Stream: Ariana Grande’s New Album ‘thank u, next’ [Full]

Published: Friday 8th Feb 2019 by Rashad

Not even six months after topping the charts with her fourth studio album, ‘Sweetener,’ Grammy-nominated singer Ariana Grande is already back with a new LP – ‘thank u, next.’

Having already lifted its title track to #1 on the Hot 100, the tune’s follow-up singles, ‘Imagine’ and ‘7 Rings,’ were both chart successes as well (with the latter also topping the Hot 100).


Will their parent album follow suit?  Hear it below inside and weigh in:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Whoops 🤭💅🏾🤷🏽‍♀️ February 8, 2019

    The album leaked a lil while ago so I’ve already heard it. Lol. I really like the way she sings the songs, but Im not sure I care for the songs themselves. Bloodline is cool but its been done too many times already, and Fake smile and in my head are my favorites. Break up with your girlfriend might grow on me, but the chorus is lacking. The catchiness in that song is really in the beat. And There are no more obvious singles on this album. I don’t see one. The songs on this album are a confident couple steps above background work noise. It’s driving music. It doesn’t have enough bops to be cleaning music. You know what, it’s laundry folding music. Like half the album is pleasant to listen to, but you won’t care if you never hear em again. Like NASA, Needy, bad idea, imagine… they’re meh. And 7 rings of course is trash.

    But the real growth in the album is whoever is responsible for the production. Bruh, 👏🏾 IT’S 👏🏾 ABOUT 👏🏾 TIME she stopped having her Radio Disney beat songs produced with a baby piano, a xylophone, and a plastic harp. 🙄 Also, this is the best cover up for a flopped album I’ve ever seen in my life. Sis really treating sweetener like a unloved orphan step child. Dropped it with the quickness when it didn’t hit. 😭

    • Theelusive1 on IG February 8, 2019

      Where are the VOCALS? The first song is a bop but she slays no bars on this album; very disappointing

      • Whoops 🤭💅🏾🤷🏽‍♀️ February 8, 2019

        Idk. I noticed that too. Hardly any impressive or high notes, and some of the vocals she did do were lazily executed, but maybe she was trying to be laid back. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Ariana can hit notes, but I don’t think her voice is very agile. She almost breaks her jaw to do the simplest runs, you can’t understand a word she’s saying, and her voice doesn’t resonate. So I didn’t care about the lack of big vocal moments because I never expect to be moved by her vocals anyway.

      • dee February 8, 2019

        What vocals? She sings from her throat.

    • China February 8, 2019

      Can she sing?

      • Whoops 🤭💅🏾🤷🏽‍♀️ February 8, 2019

        She has a voice, she just can’t use it. Or won’t. Either way I don’t find her to be an extremely gifted vocalist. I just think people have been deprived of pop stars who can sing for a long while now and overhype Ariana.

    • Wordonthestreet February 8, 2019

      It sound EXACTLY like Sweetner with less singing! im so sick of her trying to play up this Bad girl persona! Girl bye! She is LAME for this weak a*** leak.. Meh

  2. DanYiel Iman February 8, 2019

    Once her tones mature I’d like her a lot more…

  3. Jasmine…NOT David aka ‘Jasmine Da Bi Asian’…that thing LIVES on this site. PESTY TROLL! February 8, 2019

    If she was brown she could be in one of R. Kelly’s tapes. She looks like an underrage 16 year old. LOL

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian PISCES 💁🏿‍♀️Not TROLLmine nor TRASHmine February 8, 2019

      TROLLmine you’re the only one trying to get pïssèd of my pèdö Robert…. literally. The only one… everyone else listing for him is waiting for him to bottom… in jail…

  4. GG February 8, 2019

    Sounds dope but would it kill her to enunciate when she sings? I’m still waiting on her evolution into diva supreme. She still gives me little girl vibes but the album sounds like a bop! This better be her last album with this vibe. She needs to push herself more

    • I can’t February 8, 2019

      She really needs some elocution lessons. Her pronunciation is a part of the reason why she still has the little girl vibe you’re talking about. Along with the ponytail. I doubt this will be the last album like that tho. Because It’s not like she doesn’t know she does it. She just hasn’t fixed it.

  5. Meme February 8, 2019

    This album is no where near as good as the previous album but it’s going to perform better and get more spins simply because it’s more trendy. The beats and lyrics and direct of the music, kids will eat up. She cussing on the tracks, trying to be a bad bish, and sassy.

    All in all, I like that she’s trying something complete different than the last album but this isn’t my cup of tea.

    • thanosoftitan February 8, 2019

      The forced cursing is one of the reasons I’m not feeling the album. I was giving the album a listen and the cursing just made me cringe. It’s forgivable on ‘thank u, next,’ but it really doesn’t work for other tracks on the album.

      Other than that, the songs just don’t appeal to me. The whole affair is poorly executed and uninteresting.

      • StarXavi February 8, 2019

        i love fake smile though

  6. Dev February 8, 2019

    This sounds rushed and also some of the songs sound like leftovers from Sweetner.
    I have to question her ability to sing because the Mariah appreciator we knew before isn’t in the studio, Ariana these days sings like a Britney impersonator who can sing better… than Britney.
    The only song that i’m slightly checking for is Bad Idea but the rest are immediate passes from me.
    I think the cosmetic surgery (nose) has effected her singing ability.

  7. Kara February 8, 2019

    OK so it is her worst body of work thus far. Sweetener is wayyyyyyyyyy better then this crap. Breathin alone beats this entire LP.

  8. SMH February 8, 2019

    Lol. Thank you, next.

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian PISCES 💁🏿‍♀️Not 37 year old TROLLmine nor TRASHmine February 8, 2019

      Her and Nicki are doing way too much with this forgettable music

  9. I can’t February 8, 2019

    An album of fillers. There are 1 or 2 songs that deserved to be on some sort of album. The rest is so forgettable, she could’ve kept them. You’d be lucky to find 3 songs that’s worth listening to again. Every artist has unreleased material in the vault. It sounds like she just took previous album rejects from there and made an album out of it. Her fans will still act like she invented music over this though.

  10. StarXavi February 8, 2019

    i like the album. this album has the best flow to it of all her albums. no need for skips. i think lyrically i like this album and what she’s trying to get across in this album is clear to me. i say well done ari!
    standouts: bad idea, ghostin, buwyg,ib beat goes hard

  11. Adele February 8, 2019

    Much better than Sweetener.

  12. Arianator… beyonce who!? February 8, 2019

    This is the best album of her career! So proud of her she better work! Get it girl! You came to slay! Beyoncé who!? Lol Ariana owns the charts now!! #arianators!! Let’s go for the #1 buy stream and download!!!

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