MNEK Shares Thoughts On Pop Stars With Limited Vocal Ability

Published: Saturday 9th Feb 2019 by David

MNEK is tired of being compared to Pop stars whose stars are amplified by good money…and not good music.

The Nigerian’s Pop prince’s estimation below…

The widely successful musician was responding to detractors who mocked sales of his solo material following the release of his debut set ‘Language.’

Do you agree with him?

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  1. Honeybooboo February 9, 2019

    Jealousy…. flop is flop

  2. Jj February 9, 2019

    It’s about the it factor you not gone dismiss that with Diana Cher and Janet who all made greater creative music than someone with a big voice you could listen longer cause it’s not so loud and they sounded great too just not loud the collab with music made them pull from s greater well of creativity not just voice it’s not creative to just sing magic needs to be in the record it’s everything and this guy is funny looking to me does not have the look or star it factor

    • Dev February 9, 2019

      Diana, Cher and Janet can all sing, they just don’t have power voices. Janet’s voice is light but is pleasant to listen to.
      I equate this to the actual non singers like the Taylor’s, Selina’s and even the J-lo’s to an extent because for them singing talent is limited and it is more about the image and song choices than the singing abilities.

      • Blanche neige February 13, 2019

        Cher has a powerful one. Actually a very powerful voice… ijs.. you can not put her in the same category as those two other ladies. But i get your point too

    • ayyye February 9, 2019

      janet’s melodies are some of the most intricate ever….go listens to songs like Truly… those note choices are brandy level… the average “good” singer’s ear could not even create those melodies… and we haven’t even talked about her harmonies

  3. Jj February 9, 2019

    He don’t sound that good live hmmm

  4. Dev February 9, 2019

    I’m not saying that i think his voice is for me, but i do agree with him.

  5. DanYiel Iman February 9, 2019

    IMO Cher is a great performer live & in studio!! Janet has a cute little voice but it’s not for me!!??‍♂️

  6. Fast_Persuader February 9, 2019

    He may have some vocal ability. But from what I’ve listened to, he ain’t really saying anything with it! So now what? ?

  7. Brent Christopher February 9, 2019

    i absolutely AGREE with him! he is telling the amplified TRUTH. all homosexuals do is bring up album sales and chart info to justify their faves lack of raw talent, creativity or unique ideas of their own.

  8. Ropeburn February 9, 2019

    He has a point but all that negativity ain’t gonna help his record sales. And let he forget, the music business is still a business. If you don’t sell records you get dropped.

  9. biancacook February 9, 2019

    mannn look talent is only part of the equation. at the end of the day its about the music. u can sing circles around ppl but it doesnt matter if the song sucks. period!!! music is subjective. u have ppl that just enjoy what they’re listening to. they dont care who wrote it or who arranged what, they dont care about octaves or how long they have been in the game only these modern day stans care bout all that for argument sake. some ppl just like the freakin song they’re listening too. nothin more nothing less. when i listen to kiss it better by rihanna im not listening for notes, i feel the song. i instantly turn the volume to the max cuz its my jam and i dont think any other artist with better vocals coulda did what she did.

    • Bey and Rih lives February 9, 2019

      kiss it better is my s*** timeless

  10. OurP February 9, 2019

    Vocals on him he needs to take a seat making Ciara sound like Tamia ??

  11. Keith February 9, 2019

    MNEK is very talented and made some wonderful records BEFORE this album. He makes some interesting points but his current album is not good at all, and I have all his stuff – including this album. I hope it’s not the case of the label not knowing what to do with him…

  12. Keith February 9, 2019

    And after watching this performance, I might think he may be better off collecting his coins as a songwriter/producer because he is leaving nothing on that stage LOL…

    • Fast_Persuader February 9, 2019

      That performance look like a few ‘hive’ members in their basement, practicing a beyonce tribute performance for the talent show.
      Put up, or shut up.

  13. PB February 9, 2019

    He cannot sing ???????????????????

  14. Patrick February 9, 2019

    Who is that? Is he gay? I never heard of this guy in my life and by the way the voice and the music isn’t all that great

  15. Mother February 9, 2019

    He looks….different ??

  16. Mother February 9, 2019

    His live abilities aside he’s got some bops! More than a miracle slaps ??

  17. Grape Juice Fan February 9, 2019

    Whoever edit his studio vocals for “Tongue” deserves an award ?? Them live vocals are a lie ???

  18. marie laveaus fave February 10, 2019

    Not everyone can be a power singer and not everyone is a power singer that can belt and do acrobats. That doesn’t mean they can’t sing. Now, there are some pop stars that really can’t sing and rely on heavy mixing and proaction to disguise that fact but come on, there’s room for everybody

  19. Truth tella February 10, 2019

    Absolutely not. This guy is prancing around like a lol girl. His look is out there you can’t relate to him and then you have his gay ass dancers sissy walking across the stage. No one wants to see that s*** but the gays in the club. ?

    • XYZ February 10, 2019

      And not Even the majority of them

      • StarXavi February 12, 2019


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