Jennifer Lopez Announces US Tour In Celebration Of Her 50th Birthday

Published: Wednesday 13th Feb 2019 by Sam

Jennifer Lopez is celebrating her 50th birthday in trademark fashion – she’ll be blazing the stage!

In an announcement made today on the Ellen show, J.Lo revealed that she’ll be marking the occasion by embarking on a tour of the US.

What are you waiting for? Details below…

Speaking to the talkshow maven, the Pop icon said of the trek:

“This summer I am celebrating. My birthday is in July so this summer I decided I want to do something big for my birthday, since it is a big birthday. I’m going on a U.S. tour. It’s called It’s My Party. It’s the It’s My Party Tour!”

She added:

“We’re only doing 25-28 shows. It’s just a small amount of shows, but we’ll be out all through June and July, I think.”

Check out the video…

Ticket info is pending, but we’re sure they’ll be snapped up with the swiftness. Because, if there’s one thing Lopez has established over her three decades in the spotlight, it’s her unrivalled ability to entertain.

Sidenote: The timing/purpose of that GRAMMYs Motown tribute is starting to become a little clearer now.

Your thoughts?

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  1. King of Kingz February 13, 2019

    ?So that “Motown tribute” was basically promo for her new tour ?Stevie Wonder could’ve seen that coming cuz clearly all that booty shaking, salsa dancing, back flipping, bootz & leotard wasn’t apart of Motown history ??‍♂️smh she’s a hustler tho I’ll give her that & ?she ain’t delete her social media after everybody came for her for not deserving to perform the tribute cuz she’s got thick skin unlike some other Latinas ?

    • Cinnamon February 13, 2019

      She also didn’t post the personal info of the person who said she got dragged from her lace front so her weak aśš fans could harass them…. all because she’s bitter about a Grammy

      • SMH February 13, 2019

        She also didn’t delete her IG page like a punk because of the dragging she was getting for her weak ass ratchet fans celebrating that tweet despite winning that little grammy.

      • King of Kingz February 13, 2019

        ?that girl set her self up to get dragged & lost her damn job tryna year down a black woman during black history month on a black platform’s social media account, she played her damn self. Ain’t nobody bitter bout a damn Grammy, all she did was retweet the girl’s social media, she was minding her own business & ppl choose to come for her for no reason.

      • Cinnamon February 13, 2019

        And Nicki still ain’t get a Grammy ??

      • King of Kingz February 13, 2019

        ?Neither has Jlo, Tupac, JCole, Trey Songz, Biggie, Nas, Snoop, etc but ya’ll stay tryna drag a black Queen tho smh

      • Heidi February 13, 2019

        Want to know when Jen goes on tour ,this summer( South Florida PBC)

  2. Keith February 13, 2019

    Master promotional stroke, Ms. Lopez!

  3. SMH February 13, 2019

    Now it makes sense, the “tribute” and all the shuck and jive defending. Now lets see if those same idiots buy her concert tickets lol.

  4. Kevon February 13, 2019

    After that Motown tribute I’m definitely going to get my tickets hahaha good for you Jlo …love you even more

    • China February 13, 2019


  5. DIABETES UNBOTHERED ? February 13, 2019

    I chuckled when I read the title

    GIVE IT UP MA… Father time waits on noone.

    Just cuz u always looked 10 years younger than u really are doesn’t mean u can defy father time

    Why all these EXPIRED NO NAME EXPIRED artist keep trying to tour?

  6. DIABETES UNBOTHERED ? February 13, 2019

    …especially when they albums cant even sell copper first week.

  7. DanYiel Iman February 13, 2019

    A lot of these half ass talents are going on tour, luckily for me they won’t receive any money from ME!!????

    • Karma February 13, 2019

      Because you’re a broke h0£ that spends all their time on tgj trying to drag a female when your punk a$$ gets carried and dragged every other post. ??‍♂️

  8. Jackx February 13, 2019

    Should have called it the Let’s Get Loud Tour.

  9. ayyye February 13, 2019

    who’s songs will she be performing

  10. Fancy BISH February 13, 2019

    She should perform her first album in its entirety with other solid songs sprinkled in…I would be here for that…those newer songs keep me out of the ticket line! Some artists have the nerve to not include songs they don’t like! Britney had the nerve to say on stage “She never liked that song” referring to Sometimes…you better sing what got you here bish lol…I saw Prince in concert when he decided to perform his iconic songs for the first time in years and he SLAYED my life…note for note, the exact same arrangements too…it was sublime! Nobody wants to hear the flops and nobody wants to hear terrible arrangements of the hits either! Christina, I’m looking at your assss lol ?

  11. eric February 13, 2019

    Anyone paying attention saw J.Lo announce this tour in December of last year, so clearly the Motown tribute did not have some secret ulterior motive. Why is anyone mad that J.Lo infused some of her own culture in the performance? Don’t we want people to be their true selves? No one complains when black artists perform remixes of classics by all different artists. Jennifer didn’t even change the music. The salsa sound was added as a riff. Look at Nicki’s appropriation of Chinese customs if you want to discuss a real example of someone doing something wrong with music and culture. Always the biased ones complaining.

  12. Gee February 13, 2019

    Her job was to pay homage to a specific legacy and she used it as a promotional tool for her upcoming tour. If that is not selfish, tacky, and wack I don’t know what is. She could have used any of vehicle to bring light to her tour but she used a moment that was supposed to be a celebration for historic MoTown. That to me is so disrespectful but as usual the masses will give her pass as they always do.

  13. i hate whhyte bitcheszz , blaccckk bitchess February 13, 2019

    its gonna flop people gonna go see nicki

  14. i hate whhyte bitcheszz , blaccckk bitchess February 13, 2019

    _______________leave r.kelly alone______
    you saved me…you saved me…..leave Kelly alone…prise GOd amen…

  15. Caroline alfaro February 13, 2019

    Hey J lo I love your music I love to see you in your life concert my name is Caroline alfaro

  16. JUNGKOOK February 13, 2019


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