‘Please Me’: Cardi B Confirms Bruno Mars-Assisted Video To Drop This Week

Published: Monday 25th Feb 2019 by Rashad

Less than two weeks after storming to the top of iTunes sales charts with the premiere of her latest single, ‘Please Me’ (featuring Bruno Mars), rapstress Cardi B‘s learned the tune premiered on the Billboard Hot 100 at #5.

An impressive start, powered by a handsome mix of digital downloads and streaming, The Stereotypes-produced cut will undoubtedly see an even bigger boost once its official accompanying music video drops.

Curious to know when you’ll be seeing it on your screens?  Cardi took to Instagram earlier today to confirm the details.  Look inside to see:


Premiere date:  March 1, 2019


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The announcement above is a reference to the song’s lyric in which the ‘Trap Selena’ compares her vagina to the popular Latin American drink, ‘Horchata.’  Click here to hear it.


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  1. Xanadu February 26, 2019

    Werk Cardiania!!!!

    • King of Kingz February 26, 2019

      Billboard charts are trash these days even Jay-Z said nobody works hard for it & earns it.

      • Megan February 26, 2019

        Because Jay-Z said it, that makes it legit huh? Lol. Y’all clowns kill me just because your fav can’t score a true hit or a #1, then it’s trash.

  2. DanYiel Iman February 26, 2019

    This song is everything & I like the flow of it!!

    • King of Kingz February 26, 2019

      ?the flow is same as all of her damn songs, & it samples R. Kelly’s S** Me

  3. King of Kingz February 26, 2019

    Chile the payola is real, watch it get discounted to 69 cents on Friday too ?

    • Dc February 26, 2019

      Mariah used to discount hers 49 cents smart marketing get that number 1 lol

      • King of Kingz February 26, 2019

        Nah Mariah & every other legend had to work hard to earn their #1’s

      • Milkshake February 26, 2019

        Nice try but you forgot one small detail Mariah last #1 was Touch My Body in 07. iTunes was created in 01/02 so in the beginnings of iTunes I doubt it was so important to her and generated that many sales for her to had lower the price to get #1.
        She is more a kind of pysichal copies than digital one even nowadays.

  4. Clarkson February 26, 2019

    Another number 1.

    Glad she’s not over saturating herself. That’s the mistake nicki minaj made. Feature after feature. Remix after remix. I didn’t even know nicki minaj had a song with lil uzi. I didn’t even know nicki minaj had a song with Chris brown. Like when did this collab happen?

  5. The truth February 26, 2019

    This song is gonna be #1 watch and see

    • King of Kingz February 26, 2019

      Not if Ariana keeps her foot on billboard’s neck

      • Megan February 26, 2019

        Queen of Queenz, girl you big mad huh? Out of all the comments on here, half of them are yours, and you claim not to like Cardi? Girl you are sick and pathetic! ??????

      • Fancy BISH February 26, 2019

        Ariana can take her ashy foot ? and go somewhere hunnie ? Cardi knows about slow and steady winning the race! That’s why she waited a week to drop the video, she’s gonna storm urban radio (something Ariana can’t do) and she’s gonna perform it with Bruno at some point…Ariana can go get a pedicure chile! ?

  6. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez February 26, 2019


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