Mary J. Blige Shares Thoughts On Nicki Minaj & Cardi B “Feud”

Published: Sunday 17th Feb 2019 by David

Mary J. Blige believes that efforts made to create a feud between Cardi B and the rapper Nicki Minaj only serves to hurt women in an already hostile world.

A world, which once saw her pitted against Faith Evans.

The ‘Love No Limit’ star was quizzed on the matter during her latest appearance on ‘The View‘ where she argued that Cardi is more than deserving of her Grammy she bagged at last week’s ceremony.

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  1. DanYiel Iman February 17, 2019

    I’m over both individuals…

  2. Fancy BISH February 17, 2019

    A True Queen has spoken! ? I know firsthand the impact Mary had when the world first heard her! NO ONE was disputing her title as the Queen Of Hip Hop Soul…not Whitney, not Anita, not Mariah, not Toni, not Aretha! And they were ALL on the charts together! Not to mention Mary is the Queen of remixes! Her remixes sound like new songs! But carry on hunnie lol ???

    • Dylan February 17, 2019

      She not a f***** rapper. Whole different species of entertainer.

    • Fancy BISH February 17, 2019

      Dylan, you must really have time today stating the OBVIOUS ? I didn’t even mention Nicki or Cardi, and yet here you are

    • Kurtz February 17, 2019

      Everything you said is true but Mariah is the remix queen facts

      • Fancy BISH February 17, 2019

        I can see why you say that…Slayriah comes thru with her remixes ? ???

  3. Mhhmm February 17, 2019

    the opinion changes when it’s about others, but how soon she forgets how she acted when she found out about Faith Evans in the 90’s

    • Jazzy Bi Asian ??‍♀️ February 17, 2019

      That was 1,000 years ago. Mary was a drug addict and alcoholic back then, god forbid she matured and grew. You’re an idiot

    • David February 17, 2019

      True …. but cant forget that mary wasnt mental stable cause of the drugs

  4. Jazzy Bi Asian ??‍♀️ February 17, 2019

    Nicki deserves any smoke she gets. I do not feel sorry for her at all in the least, she brought this all on herself- PERIODT

    • Ant February 17, 2019

      How did she brought it on herself ? Yall stay on the internet with no receipts. I flew from London to nyc in January and I met people throw friends and one of them allegedly work with cardi/stylist. His exact words were there was no beef,Nicki didn’t do s*** to cardi. They influenced her to throw the shoe cause she’s an w come up and they have to do what they have to do. Cardi hadn’t provide one ounce of evidence of all the things she accuse nicki of. The samething she did to nicki she did to an artist back in her home country. Cardi is trifling and a good actress. Anything for fame.

      • Caleb February 17, 2019

        She did that stupid interview crying about how Cardi should kiss her ass and be greatful to be in her presence.

    • Belcalis February 17, 2019

      Facts ^

      • Belcalis February 17, 2019

        Facts by jazzy ^

      • Lil kim H** February 17, 2019

        Facts? Hoodfacts the kind one b**** throws them and they all take that as the truth just because she said it.

    • PB February 17, 2019

      It is amazing to me that when a black woman is successful and competitive in her field she has brought some form of negativity upon herself and should be punished where as these men can LASH out! Literally r*** and beat people, hell y’all were even down to see Cardi Jump Nicki and for what? Y’all always hate and tear down black female entertainers for being great and every other race gets applauded for what the black women are dragged for (ie: Miley, Taylor, Cardi. Demi)and awarded for doors black women have opned. Disgusting. Stan culture has become discriminatory ESPECIALLY towards black women.

  5. Shelly Lucky February 17, 2019

    I don’t know why people keep saying “they” when Nicki Minaj started this beef. Cardi B did nothing wrong. Nicki wanted to disrespect Cardi B on the “Motorsport” song. Nicki told Future not to be on Cardi B’s song. Nicki is behind this and I do not feel sorry for her. God is always watching when you think he is not!

    • Ant February 17, 2019

      The beef was staged by the people around cardi,yall need to quit it why hadn’t she provided any proof of all the accusations? It’s ok to like her but to ignore the fact that she can’t provide receipts says something. Nicki pulled tons of receipts when yall fave accused her of talking about her child. Yall are so biase with yall head up a b**** ass that only be fking with a black man for his parts yall going so hard because of some fake rumour. Yall black asses are a disgrace

  6. Dylan February 17, 2019

    Not the same. It’s time for her rein. She is designed to conquer, not just rap. Rap is her medium. MARK MY WORDS, no women will out rap her within the time she lives. Nicki was forged by the gods! NICKI HAS DONE MORE FOR women than people will ever fathom. Cardi is cute but her beats suck and she enunciates every line with this fking toxic vibe. People love Cardi because they don’t get Nicki. They see her at the top and see what a colosus she became. And they cannot ‘rap’ their minds around mf “HOW!?” Nicki is here to stay. She is putting the perception of what it means to be women and man. She initiated a mass extinction event between all genders and their sterotypes. Her f****** bars are multidimensional in an infinite way. She could freestyle until her body gave up and died. She’s f****** linked dude. Y’all need to realize the significance of what is happening, more than what you see. It literally is prophecy.

    • Dylan February 17, 2019


      But God needs no food. ? Just entertainment.

  7. Gee February 17, 2019

    This beef s*** is beyond tired both women are enjoying success beyond their comprehension both of them played apart in the nonsense so either one of them is innocent. Nicki does not take to well to competition especially from an artist she feels should be beneath her. Cardi has to learn to have a thicker skin when dealing with social media and trolls. I also feel like Cardi deserves her Grammy award.

    • Cutesy February 17, 2019


  8. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez February 17, 2019

    No one said she couldn’t

  9. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. February 17, 2019

    She can’t win it because she didn’t write it. She’s garbage.

    • Dylan Neri February 17, 2019

      Yep. F****** street rat with a mic.

    • Huh February 17, 2019

      Nicki’s done honey. Sorry. Her time came and went……

      • Milkshake February 18, 2019

        Huh honey the gods are on her side…
        Never forget everyone thought she was just one hit wonder when her beef with Kim started…she continues solid 10years after and everyone can try to demote her accomplishments but factually she sold more than every female rapper, she brought female rap back to the mainstream, god she even performed solo at the Grammys (if memory don’t fails me it was the first time a female rapper performed there without any feats or without being a feat).
        And the argument of she’s gone is not truth…people used it at the time she beefed with Kim, then Iggy, Mariah Carey, then Azealia Banks, Remy Ma (hahahahahahaha) and her latest feud with a Cardi.
        Aren’t you tired of predicting her disappearance from the music charts and failing again and again?

  10. Keon February 17, 2019

    I would’ve not even answered that I’m mary j bridge.

  11. Lana Del Fan February 17, 2019

    That it was eve in the picture lol

  12. Dev February 17, 2019

    The real issue is that these artists are actually allowing themselves to be controlled and pitted against by their own ego’s and then a bunch of “fans” in the guise of 12 year olds and people who have nothing else to do.
    The sane of the music public like what they like and then buy/stream it. No one with any credibility plays any part of this stupidity

  13. King of Kingz February 17, 2019

    Mary has never liked Nicki or f***** with her simply out of loyalty to Kim

    • Huh February 18, 2019

      Nobody likes Nicki anymore, b*****

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