    Formation won a lot of awards mainly because of the video, while shallow won most of the awards because of the emotional lyrics and composition.

    Shallow charted higher than formation in the US. Shallow stayed longer on the charts than formation

    Shallow reached number 1 in so many countries including the UK, Formation never reached number 1 anywhere

    Shallow recieved universal acclaim while formation recieved mixed reviews.

  8. Clarkson February 26, 2019

    Let’s be truthful a star is born would have been an entirely different movie if it stared Beyonce. The movie would have been a joke if it stared beyonce. I don’t see Beyonce doing what lady gaga did in that movie.
    I love Beyonce but she can’t act.
    She doesn’t even kiss other actors on camera.
    How will she even do a love making scene or a nude screen with Bradley cooper

    The movie would have bombed big time. The soundtrack would have been trash. I don’t think believe has the intelligence or skill to write shallow

    • ??? February 26, 2019

      lmaoooo chile please, it wouldn’t have even made it to hulu if roach starred in it instead of gaga lmfaooooooooooo

  9. DEE February 26, 2019

    Stupid Beyonce and Gaga are friends. What was meant to be was meant to be. When will people stop pinning women against each other? Why can’t we all win.

    • DEE February 26, 2019

      Also why would that grape juice post this ? That is not news. You are just gassing up the trolls. Beyonce and Gaga are both great at what they do. Let these woman live.

      • Fancy BISH February 26, 2019

        Chile, yes! ✅

      • Unnatural February 26, 2019

        Because always messy. Been messy for years especially because they’re huge beyonce stans. So theres your answer. Nevertheless it’s still fun reads. Lol

    • SMH February 26, 2019

      Because beyonce fans are the most insecure, pathetic fanbase of all time. If their so called queen takes an L they feel like everybody should take one too.

    • Ran February 27, 2019

      Now that Gaga has done that role, and did it well, they won’t be friends for long. They were friends as long as Beyoncé was more famous and got more attention that LG, but not anymore. Beyoncé is gonna shun Gaga like a deadly plague. You know She doesn’t like it when other women out-shine her. Beyoncé ain’t really a dedicated friend, unless that other woman is less famous. Just watch.

  10. thanosoftitan February 26, 2019

    They’re both overrated, but Gaga is clearly the better actress.

    As far as music, that is subjective.

    I prefer Beyonce’s music, but everything after her self-titled album has been on a gradual decline.

    • DEE February 26, 2019

      Right on

    • SMH February 26, 2019

      Good luck convincing beyonce’s delusional fans of that fact.

  11. Unnatural February 26, 2019

    Beyonce stanfans forget on major factor. Beyonce cannot act. Has never been a good actress so it was right for her not to take the project so she doesnt embarrass herself. Like that’s a fact. The movie would have stunk if beyonce was in it. Like stop trippin.

  12. Burtea Ionut February 26, 2019

    Here’s the Golden Shepherd award that they keep pointing out. All the awards are real , they are just really jealous that Shallow surpassed Formation (which most of its awards was for the video). I’m a Gaga fan but I’m disgusted at the way stans spread hate and tries to ruin someone’s moment

  13. Google February 26, 2019

    Don’t get why everyone always talks s*** about one person, when another does well. You can be a fan of whoever it is without threats, or talking badly about others, or comparing them. These two even have a song together. Why the unecessary drama? It’s like if Cardi B does well, someone has to talk smack about Nicki. Or vice versa. grow up!!

  14. citygirls February 26, 2019

    the soundtrack speaks for itself. there’s no way bey could CREATE those bops. “shallow” was written by Gaga and her team. period.

  15. ??? February 26, 2019

    lmfaooooooo the bedbugs are up to their insecure bullisht again lmfaooooo. hey insects, your roach queen is a camel puppet. dont be mad at Gaga for having actual talent other than bedazzled onesies and a camel for a pimp. and that last pic above is EVERYTHING lmfaoooooooooooooooo

  16. Monica’s Dove February 26, 2019

    Why is a stan war, news?

  17. POPS MOTHER February 26, 2019

    FIRST of all… I know, we know, the world knows Beyonce can’t act. the movie would had NEVER in this lifetime be as successful if it didn’t have Gaga in it. The soundtrack are original songs which clearly were written by Gaga and her team so there would be no Shallow for anybody else PERIODT. musically, its debatable as people have different taste but in acting? Gaga wins.

  18. Lol February 26, 2019

    Even tho this isn’t news and this site loves drama it’s been clear for years that when the attention isn’t focused on her, Bey’s fans are extremely jealous people who act like she’s the only person who does good. They’re quick to play the black woman card but will never respect other black women. Their insecurities jump out all the time. Her touring numbers have nothing to do with her horrible acting chops.

    • thanosoftitan February 26, 2019

      I can agree with this.

      A lot of Beyonce’s most vocal fans go out of their way to discredit and degrade other female singers, especially Black women.

      I’m not saying this is true for all Beyonce fans, but I witness this behavior more often than not.

  19. FAF February 26, 2019

    If wouldn’t have won if Beyonce was in it and then they would’ve been crying racism like they do anytime Beyonce loses anything

  20. JOHNVIDAL February 26, 2019

    Beyonce and Madonna must be fuming. Gaga did what they couldn´t. And we know they are because they are ambitious and they tried to have this type of success in film, but it never came. Beyonce is a horrible actress I mean come on. Seems she has understood that now and is not trying anymore thankfully. This “war” was unnecessary. Gaga didn´t took any role Beyonce was going to have. It was a totally different project. Beyonce couldn´t do this film. End of story.

    • Caleb February 26, 2019

      Gaga still never won an award for her acting and Madonna has.

      • Nvd February 27, 2019

        She won a Critic Choice for the movie and a Golden Globe back in 2016.💀

  21. King B February 26, 2019

    I wish both Stans would be more concern with what’s going on with the world (trump, global warming, immigrants) and going to war over two pop stars who really don’t give one single damn about y’all. Do better humans.

  22. Karter February 26, 2019

    Beyoncé and Gaga are not only friends but they also gave us the best female collab of the past 15-20 years and are also the two most awarded female artists alive… why are their fans arguing like this?! 😂😂

  23. DanYiel Iman February 26, 2019

    Beyoncé is a seasoned artist & GaGa is a Oscar winning artist 2 different artist doing what they both love to do!!🤷🏽‍♂️

  24. [email protected] February 26, 2019

    Thank GOD Beyoncé did not screw up this movie & they gave it to someone who could actually play it off & make it a favorite & a memorable performance. We all may stan for Bey & her performance abilities when it comes to putting on a great concert, but her acting skills suck. Cadillac Records was the closest she has come to being believable & well she still sucked in that movie. She cannot act. Sorry, FACTS. I am all for my uplifting my sisters, but acting is not for her & I am glad she didn’t mess this movie up for everyone! Meanwhile I can’t get the song Shallow out of my head & Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper were great at the Oscars. Still haven’t seen the movie, but I am sure I will enjoy it now because Beyoncé will not be acting in it. Thanks Bey.

    • Caleb February 26, 2019

      Her acting is not any worse than Gaga whose acting is barely mediocre.

      • Nvd February 27, 2019

        “Barely mediocre” that let her earned a nom for Best actress from all the big 5 awards in film industry?

  25. Caleb February 26, 2019

    The Golden Shepherd Award 😂😂😂

  26. Ran February 27, 2019

    Beyoncé knows Beyoncé cannot act. At all. Gaga wrote the song, she should’ve played the role. Count on Beyoncé to write one coherent verse in a song, she can’t! Why are folks upset about Gaga nailing that role, and played it well, she did.

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